Schell Gower

personal brand strategist

Schell Gower is a brand strategist and messaging consultant for multi-million dollar companies, non-profits, personal brands, startup companies, and small businesses across the country.

She is the founder of the ClearMark Marketing Agency for the past 5years and has helped hundreds of companies with their messaging and marketing from the financial sector, to tech, and other small business services. More than a consultant, she works alongside her clients to provide a true partnership experience when creating marketing and messaging so her clients get results.

Schell is also a StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter and a Fix This Next Advisor. She focuses on increasing brand visibility and revenue through strategic messaging and creating a content strategy, which has resulted in increasing her client’s bottom line, even though COVID.

Schell has also served on an exclusive group of coaches for StoryBrand’s Live Events. During her time as a coach, she has worked with a wide variety of companies, from a WNBA team to personal photographers.

Schell has let her expertise to local tech conferences and the tech startup community, giving her a unique understanding of this community and how to apply those same solutions to your company. Schell speaks and coaches companies who specifically want to align their marketing and sales departments so they maximize profits.

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