Brandon Judd


Brandon Judd is a world-class coach, seasoned entrepreneur, founder of Wake Coaches, and sought after personal branding strategist at Brand Builders Group, the world’s leading personal branding firm recognized as an Inc. 5000 company.

As a personal brand strategist, Brandon positions 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs to create more impact as coaches, authors, and speakers. His ability to take deep, complex thought leadership and distill it into a clear, actionable process empowers his clients to create a lasting impact in the lives of the audiences they serve.

Brandon’s drive for impacting others compelled him to pursue his lifelong passion for wakeboarding and teach it to others. As an athlete-turned-coach, Brandon’s legacy in the watersports industry has spanned over two decades. Working alongside pioneers in the wakeboard community, he played a pivotal role in establishing, managing, scaling, and facilitating the acquisition of LearnWake, an international wakeboard coaching membership platform.

As a writer, editor, coach, and athlete, Brandon’s thought leadership has been prominently featured in esteemed international publications like Wakeboarding Magazine and Boating Magazine. His instructional content has been viewed by millions of watersports participants all over the world.

As the founder of Wake Coaches, his international coaching and e-commerce business, Brandon rapidly became a pioneer in the watersports community, free from corporate constraints. 

A lifelong learner and implementer, Brandon has consistently sought out and surrounded himself with world-renowned experts and thought leaders. His affinity for investing in expert knowledge, simplifying it, and communicating it to others is his superpower.

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