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Ep 279: Building an Empire with Life Changing Content with Cary Jack | Recap Episode

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In today’s special recap episode, AJ revisits her conversation with Cary Jack, Founder of The Happy Hustle and

Tuning in you’ll hear AJ’s top three takeaways from their conversation.

She reflects on why you only need one set of life-changing content to build your business and how Cary did such a fantastic job of clarifying his message and reaching his audience through multiple mediums.

Learn how you can create evergreen content and why doing small things consistently is the key to success. For all this and much more, make sure you tune in today!

Key takeaways from this episode

  • AJ shares her top three takeaways for her dear friend and Happy Hustler Cary Jack.
  • Why you only need one set of life-changing content to build your business.
  • How to create evergreen content that stands the test of time.
  • Why a content-based company should choose their format and their business model, according to its audience’s needs.
  • How to do market research on your audience by approaching people you already know.
  • How The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy taught Cary the importance of doing small things consistently.

Tweetable Moments

“You only need one set of life-changing content to build your business. I think there is a huge misconception that you need all these different sets of content and all these different topics.” — @AJ_vaden [0:02:32]

“If you are a content-based entity, right? Then how do you know if it should be in a course or a membership or coaching program or a mastermind or retreats or live events or a book” — @AJ_vaden [0:04:43]

“Who is the person this is designed for? Who is the person this content is supposed to help, and lean in there.” — @AJ_vaden [0:06:59]

About Cary Jack

Cary Jack is a lifestyle entrepreneur, founder & Author of The Happy Hustle, top .5% globally ranked podcast host, keynote speaker, professional actor/model, biohacker, eco-outdoorsman, and humanitarian striving to make a positive impact on this planet. As founder of The Happy Hustle, his mission is to help his fellow entrepreneurs avoid burnout and achieve blissful balance in their personal and professional life while putting the Happy in their everyday Hustle! 

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AJV (00:03): This is AJ Vaden. Your co-host of the influential personal brand. Welcome to the recap episode on the conversation that I had with a dear friend and just the ha the happiest hustler. I know Cary Jack such a good conversation and I would highly E you, if you were struggling with content or trying to figure out how to take that first step, or even trying to figure out, like, how do I curate my business with content? Like, this is the episode for you. So highly recommend it. Go listen to it. If you only have a few minutes today, that’s why we do these recap episodes. So here are a couple of my key takeaways from my conversation with Cary Jack. And this is the, the biggest one single handedly is that you only need one set of life changing content to build your business. AJV (00:57): I think there is a huge misconception that you need all these different sets of content and all these different topics, and you need a variety keynotes, and you need multiple courses, and it’s like, you can, but you don’t have to, you can build a multi-layered business off of one set of content. If you just focus on provide, providing very good content in real value, something that will actually help someone else it’s like, you can turn into a course, make it a podcast, make it a webinar, make it a membership, make it a coaching program, make it consulting make it a retreat, right? It’s like, turn it into a live event. Like you can do so much with one very good set of content, and you don’t need to change your content all the time, create content that is evergreen and universal. I, I liken it to Roy Aden’s first book take the stairs and it’s like, take the stairs sell pretty much as well. AJV (01:55): Today, 10 years later, as it did at the end of year one, it’s like that content hasn’t changed. It’s evergreen content. It is this great ever remind component that we have problems doing things that we don’t wanna do. And there is a discipline that is required in a mindset shift that is required that doesn’t get old, but that content is in a a membership called the focus 40. It was a course, a book it’s a keynote. Just, just a great reminder that you don’t need tons of sets of curriculum. You don’t need all these different content sets. You can do that, but you can also build at a very amazing business off of one core set of content, right? That one life changing set of content could be the, for growing your entire business. So I think that was really big. AJV (02:51): I think that’s very significant. The second most important thing is that, how do you decide what kind of business model that you would have if you have a content based company? Right. This is not the conversation for someone who is not a content based company, but if you are a content based entity, right. Then how do you know if it should be in a course or a membership or coaching program or a mastermind or retreats or live events or a book, or should it be, you know, what should it be, right? It’s like, there’s a lot of different options there. And I probably didn’t mention 10. So how do you choose? And I loved what he said when I asked him that question. He goes, look at who your audience is and think about how they would consume it. Start there. So simple but yet so significant, so important. AJV (03:46): It’s just stop looking around and look at the audience that you’re trying to serve, that you’re trying to help and go, how do they need this? How would they want this? And if you’re not entirely sure ask them, right, you have this idea persona, this like ideal avatar of who is the person that you’re trying to serve. You know, someone like this, right? Maybe they’re a personal friend or a family member go and ask them. It’s like, Hey, if I was gonna do this and like, really go after this and grow scale, or start this business based on this content, how would you want to get it? And then, then think about the different layers of that person. Like maybe what they would want in the very beginning is free content on a blog, or maybe they’d want it in a podcast. Then it’s like, well, maybe they’d want more consistent. AJV (04:32): So maybe it’s like a low level membership, or maybe it’s a course, or maybe they want one-on-one help. And you just gotta like, have these conversations, but completely centered on who, who is the person this is designed for, who is the person, this, this content is supposed to help and lean in there so wise loved it so much. And then the last thing, and it’s the very last thing that we talked about on the podcast. If you’re listen to it, don’t it to the very, very end to get this. But I loved it. And I just said like, what’s one life lesson. That’s had the most significant impact on your life as a entrepreneur business builder, just as a, an individual. And he said the book, the compound effect by Darren Hardy and specifically in that is the importance of doing the small things consistently, right? AJV (05:24): It’s, it’s doing those small things in a very consistent manner that, that snowball into bigger things. And so it’s just asking yourself, like, what are the, the small things that you can start to do right now that if you did them consistently could change your life. Most of us do not have these large grandiose huge things that we need to change in our life in order to feel extraordinary impact for most of us. And I do mean most of us, they, they are the little things like maybe you need to stop working an hour earlier every day. Maybe you need to start an hour later, right? Maybe you need to Institute a date night with your spouse or your partner. Maybe you need to start picking your kids up from school or taking ’em, or it’s doing a phone detox, a technology detox every Sunday. AJV (06:11): Like that one actually would be a really big one for me, but it’s like, what are those things that if started doing in a really consistent manner that are small in theory, that could be life changing if you actually did them. And then how do you do those in a very consistent manner? So that you feel the, the benefit and the impact of those small changes. So good. Y’all love this conversation. Love Cary Jack. His book just came out the happy hustle. He’s got an awesome podcast. I mentioned this in the podcast, but if you go to the happy hustle, if you actually get the book, read it and DM Cary Jack online, he will give you 20 minutes free coaching. There is no sell at the end. It is just what did you it from the book and how can I help you on your happy hustle journey? I would highly encourage you to take up, take him up on it. So good. Go listen episode, go check out Jack. And we will you next time on the influential personal.

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