Shermalyn Sidonie-John

personal brand strategist

Shermalyn is an international marketing executive for a multimillion dollar company and a certified personal brand strategist and Knowledge Broker Blueprint for corporate leaders and founders. She specialises in helping them build a powerful presence online as experts, so they can attract premium leads and increase their revenue streams, influence and impact with an irresistible personal brand. She has over a decade of experience in marketing, brand building and launching several successful campaigns and events for international brands while working in the telecommunications industry including HBO, Manchester United FC, the NBA and BET generating millions of dollars in sales revenue. As the founder of The Influential BossLady Methodology, Shermalyn key differentiating factor lies in her ability to combine her knowledge and expertise with her deep emotional instincts that helps her identify unique traits in people and brands. She helps her clients use these traits to get visible winning hearts and minds while serving others, thus creating unique and irresistible personal brands

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