Sabrina Norton

Community Liasion

Sabrina Norton is a is an expert in fundraising, entrepreneurship, and event coordination. Connection is her superpower.

As a sought-after 6-figure fundraiser, she has made a lasting impact on organizations like MOPS, to name a few with her ability to provide strategy that both fully leverages and increases awareness to the community at large. 

As the regionally, recognized 6-figure founder of Lenny and Belle, a highly successful culinary venture based in Southern California, Sabrina seamlessly combined her passion for food, celebrating others, and entrepreneurship. Her innovative vision and marketing prowess made her a household name in Malibu. 

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Sabrina played a pivotal role as the Nashville Events Coordinator for Hello Sunshine, a multi-million dollar, internationally recognized production house. In this role, she was instrumental in coordinating and managing high-profile events, collaborating with influential figures in the entertainment industry, and ensuring the seamless execution of projects from conception to completion.

Her strategic approach to marketing and PR, influential communication style, and keen ability to forge meaningful connections has consistently resulted in long term, fruitful relationships and overall success for everyone she works with.

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