What is a personal brand?

At Brand Builders Group, we work with some of the most recognizable personal brands in the world.

And we have come to define personal branding as simply the

formalization +

digitization +


of your reputation

Personal branding is the process of creating a unique and differentiated identity for yourself in the market, based on your skills, experiences, and values.

It involves developing a clear understanding of what makes you unique, and then leveraging that understanding to create a consistent and authentic personal brand that reflects your reputation and helps you stand out from the competition.

The goal of personal branding is to build a strong, positive reputation that reflects your personal and professional identity as well as helping you achieve your career goals.

Personal Branding:

The formalization, digitization and monetization of your reputation. 


What people think of when they think of you.

Why is Personal Branding Important?

Personal Branding is the Ultimate

Google search volume for “Personal Brand” has grown over 4x in recent years and is now seen as a critical component to how consumers make purchasing decisions.
With the explosion of consumers becoming savvier, the prevalence of email marketing, social media, mobile messaging, video consumption, podcasting, and an exponential increase in the reliance of all things digital – it is no surprise. All these trends have a significant impact on the way we communicate, engage, market, buy and sell.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the objective data shows that Personal Branding is the FUTURE of Marketing.

More now than ever before, people do business with people, not with businesses.

With traditional Marketing on the decline due to the amount of noise and biases, Personal Branding is now on a sharp incline. Why? Trust.

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How do businesses benefit from personal branding?

Personal Branding is no longer seen as a thing of vanity but rather a critical role in the purchasing decisions of consumers.

Our national research study points to a stark realization that personal branding has become a foundational element in how we live and make decisions… as consumers, employees, and employers. The importance of a personal brand is directly and increasingly linked to effective marketing, personal credibility, and trustworthiness and most revealing is that an established personal brand clearly connects to a higher likelihood of profits in your business.  

Things Americans are more likely to do with an individual who has an established personal brand:

Source: Trends in Personal Branding National Research Study by Brand Builders Group in partnership with the Center for Generational Kinetics

People with Personal Brands are more trusted

The data shows that 74% of Americans are more likely to trust somebody who has an established personal brand. This means that they are more likely to do business with them, and even date them!

Companies who have executives with a personal brand are more profitable

People want to know who they’re buying from. They want to know you, what you believe, what you have to share, and how you operate in everyday life. Some of the most trusted and successful companies in the world include some of the most well-known personal brands.

58% of Americans would be willing to pay more to receive their services from a professional who has an established personal brand.

Source: Trends in Personal Branding National Research Study by Brand Builders Group in partnership with the Center for Generational Kinetics

People are willing to pay more money to buy the same service from someone who has an established personal brand

We all know that people prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust. But as it turns out, they are also willing to actually spend more money for that security.

How do you build that kind of trust with people?

At Brand Builders Group we believe that trust is established from three simple functions:


We are more likely to trust people that we “see” on a regular basis


We are more likely trust people whom we feel we “know”


We are more likely to trust people that we “learn” from

Each of these timeless truths has been amplified and accelerated by your ability to establish both your offline and online personal brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are asking the wrong question. You, my friend, already have a personal brand. The question is, is it the one you want? Is it one you have curated with thought, effort, and intention. For most of us, that answer is no. But to answer this question directly, YES, everyone needs a personal brand that is reflective of how they want to be “known”.

Great question. It all starts with getting clear on set of seemingly simple (yet incredibly challenging) questions. These questions include: 1. What problem do you solve? 2. Who do you solve this problem for? 3. How do you uniquely solve this problem? 4. How do you make money from solving this problem?

We are NEITHER. We are a personal brand strategy firm. Similar to what a CMO would be to a company is what we are for personal brands.

Yes! I am so glad you asked. At Brand Builders Group we believe you can do the right things at the wrong time and unintentionally waste an enormous amount of time, energy and resources. That is why we created the Brand Builder Journey. See below.

Our Brand Builder Journey

And to help put our journey in terms you can easily identify with… think about it like this:

Our curriculum includes 14 mastery level courses on each of the following topics.

1. Personal Branding = Finding Your Brand DNA
2. Content Creation = Captivating Content
3. Presentation Skills = World Class Presentation Craft
4. Digital Marketing = Building Your Revenue Engine
5. Paid Advertising = High Traffic Strategies
6. Podcasting = Podcast Power
7. Sales Training = Pressure Free Persuasion
8. Book Promotion = Bestseller Launch Plan 
9. Professional Speaking = Full Keynote Calendar
10. Leadership Development = Influential Leader
11. Sales Management = Scale Your Sales
12. Entrepreneurship = 8 Figure Entrepreneur
13. Goal Setting = Conquering Impossible Goals
14. Time Management = Multiplier Mentality

If you want to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we may be able to help you…

Click here to schedule your FREE personal brand strategy call!

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