Expedite Your Personal Brand Journey

If you are ready to fast track your personal brand, our personalized Brand Strategy Sessions are built for you.

You want to build a personal brand, impact thousands of lives, and make a great income while doing it.

But you’re busy, you have a lot going on, and you need to get things done on your preferred timeline.

Building a personal brand takes time but for many of our clients time is one thing they don’t have a lot of. If you are someone who:

Then the thought of building your personal brand in small, incremental chunks steadily over time probably just doesn’t work for you. Rather, you need something that will help you push “fast forward” and move the needle quickly.

However, the big mistake that busy high-performing people make, time and time again, is they rush past the critical upfront strategy and head right into execution mode, with little to no overall plan.

When that happens, you skip the necessary and essential steps of laying the proper foundation that's required to become a breakthrough personal brand.

If you don’t first have the right strategy in place:

  • Everything will take longer than expected
  • Things will breakdown (and not work) and you won’t understand why
  • Your conversion ratios will be much lower than what they should/could be
  • You end up “piece-mealing” together a bunch of random concepts, ideas, and technology with no plan of how these things should work together
  • You waste money on doing  things at the wrong time (like PR firms and buying ads) and get frustrated feeling like you always have to keep spending more money before you start making money
  • You update your website 100 times and still never love it nor do you think it even represents you
  • You had someone write “sales copy” that you assumed was legit but you haven’t seen any conversions as of yet
  • You can’t seem to make the time to get your funnels live because of all the back and forth
  • Your social media reach doesn’t increase at the rate you need it to be successful
  • You don’t have a scalable game plan for having the right people and processes in place to manage your brand on an on-going basis without sucking up all your personal time and energy
  • You end up having to redo things over and over thinking that there must be some secret that you’re missing as to why this isn’t working

If you have been in business long enough you know this is true. You can’t shortcut the process. That won’t save you time; it will cost you time. That won’t save you money; it will cost you money.

What you really need is a proven process to follow that allows you to do what needs to be done – only faster!

We know all this because so many of our clients come to us having these exact same challenges in their own business. In fact, we have made most of these same mistakes ourselves at some point throughout our own journey!

But as we’ve grown some of our internal personal brands to become among the most recognizable in the world, and as we’ve worked with both celebrity and beginner clients alike, we have come to realize that there is a proper sequence and structure to building and monetizing a sustainable personal brand. 

If you don’t have all the right building blocks in place, eventually the tower will come tumbling down. And ironically, it is very common to do the right things but in the wrong order or at the wrong time. That is a failing strategy. 

Many other firms, vendors or agencies teach a part of personal branding. They do visual identity, or websites, or messaging, or funnels, or webinars, or ads, or book writing, or presentation skills, or social media or sales skills, etc. But almost no one helps you coordinate it all together into a true cohesive strategy. Until now….

We are a personal brand strategy firm and consequently a business strategy firm as well. we’ve figured out how to take our expansive set of content and curriculum and compress it into short intensive sessions to help you expedite the process of building and growing your personal brand.

how it works

Brand Strategy Sessions are 1-on-1 immersive deep dives that pull the foundational content from our live event series...

But we then add complete customization, focused intention and dedicated time to help you craft a powerful strategy to build and monetize your personal brand – all in a very intimate and personalized way.

Our brand strategy sessions are available to cover every aspect and component of building your personal brand with 5 differentiating aspects when compared to our other services:

  • Personalized Attention in an Expedited Fashion
  • Topic-Specific Specialized Strategists
  • Flexible Formats (Virtual or In Person)
  • Custom Durations (½-day, 1-day, or 2-day)
  • Tailored Focus (All of our signature events can be delivered as 1-on-1 brand strategy sessions)

This all-encompassing approach results in helping you to create a faster path to more impact and more income.

The goal of our 1-on-1 Brand Strategy Sessions is to help you save time, make money, increase opportunities, eliminate brand confusion, lessen frustration, and reduce the amount of re-work moving forward.

Each of our Brand Strategy Sessions is uniquely designed to give you a comprehensive and personalized experience while catering to your schedule, your timelines and your learning preferences.

While there are many different areas we can help you focus, some of our specialties are helping clients to:

  • Identify your uniqueness and create positioning that differentiates you in the marketplace
  • Have a focused and actionable monetization plan for both the short and long term
  • Create your own original thought leadership and intellectual property
  • Digitize your content and product offerings
  • Get higher profile and higher paying public speaking engagements
  • Build your email list and automate more of your lead generation and nurture process
  • Launch evergreen funnels to consistently drive warm inbound leads
  • Host a large revenue producing podcast
  • Streamline their social media management to save time and grow your reach
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Strengthen your sales and retention efforts
  • Develop duplicatable systems which allow you to scale revenues
  • Measure and track your results to make more data-driven decisions

Regardless of your area of focus, you will walk away with more clarity, confidence, and certainty about the direction you’re taking and that what you’re doing will help you produce the results you want.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Listen to the testimonials below to see what some of our clients have to say about our Brand Strategy Sessions.

Speakers & Authors

"This has been incredibly invaluable. With their understanding of my business model and how to grow it at a faster rate, it all just started to click for me."

- John Ruhlin Speaker and Author of Giftology
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"They have really helped me tap into where I’m going and where I’ve been. I’ve learned how to be uniquely me and Brand Builders Group has helped me put it all together."

- Anton Gunn
former senior advisor to President Barack  Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious  Leadership

"I’ve spent my career helping others build their brand, but never really thought about my own personal brand. Brand Builders Group works with you to create a monetization strategy for your business while helping you make a difference in the lives of others."

- Kevin Harrington
American entrepreneur, Business executive, and original "shark" on Shark Tank 
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& Celebrities

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"As successful as I have been, I still felt something was missing. After 2 days I have gained the clarity I need to move my business forward."

- Lewis Howes
New York Times bestselling author and host of The School of Greatness Podcast

"I’ve been Inspired learning about new strategies on how to diversify my business."

- Brett Kissel Canada’s Country Music Artist of the Year
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"Our lofty dreams and ideas needed support and logic. With Brand Builders Group, I feel like I have a team who knows what they are doing and who can help guide and direct us with all we have going on."

- Sazan and Stevie Hendrix

Consultants & Coaches

"It is fun to be in a community of other like-minded people, who are all building a personal brand, where you can bounce ideas off of one another in different industries and still apply it to your own business."

- AJ Yaeger
Founder of praxis metrics, bestselling author, and host of the Data Rich Show
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"I’ve spent 6 figures doing masterminds and coaching and was never able to get the exact pieces I needed to feel comfortable with my message and mission until I went to Brand Builders Group. I got that clarity in just 2 days."

- Candy Valentino experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and expert business strategist

I've been through just about every self-help or marketing training, but at the core I was missing that fundamental brand DNA, the clarity and understanding of that through line, and it was simply like the skills being peeled away from my eyes, because for so long, I've been looking at it too closely and to have experts who can see in you when you may not right now be able to see in yourself that has been game changing for me.

- David Bereit bestselling author, international speaker, strategic consultant, and leadership mentor.
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"With Brand Builders Group, I’ve been able to create a personal brand to use as a source of lead generation for my primary business. With all the time and money spent elsewhere, the blueprint they have given me has been a game changer for all that I do."

- Justin Purpero top producing loan officer for U.S. Bank and a Scotsman Guide top U.S. loan originator with 20+ years in the mortgage business

and Executives

" Brand Builders Group provides a collaborative working relationship that helps you see what you’re unable to see in your own business. "

-Loycent Gordon, entrepreneur and small business owner
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"Brand Builders Group helps you know how to cut through the noise."

- Judd Armstrong
Founder of Jaybird and the new app, Jump

"With the help of Brand Builders Group, we were able to take each of our unique stories and individual messages and wrap it into a beautiful presentation that can be shared with the world. "

- Charles and Elisha Covey 8-Figure Business Owners and experts in  high growth entrepreneurship
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Financial Advisors

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"Since my personal brand strategy session I have been able to instantly gain customers in my target audience. I've also gained a lot of time back not chasing customers that wouldn’t be a good fit in the long run."

- Ryan Sterling
founder of Future You Wealth, a successful wealth manager and sought after wholistic wealth coach, speaker and published author of “You’re Making Other People Rich” book

"We saw everything laid out and knew exactly what we were going to be able to walk away with. Creating our primary client avatar has been a game changer."

Radon Stancil, CFP
best-selling author and The Founder of Peace of Mind Wealth Management, a firm committed to helping individuals retire with excellence
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"Brand Builders Group has given me an outsider’s perspective and a consistent message."

- Abby Vick
Investment Advisor and owner of Paradigm  Money Management


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" A transformational experience in creating your personal brand "

- Charlene Brown
transformation coach, a business strategist, and award-winning attorney

" Brand Builders Group gives you a sense of clarity on your vision and how to execute it while making you feel like you are a part of a family. "

- Joelle Speed
expert in innovative methods in pediatric dentistry
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" Stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work. Make more money faster with more clarity. Brand Builders Group works! "

- Kenny Simpson and Krystal Moore Real Estate Investors, Hosts of San Diego’s most popular Real Estate Podcast, Value Add with K&K Podcast

Direct Sales
& Marketing

"Once you define your uniqueness and who you serve, everyone else can recognize that too; that is the essence of a personal brand."

- Tyler Dickerhoof
highly acclaimed mentor and advisor to entrepreneurs and executives on effective leadership
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" Brand Builders Group has given us direction on where to focus and what NOT to do."

- Darren and Danielle Natoni
health and wellness entrepreneurs

" They used my words, my feelings, and my passions and were able to contain them in a step by step framework that makes sense. "

- Amy Killingsworth
expert in mental, emotional and physical wellness
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Follow a proven approach to building your personal brand through our 1-on-1 Personal Brand Strategy Sessions that consolidate 20 years of experience into
two powerful days.

Our team of personal brand strategists will teach you a set of proprietary frameworks, lead you through a series of intentional conversations, and help guide you through some powerful exercises all to help create your own personal brand blueprint. Plus, we’re happy to share with you all our personal tips, best practices and secrets we’ve learned along the way.

This is much needed intentional time where you can work on building your personal brand, outside of daily distractions, with a team of experts that will cut years off your learning curve.

We will provide you with a well-documented road map of exactly what to do and in what order – all customized directly for you.

If our intensive Brand Strategy Sessions are not the right fit for you, we have many other options and programs to consider that can meet you exactly where you are in your journey. Either way, the best thing you can do right now is request a free personal brand strategy call and talk to someone on our team. 

Let us help you

Let us help you develop a personal brand strategy to secure your distinctive positioning in the marketplace, raise the cache of your public profile, and turn your personal reputation into profitable revenue. If you are ready to start building and growing your personal brand, this is the place and now is the time.

We are passionate about helping mission-driven messengers share their message and expertise with the world.

We believe that you have a story that only you can tell and that by telling that story you will change the lives of those who hear it.

We want to help you tell your story and share your message.  We also want to help you make money by making an even bigger impact.

Our strategy sessions were built for the mission-driven messenger. The person who feels a calling on their heart to share a message that has the potential to change someone’s life. And by leading with purpose and mission there will be an audience that grows and develops into loyal fans, followers and customers.

Our mission is to find people like you that we can inspire and inform so that you can continue to inspire and inform. You will be able to reach people that no one else can simply by who you are. We want to help you do that.

We know there is a way to succeed for every person we work with, you just need to find which path is meant for you. We’re ready to help.

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