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to Build Your Personal Brand

FRee course

First Step to Famous

This free short video course will teach you the first and fundamental steps to build your personal brand, increase your influence, and grow your income. Learn how to determine what problem you solve, discover your true uniqueness, identify your core target audience, and select your primary business model.

free online summit

Influential Personal Brand Summit

Join us and 25 of the world’s most recognizable influencers as they share highly beneficial tips, personal best practices, and never before shared secrets on how to build and monetize a personal brand from scratch.

FRee webinar

Monetize Your Personal Brand

In this free one-hour training, NYT best selling authors Rory Vaden and Lewis Howes give you direct instruction and clear steps on their top 3 most powerful strategies for Monetizing a Personal Brand.

free masterclass

Build Your Brand

Start your formal Brand Builders Group education with this advanced 2 hour high-level and in-depth training on why most personal brands fail and exactly what to do to make sure your brand is one that makes a massive positive impact in the world while also generating you more income and a bigger influence.

FRee course

The Influential Leader

Our Co-founder, Rory Vaden, was called one of the top leadership speakers in the world by Inc. Magazine. 

In this free video short course, he shares 4 key secrets that leaders can use to build a rock solid reputation so that they advance their career, strengthen their network, and expand their reach. It even includes insight into what billionaire Warren Buffet called his “top business priority” to his own internal leaders.

Learn the strategies and tactics that any mission driven “messenger” can use to find their uniqueness, build their personal brand, and create more impact, influence, and income.  

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phase one


Revenue Streams Assessment

Get our Revenue Streams Assessment worksheet and lay out your current business models based on passion, stress level, and revenue.

Once completed, you can begin to put a streamlined strategy in place to build your personal brand by focusing on what brings in the most revenue and least amount of stress.


Thought Leadership Master List

Get our Thought Leadership Master List and walk through the critical elements that need be in place to position yourself as a thought leader in your field. From personal stories and key points to original ideas and creative frameworks.


Story Starter List

A good story creates endearment and engagement. And let’s not forget the importance of being original and memorable.

Get our Story Starters list and let us help you creatively brainstorm unique, personal, and relevant stories for your presentations that resonate with your audience and truly set you apart.   


phase two


Lead Magnet Checklist

Get our lead magnet checklist and start over-delivering on value and make your audience want to come back for more.

Successful conversions start with a healthy nurture process and we want to help by brainstorming simple lead magnet ideas that align with your personal brand and with the needs and wants from your audience.  


10 Things You Can Do To Get Booked RIGHT NOW

Get our speaker marketing checklist and start getting more speaking engagements right now.

We share 10 simple and effective techniques that you can implement immediately to make you more bookable while empowering you with tips, tools, and strategies to book yourself.


The Ultimate Podcast Host Checklist

The difference between a good podcast and a great podcast comes down to one thing; the host. That is why we created this simple host checklist. These tips will set the foundation for hosting a podcast people want to subscribe to, be a guest on, and spend money with (ads).

Get our must-have checklist and make sure you avoid the costly mistake of overlooking minor details that make a major difference.


phase three


Monetize Your YouTube Channel

You can achieve more faster with paid media. The problem is, no one truly understands how to use paid ads, data, and SEO as their personal brand superpowers. How much money should you spend to see results? Whom do you target? How long do you run ads? The list goes on and one.

So, we put together this helpful ad budget guide to help you know when, where and how much to spend.


30 Step Launch List

Get our “30 Step Launch List” before launching any book, product, course, or service. This is a must-have list for anyone who wants to see stellar results right out of the gates. We cover what you should be doing pre-launch, during launch, and post-launch.

Let us help you avoid making simple mistakes while also giving you a clear 30 step strategy to maximize efforts and impact with any launch.


The Ultimate DM Sales Script

Social platforms allow businesses and brands to create the ultimate connection and conversion. It has never been easier to reach out to a prospect or stay in touch with a customer.

Because of that fact, we have developed an easy to implement “sales script” you can use to casually connect with prospects to take an online connection to an offline sales conversation. 


phase four


The Revenue Ready Assessment Quiz

Are you in growth mode? Are you ready to scale your business?

Take our 8-Figure Entrepreneur self-assessment and determine if your business is 6-figure, 7-figure, or 8-figure ready and what that means for you and your business.

The Focus Funnel

Want to learn how to multiply time? One of our core beliefs is that diluted focus yields diluted results.

Get access to our proprietary framework “The Focus Funnel” (featured in the bestselling book Procrastinate on Purpose) and start learning about the things you should not be doing, what you could be automating or delegating, and ultimately how to focus on the things that ONLY you can do.

It’s not about doing less or doing more, it’s about learning how to decide what to do.


The 9 Parts of a Predictable Revenue System Checklist

Download our 9-part checklist and take the first step to get your house in order when it comes to scaling your business.

By going through this strategic checklist, you will immediately be able to identify gaps in your business, find new opportunities, and have a systematic plan of what needs to happen to grow your sales.


personal development

Upskill & Grow

The Focused 40 Assessment Quiz

Do you suffer from procrastination? Do you find yourself busy but never making actual progress? Or maybe you are a highly productive individual but constantly get stuck being reactive vs. proactive? 

Download our FREE Self-Assessment taken from our NY Times bestselling book, Take the Stairs, and learn what type of procrastinator you really are and what impact that has in your life.

Influential Leadership E-Book of Quotes

Our mini book of quotes has been read by tens of thousands of influential leaders, used in thousands of keynote presentations, and short, sweet, and impactful messages to the busy leader on the go.

Don’t have time to read the full book? This is a great start with a powerful lesson on every page.