Cory Lubinski​

Operations Membership Specialist

Cory is a specialist in operational analytics for Brand Builders Group. Being a collegiate student-athlete and getting his bachelor’s degree in business, he took his love for analytical data into the professional world. From working for a major sporting goods manufacturer, to being head of operations in a large training facility, he has gained knowledge and experience to efficiently complete projects and present accurate analytical forecasts. Cory takes pride in translating data and converting it into tools to help grow all different aspects of business. When he isn’t busy crunching numbers, Cory spends a lot of his time golfing and playing baseball with friends. If he’s not playing sports, he’ll be playing with his pup, Benni. Cory strives to help the people around him, whether it’s helping grow the game of baseball in Nashville or being a team-player for his BBG team, he will always enjoy seeing success in others around him.

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