We Are Mission-Driven Messengers

We Teach What We Know

At Brand Builders Group we take pride in teaching people how to do things we have done ourselves. We teach what we do and we do what we teach.

As a collective of individuals our team has:

NYT Best Selling Authors

Ranked As Top 100 Leadership Speakers in the World

Hosts of Top Ranked Podcasts

7 and 8 Figure Entrepreneurs

Founders of Non-Profit Organizations

Top 1% Coaches and Trainers

Hall of Fame Keynote Speakers

Though Leaders of Viral TEDTalks

Founders and Business Owners

Award Winning Designers

Million Dollar Producers

Artists and Music Composers


Certified Keap Partners

Course Creators

Online Influencers

Sales Experts

Fortune 100 Consultants

Certified Digital Marketing Experts

Sales Leaders and Managers

International Speakers

Former Professional Athletes

Content Creators

We Are
One Team

This is our team of undercover agents that makes everything happen behind the scenes. When you wonder how does it all work, it’s because of these fabulous faces that do the dirty work to make everyone else look great! This is the team that brings our dreams and ideas to reality. Every company needs a team like this… they design, automate, build, write, re-write, analyze, strategize, report, market, sell… and most importantly… they SERVE. These are our people.

Jeremy Weber


Jennifer Kerr

Marketing Assistant

Nicole Gale

Design Specialist

Thomas Dodson

Data Director

Youness Chaouki

Digital Director

Brittany Parker

Senior Digital Marketer

Jerolyn Casault

Operations Support

Elizabeth Stephens

Director of Community

Elle Petrillo

Subject Matter Expert

Tyler Madden

Director of Member Experience

Justin Moseley

Sales Strategist

Laura Robinson

Director of Operations

Nadine Hanafi

Creative director

Jayne Weber

Client Experience Coordinator

Stephan Merkle

Sales Support

Kevin Vaden

IT Support

Isla Lake


Cary Jack

SALES Strategist

Scott Allen


Bob Wheatley


Silvia De La Torre

Support Specialist

Martha Olmos

Book Launch Services Admin

Maggie Hernandez

Finance Admin

Tim Blom

Customer Service Specialist

Allison Hare

Sales Strategist

Kaylee Tanner


Deidre Mattson

Chief of Staff to CEO

Chris Peterson

Social Media Marketing Manager

Sabrina Norton

Community Liaison

Ellie Best


Jeff Mohs

Brand Implementation
Partner Relationship Manager

The Founders

Rory and AJ Vaden are life partners, business partners and the Co-Founders of Brand Builders Group.

They met as business partners at the beginning of their first startup company and quickly realized it was the beginning of more than just a business partnership. More  than a decade later, they have launched 4 different 7 and 8 figure businesses together, released a NYT best-selling book and a National Best Seller, been ranked as a top 100 business podcast, named one of the most influential leadership speakers in the world by Inc Magazine, inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, worked with Fortune 100 companies and now they work with some of today’s most recognizable personal brands alongside Brand Builders Group. They have also created 2 tiny humans (who are the ones really in charge) and after all that, they still really like each other, which is the greatest accomplishment of all! 

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