Casey Dowdell

resident strategist

Casey Dowdell inspires impact as a Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group, a prominent global personal brand strategy firm. Having previously founded Dowdell Surf Co and Pivotal 7 Consulting, he has been baptized in the fire of entrepreneurialism. Casey has extensive experience in sales, relationship building, monetizing reputations and strategic business development. He has built his wealth of experience by working with various start-ups, international business leaders, performers, founders, investors, musicians, and professional athletes, including notable names such as Alan Jackson, Toby Mac, and Taylor Lewan.

Throughout his career, Casey has excelled in driving sales growth. He has led and grown sales teams, consistently surpassing targets and delivering exciting results. Under his leadership, sales teams have achieved a remarkable 120% year-over-year increase in sales. In addition to his sales expertise, Casey has also facilitated lifestyle masterclasses for Anheuser-Busch and established multiple national sponsor relationships in rodeo and live entertainment.

Casey’s accomplishments also include team transformations that have catapulted revenue from 7 to 8 figures. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in launching and growing a 7-figure mastermind within a span of 12 months. His skill set encompasses dozens of successful rebranding initiatives, helping businesses refresh and reposition their image. Moreover, he has contributed to the podcasting landscape as he has helped clients develop and launch multiple podcasts.

What sets Casey apart is his deep commitment to service and his unwavering dedication to helping his clients succeed and evolve from entrepreneurship to assembling functional scalable teams. He brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to the table, empowering individuals and businesses to break barriers and unleash their full potential. In his hands, the ordinary becomes extraordinary—turning challenges into triumphs, revolutionizing brands and carving new paths to triumph.

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