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Ep 243: Building Million Dollar Membership Sites with Alison Lumbatis | Recap Episode

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We had such an amazing conversation with Alison Lumbatis, that was absolutely jam-packed with knowledge bombs and great insights.

Today we recap the top four highlights from that chat, and believe us when we say that it was hard to narrow it down to just four!

Alison got into how she built her million-dollar membership site, sharing a lot of inspiring information, and a few reminders of the lessons that we teach here at Brand Builders.

We always feel so lucky to have our amazing friends and clients on the podcast, and when they are as special as Alison, we know we are doing something right!

So tune into this recap to hear all about creating the program you need, capturing leads and building a list, community growth, and the central tenet of personal development.

We know these tips can help get you to the next level, so do not miss out!

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Creating a program based on what you need at a specific moment.
  • Building a network and list, and capturing leads consistently.
  • Using the program as the foundation for the community. 
  • Personal development and the importance of continual investment in yourself!
  • The formula that Alison followed to her multiple avenues of success.
  • Constant learning and what this podcast and community can offer you this year!

Tweetable Moments

“You’re building trust. Build value, build relationships before you need them.” — @roryvaden [0:07:39]

“The power becomes the community, the community around the program, ultimately the knowledge is replaceable, well at least has an expiration date.” — @roryvaden [0:08:44]

“People don’t pay for information, they pay for organization and application.” — @roryvaden [0:09:19]

About Alison Lumbatis

Alison Lumbatis is an entrepreneur, author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas, and the founder of the lifestyle blog Get Your Pretty On.

After over a decade as a telecom engineer, print model, and actress, Alison reinvented herself into a global online influencer, growing GYPO into a leading resource that helps women rediscover their worthiness through their wardrobe.

Democratizing style for ‘every body’ and budget, she’s served over 100,000 members through her “Outfit Formulas” program and attracted an online audience of millions.

Now focused on helping women find purpose post- parenting, Alison’s helping women over 40 engineer formulas to create confidence and purpose in their next chapter.

Her insights have been featured in Forbes, Redbook, and Life & Style Magazine, among many others. A sought-after speaker and podcast guest, Alison speaks to fighting feelings of unworthiness and the magic of reinvention to making the next chapter the best chapter

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RV (00:01): Let’s talk about how to build million dollar membership sites. What an interview, Allison Lobas. She was dropping so much bombs, like so many nuggets, so much inspiration, so much tactical information, empirical information about how she has built this seven figure business. And I just feel lucky to have her as a friend and, you know, proud to call her a client. And I just, this lady’s amazing. She’s awesome. And it’s funny, cuz I remember very specifically the first time I met her she impressed me from the moment I saw her. I was like she’s she’s got the gift and uman, just to see what she is doing and uhow she’s growing. She’s awesome. So,uwelcome to the recap edition, influential personal brand podcast. It’s your man, Rory vaden breaking down that interview and you know, normally I share like my top three highlights. UI had to, I couldn’t boil it down to less than four. I had, I had so many,uand I, I got four here for you that are just the things that really stuck out to me that I hope stick out to you. And uthe first one is, man, this is so, so flagship like, so cornerstone, so foundational of what we believe at brand builders. And to hear her say these words verbatim, she said it all started because I created the program that I needed at the time. RV (01:40): Bam like that is it. If, if you’ve been around here at all, you’ve heard to say this over and over again, you are most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were. There is no other avatar in the world that you will understand in a more intimate way than the person that you once were. You are equipped, you are designed, you are prepared, you are educated. You, you, you are, are, are mission driven to serve that person. And to hear her just say that like, so clearly she’s just going. I tried to solve this problem in my own life. And then, you know, I realize other people had this problem. And so I look back and I created something for that. That’s it like that’s that is the shortest path to uniqueness. That’s the fastest way to momentum. Like that’s the, the clearest line to the distinction that is available for a personal brand. RV (02:41): And just, you know, to see her doing it and, and all the community that has it has become and people around it. And then her recent book launch and all that, that we, you know, we were excited to be a part of. I mean, it’s just awesome. Just awesome. So who, who were you, right? Like when you’re trying to, when you’re creating your plans for the future and for your business and your personal brand and your content, you go, who was I, what was I struggling with? What did I need that didn’t exist? Or I couldn’t find at the time, what do I know now that I wish I knew then and make that available to people that that’s gonna be visceral going to be real. It’s going to be emotional, compelling. It’s gonna have connection and power and it’s gonna be profound because you’ve been there and you have locked a mile in those shoes, speak to that person, right. RV (03:33): Speak to that person. And you’ll, you’ll go far. And Allison great example of this number or two. Okay. Number two, takeaway. So simple. She said in between launches, we were working aggressively on capturing leads and building our newsletter list, right? So she was saying our newsletter list converts at about 10%, just from a, a weekly newsletter, the it she sends. And the, she said, we run a lot of Facebook ads to our freebies. It doesn’t get more simple than that. It doesn’t get like easier than that. It more straightforward than that. And if you’ve been through our relationship engine training, tho those of you that are members of ours, when we take you through the relationship engine, we, we teach you the architecture, the, the infrastructure of a funnel, you know, it starts with something free. Like that’s the lead magnet is what can you give value? RV (04:31): How can you give value first, save the best for first? What can you give away for free teach the best of what, you know, package it up in something that is small and concise. The, that is a major quick win and, and deliver the goods right up front. Those become your lead magnets. And then she runs ad to those lead magnets and people download them. And to this day, this is what we do go on brand builders, And look, you’re gonna see that we are pushing our, our trends and personal branding, national re search study. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on that. Like it, it’s, it’s a beautiful lead magnet. It took us a year to develop over a year, all in to like plan it and put the whole thing together. We give it away for free. And it is this incredibly, it’s just this packed. RV (05:18): You know, it’s a PDF though. Like it’s a PDF document. People can scroll the thing in five minutes. And, and now we go out and we do media interviews and we drive people to that and we run YouTube Ads and we drive people to that and we do press releases and, and we drive people to that. It’s the same, same thing, right? She’s doing the same thing. Brandon Bouchard does the same thing. Like it mean, go down, pick your list, pick your influencer. This is how it, it works. And it doesn’t have to be new. The part that makes it special is it’s your stuff. And it’s, it’s whatever you would do and who you would, who, who you would provide that for. So you know, it’s that simple, like drive people to down a freebie, get them on your newsletter list, talk to them once a week and then tell them when you have something available to buy, like you’re building trust, build value, build relationships before you need them. RV (06:12): Like that is what you have to do, build relationships before you need them. We talk about out this in pressure, free persuasion with your list. It’s the same thing you have to give value first. And then they will trust you. And then when you have something they’re there, they’re sitting there ready to buy what, whatever your thing is number three, and this was really big for me hearing what she was saying. This is, I think an area of learning for my, myself. This is somewhere where I go, Ooh, I’ve, I’ve missed the boat here. AJ is super passionate about, about this. And, and so she’s moving the company in this direction, thankfully, because this is huge. And it was very edifying when Allison was talking about it is she said, build the community around the program. Know it’s more than just the clothes, right? RV (07:00): So, you know, she’s selling outfit formulas, and that’s what her, you know, her membership is all about. And she’s like selling clothes and helping people helping women specifically figure out what to wear. Like that’s the problem that she’s solving, but the, the power becomes the community, the community around found the program. And, you know, ultimately the knowledge is replaceable. You know, or at least kind of has like an expiration date just from the standpoint of like, look, if someone’s in your membership, like look at our, our brand builders, right? So if you’re a member, if you sign up for our, our flagship coaching, like, you know, main coaching program pro quarterly, we immediately give you access to everything to the, to the whole curriculum. Like from day one, you can go through everything as fast as you, as fast as you can consume it. RV (07:49): Well, once you’ve learned it, you know, it’s kind of like, well, what’s the reason to pay? Well, you know, there’s a couple things there. It’s like another thing that we talk about all the time, people don’t pay for information, they pay for organization and application, people pay for organization and application. So, you know, they need the information and then they need help applying it. And then, but then the thing that like you can, you never break free of is community. You it’s the communities, the people you’re around our brand builders members are freaking amazing. I mean, Allison is one of our clients. She’s one of the members, right? Like she’s the kind of person that comes to our events and you sit next to her. And then, you know, we’ve got lovey Ajai Jones and she comes to the events and she’s a multi New York times bestselling author, and she’s got a viral Ted talk and we have two, we have two billionaires become clients. RV (08:40): This last year. We got, you know, people who are time magazine person of the year, we’ve got lots of 10 millionaires and a hundred millionaires. You know, all these people with millions of followers and hundreds of millions of video views. I mean, our community is insane. Actresses actors like major famous like TV actors, musicians. I mean the brand builders group community is just nuts. You know, we’ve had several clients on the podcast, you know, so you’ve gotten to, to learn from some of them, but the point there is going, you know, from my perspective, and we still started brand builders group. And like, you know, here comes RO like thinking about, you know, content and information and my like nerdy brain, I’m going, we gotta create the world’s greatest curriculum. Right. And, and I think that’s what we did or one of the world’s greatest curriculums. RV (09:29): I, I definitely feel confident saying that our content is incredible. And yet the content is like, probably the biggest complaint that we hear from people is like, it’s so much, like there’s so much here. And it’s like, yeah, you know, it, it’s, there’s a lot to learn. It’s a, it’s a college degree that we give people. I mean, legitimately it takes four years for most people to complete the, the full training, like of all of our program. But, but people aren’t staying for the content. They come, maybe for the content, they learn the content, they come for coaching. They, you know, they get the training, they, they, but what they’re really staying for years and years now that have gone by we’re in year four already, holy buckets, we’re in year four already. It’s for the community, it’s for the relationships it’s for the people they’re meeting and the business deals they’re doing and the, you know, the friendships they’re forming and the, the stuff they’re doing outside, but they’re meeting them at our events. RV (10:25): And that’s exactly what Allison was saying. And, you know, she obviously saw the light on that much earlier than I did of for our community. But what for your community? How can you, how you facilitate your community coming together without you? One of the features that we just rolled out in our member portal is is an example, just an example of this. So we created this technology in our portal where every member registers themself and there’s a map. And when it shows a pin on a map for where you live, and then you can click on the other pins that are close to you, or if you’re traveling like wherever you’re going so that you can see who the other brand builders are like, where are the other members of the community? I’m so jacked about it, even for me, because I, you know, at this point we have, we have over 500 clients. RV (11:15): So like, you know, I’m, I don’t know all of ’em anymore by by name. I know a lot of ’em, but like when I go traveling, I can like see them and meet them and, and you know, get them together and, and they’ll get together. And I just, I’m excited about that. And that’s what Allison is talking about is going, that’s not like a nice to do long term that like becomes the core, like it, the, the, the, the unbreakable bond. And I think you, you move from that role of being like, okay, I’m a teacher to, to more of just like, you know, I’m the, I’m just hosting a, whatever I’m hosting a Bible study, or I’m hosting an event, or I’m, you know, I’m, I’m just, I’m just the, the, the, the gathering spot for people to come to. So that was huge for me. RV (12:02): And again, our team and AJ they’ve been working in that direction, which I’m just, I’m just pumped about, cuz our community is incredible. So how can you do that for your community? How can you bring them together? Was huge. And then the fourth thing, which was just another takeaway, which is another thing that I go, this is just such a good reminder. Here’s what she said. She said, my philosophy has always been about continually investing into myself on entrepreneurship really is personal development. I mean, direct sales really is personal development. Professional services really is personal development. Any type of leadership really is personal development. Like that is the job like, and that’s what you’re supposed to do. And it boggles my mind, like literally blows me away. How you know, yeah. AJ and I are junkies about, I mean, we go to the conferences, we go to the groups, we go to the events and I always kind of would assume that it’s like, the person who’s struggling is the person who should be the person who should be in that room. RV (13:07): The most is the person who’s struggling the most, right? Like the person who needs the most help, the person who is not making enough money and they need help. And they need someone to coach them and show them what to do. But ironically, that’s never, who’s in the room. The people who are in the room or people like Allison is the people who are crushing it, they’re killing it. It’s like the last people who really need to be, there are always the ones that are the first to sign and they’re on the front row, you know, at the event, they’re the first in, inside the mastermind. They’re, they’re the, the first to buy the book and read it. And that’s why they are crushing. It is because they’re the person doing that. And it, it just took me years to realize that. And, oh my gosh, like Allison is such a bad mam jam. RV (13:54): I mean, like you, you heard her story, like what a bad ma pajama this woman is. And her and her team, you know, like always nobody does it alone, but she’s a bad ma pajama. And yet she’s signing up for coaching from us. And from, you know, I met her at an, I met her at another mastermind, like she’s investing into herself and that is why she’s winning. It’s one of the biggest reasons why she’s winning and, and not just investing in herself, but like FA executing, executing. There were actually two parts in the interview. I really, really love. So I love when she said she said we had cold leads in our email list who suddenly started up again for our stuff because of the 15 PS. Now, if you’re not one of our, our members yet you may not have picked up on that. RV (14:45): And what are the 15 PS? The 15 PS is our framework that we teach for how to write, how to write sales copy, like on a sales page. So what she was saying there is she has all these old leads that were cold. And, you know, she always, you know, does a broadcast, sends people to a page to sign up? Well, when she came through the training and ha had her team redo the sales page with the 15 piece, all of these old people started signing up that had never signed up. And that was her saying, I learned something. I executed on it and it worked well, of course it works. That’s why we teach it. It, we teach what we do. We teach what our clients do, like what we have learned. So of course it works. The question is, number one, will you learn it? RV (15:34): And number two, will you do it? And, and so you gotta be willing to invest in yourself and then you gotta be willing to execute on the thing that you learn. And so she said that, and then she said another one, right after that, she said I followed every single step of the brand builder’s bestseller launch plan. And it worked right. Like she sold thousands of copies of her book on opening week. And she followed a formula. It’s, it’s a formula that we’ve learned. It’s a formula that we teach. It’s a formula that we do. I mean, go back and listen to the like, you know, so that’s part of our curriculum bestseller launch plan. But if you go if you go watch our influential personal brand summit or if you listen to the interview that I did with Gretchen Rubin, Gretchen Rubin talks about how she built her email list and doing lead magnets, right? RV (16:23): Allison talks about that. If you, if you go listen to John Gordon, they interview that I did with John Gordon and he talks about how he built a speaking career, going out and speak for free. Like, I, these are all things that, that we teach a formal part of our curriculum, but it’s like, until you hear one of these legends tell you, that’s how they did it. And that’s how they started you. You kind of think there’s some secret maybe that you’re, that you’re missing or you know, that, that, that it, it is like, there’s gotta be more to it than that. And it it’s like, there’s not, it’s just a matter of knowing it and, and executing it. But part of that is being humble enough to go, gosh, I got something to learn. Like I need some, I need to learn from someone who’s done this. RV (17:05): I need to learn from somebody who has already accomplished the thing that I’m trying to do. And and, and even, and go, like, in the case of someone like Allison, she’s already crushing it going, yeah, I wanna keep learning. I wanna keep up level, even though I’m, I’m already doing great. And that inspires me. I, I love that. Like that makes me so fired up. And, and, and so many of, of my friends who I’ve kind of grown up in the industry, I they’re the same way. I mean, John, John ACU reads a bunch of books, Lewis house is interviewing all these people like I mean, there’s I mean, Jason Dorsey does all of this research. I mean, so many of my friends are in a, in a mode where they’re constantly learning, are you right? Are you learning? Are you, are you doing it? RV (17:54): Are you humble enough to say, you know what, I wanna get help. I wanna get coaching. I’m, I’m willing to take, take a chance to invest in myself and then I’m gonna execute. And if you think we can help you, man, like if you’re trying to do anything around building your personal brand, your speaking career, podcasting, you know, information products, social media, launching courses, membership sites or just using digital marketing to drive awareness for whatever your, your practice is or your, you know, your service based business. Like we can help you. We know a lot this and, and you should, you should go request a call, go to, go to go to free call dot R free call dot Roy Lemme make sure that’s live. I haven’t checked that in a minute. Go to check that out and and request a call with our team and let’s see for, we can help you, but whether it’s us or somebody else, you know, it’s just inspiring to hear people like Allison going, this is how I got there. RV (18:58): This is what I do. I, I believe in personal development and I practice it. So you should too. And you know, if nothing else keep coming back to the podcast, right? Like we do this for free. I’m learning a ton. I hope you’re learning a ton. We’re, we’re, we’re trying to give you the goods and, and teach you the best of what our, our friends in our community have to offer. And so, you know, I’m preaching to the choir there a little bit since you’re already here tuning in and listening, but if you haven’t yet taking it to the next level, come with us, right. Like go back and listen. I mean, we have had a bunch of brand builders group clients on, on here, go back and listen to Darcy, Ben and Koa about how she sells her courses, listen to lovey Aja E listen to Louis hows. RV (19:46): Like, you know, we’ve had a bunch of clients that have come on here and they’re amazing people. And they’re, these are the people that are hanging around. So if you wanna be like those people you know, you become who your friends are. We’d love to hang out with you. We’d love to have you part of the community. So go to go to free call dot Roy You can request a free call with our team. And let’s talk. Other than that, I hope you’re inspired to just invest in your personal development, that you are willing to create a community around the thing that you’re doing and realize that the community is inherently as valuable as anything else. Especially, and at least as much as the content, building your list, building your new, you know, communicating to your list with a newsletter. And then most of all create the program, create the content that you needed back then your most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were. We’re here to Speaker 2 (20:47): Serve you. Thank you for that opportunity and privilege. We love you. Leave us a review if you can, on iTunes, if you haven’t done that yet, share this podcast with somebody and just keep coming back. We’ll catch you next time on the influential personal brand podcast.

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