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Ep 11: Influencer Hacks From a Seasoned Pro with Chalene Johnson | Recap Episode

This episode serves as a recap of the ground which renowned influencer Chalene Johnson covered in her recent conversation with AJ. If you want to learn how to be unique, visible and disruptive as an influencer, you should definitely tune into that episode.

Today, AJ and Rory highlight the main points they felt Chalene made. AJ’s were that you can grow your personal brand faster by starting a themed Instagram account, by investing in a part-time employee and coach early on and by drawing inspiration from influencers outside of your field. Rory’s highlights were that your audience doesn’t care about you, but about being served and that step one in Chalene’s road to success was total bankruptcy.

Get it in AJ and Rory’s own words, and learn how to connect with Chalene through Brand Builders Group by tuning in now!

Listen to the episode below

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Chalene learned to focus on one thing, and only after succeeding in that did she diversify.
  • Content curators are respected as much as content creators, so start a themed account.
  • Spending precious capital on a part-time employee can help a small business grow.
  • A business coach is a valuable investment, and so is taking their advice.
  • Quitting can be a good move if your idea is bad or if you aren’t committed.
  • Uniqueness comes through ‘doing the opposite’ and looking for inspiration in other industries.
  • Gary Vaynerchuck became a disruptor through merging wine tasting with YouTube.
  • Audiences want to be served, so in your posts, aim to teach, inspire, entertain, etc.
  • Everybody starts small, don’t be ashamed to do the same.
  • How to dig deeper with Chalene’s IGHacks and Brand Builders Group.

Tweetable Moments

“Actually take a step outside of your industry and see what other people are doing that you relate to, and how can you bring those unique ideas into your industry so that you can really be a disruptor.” — @amandajohnsswc [0:07:37]

“Your audience doesn’t care about you. What they care about is being served.” — @roryvaden [0:09:34]

About Chalene Johnson

A fitness, business, and lifestyle coach, Chalene Johnson is a self-made millionaire and captivating motivational speaker. Having shared the stage with Brian Tracy and Brendon Bruchard, she is adept at a variety of topics, from family to business management.

A gifted motivator, Chalene’s seminars, monthly subscription audio programs, and life-changing “camps” are annual sell-outs. Chalene is a Social Media Consultant and top Internet Marketer. Her popularity amongst fitness consumers and business professionals alike can be attributed to her genuine approach to inspire change and improvement in all areas of peoples lives.

In addition to her appearances on television shows like The Talk and LIVE! with Kelly where she provides tips on life balance, Chalene has also appeared in over 150 different exercise videos including Weight Watchers, Nautilus, and BoSu. Chalene has personally developed countless group fitness formats that continue to gain international popularity such as Turbo Kick, PiYo, Turbo Jam, Hustle, ChaLean Extreme, and Turbo Fire.

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