Ep 287: How To Break Through The Noise with Lindsay Czarniak | Recap Episode

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AJV (00:54):
All right, y’all welcome to my recap of my conversation with Lindsay Czarniak loved this conversation and I love her. I think she’s so cool. And she’s so down to earth and it’s just an awesome, conversation like if you’ve ever wondered, like how do you get to be doing the things that you see people on TV doing, which I often do and be like, how, how did you get into this? And, you know, how did you get to be the one to report on this or do this? This is a really cool behind the scenes sneak peak on what I would say, like Lindsay’s rise to all the things that she’s done, both sports related and non-sports related, which I just so cool. Right. and I loved it and I just think she’s just an awesome human being, so, okay. I could go on and on about that.
AJV (01:44):
So I’m gonna give you my top three takeaways at legit. I’m holding up a notebook, have like 10, so I’m gonna have to narrow it down here as I’m actually doing this recap episode. But here’s the first thing, and this is just a great reminder to all of us is the importance of building relationships. Not because you need them are not because you think you’re gonna need them one day, but because you genuinely care about other human beings and I love what she said. She goes, you build relationships, not, not because you think you’re gonna need ’em one day. But you build them because there’s a, a genuine desire to just know other people. And she said, it’s, it’s been a constant reminder throughout her life, as it is mine, and probably yours of the way you treat people matters. And it’s a reflection of your heart.
AJV (02:34):
It’s a reflection of how you view yourself. And that means a lot to other people, right? I was actually in a call with, I don’t know if it was a webinar. I can’t remember what it was. Oh, I D know what it was. I was at a conference. I was at a conference on customer experience and I was sitting in the audience and the speaker who up, who also happens to be a close friend and an amazing author, John de Julius he said, what if you lived every day, like the way you treated people today is how you would be remembered. And that just hit me in a really profound way of if today was my last day on earth, is how I’m treating people the way I want to be remembered when I’m gone. Or, you know, is today a day where I’m being short or, you know, just flippant because I’m tired or overwhelmed or, you know, is today the day that I actually had time in patience and stop to say hello and get to know someone or help somebody with, you know, a bag of groceries or whatever it is.
AJV (03:43):
And I think it’s just, it’s, it’s a sign of your heart. And that was like a big thing to me is how you treat people as a reflection of how you view yourself and how you view others. And people take note of that. So build relationships, not because you think you need, ’em not because they’re gonna do something with you, but because you generally care about humans, right? You, you generally care about the people around you, what their name is, what their story is. And at the very least, you know, it’s, you, you care enough to say hello, right. To give them time and respect. I think that really matters. And that it shapes your reputation. It shapes how people view you. So just a great, never ending forever, always reminder of the importance of relationships and how you treat people. Second thing is this is tactical.
AJV (04:29):
Just a quick tip for any of you who get nervous on camera or who our camera’s shy. I thought this was really great. I love this. And it’s what I have noted here in my notes is the, the post-it rule, right? So it’s like your entire script for your video should fit on a post-it note. In other words, it should not have many words and it should be really short. And I love that. It’s like pick out three things that you wanna talk about in any interview, ironically, we talk about three things in our recaps, but talk about three things that you wanna talk about in any conversation or any video that you’re doing. And just write down the words that are gonna make you remember that point and then be you. And that’s the key it’s like, what people really want on camera is not some long scripted, highly produced animated video.
AJV (05:18):
What they want to hear is from someone they can relate to someone that’s personable, someone that’s being authentic, someone that’s genuine that you can listen to and go, man, it’s like, I’ve had questions like that. Or I wondered things like that before. Whether it’s educational inspirational or informational or just entertainment, it’s like, keep it to the, keep it to the basics. So you let pressure off yourself, right? The more you force yourself to stick to an outline or memorize something, the more pressure you put on yourself. And quite honestly, it’s like when we have a hiccup, that’s when we get even more nervous and it just makes it worse. So what if you just had a post-it note with like three or four key words that will help you remember the points that you’re trying to make, and then you can just have a conversation.
AJV (06:06):
You can just be yourself and share because that’s what people really want. And she talked about how she did this when everything happened with George Floyd and she interviewed her mother-in-law and she’s you know, and she just said, I just, this wasn’t anything to do with sports or my professional career, but I had questions. And I figured if I have questions, other people like me have questions. So I’m gonna ask them and I’m gonna record it, and I’m gonna share. And that won her a Gracie award for women in sports who are making, are creating influential movements that, that wasn’t scripted or highly produced or animated, and didn’t have pretty bumpers or graphics. It was a conversation amongst two people who were having real live conversations around real life challenges in, in like live in the moment in real time.
AJV (06:59):
That is what people are looking for. So just remember that the next time you go to do an interview or make a video, it’s like, people want more of who you are. Don’t, don’t get consumed with having it scripted and outlined just have a conversation. So the post-it the post-it rule, right? Three words on a post-it note, that’s all you need. And the rest is just be, you just be you all right. Last thing super, super short, super simple, but really significant is the more relatable you are, the more fans you create. I love that. And it’s like it will simultaneously create non-fan that’s okay. That’s not your audience, but the more relatable you are, the more fans you will create. Y’all go check out this episode. It’s so cool. She’s awesome. You know, she, she gave us her handle. She said, follow her on Instagram. It’s Lindsay C, Z not her full names. Aniak but just C, Z. So go check her out, follow her on Instagram. You’re gonna learn really cool things about how she loves fishing and early mornings and telling silly dad jokes, like check her out, check out this interview. So good. Come back next time and get more tips on how to build an influential personal brand.