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Ep 223: Secrets of Growing a Social Media Following with Jasmine Star | Recap Episode

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In this week’s special recap edition, we revisit our conversation with Jasmine Star, who has built a highly influential personal brand and is known for her amazing, practical, fun, and inspiring content.

The instinct to be liked is a natural human desire, but often we end up playing down parts of our personality to adapt to what we think other people want us to be. Not Jasmine Star.

As Rory and AJ share their top three takeaways they reflect on Jasmine’s lessons on being your authentic self, why lukewarm followers aren’t powerful, and why she’d much rather have people fall in love with who she truly is, rather than a carbon copy of what she thinks people want her to be.

To hear more insights from this inspiring conversation, tune in today!

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Rory and AJ share their top three takeaways from their interview with Jasmine Star.
  • Why having lukewarm followers isn’t powerful: you want to either attract or repel.
  • Why Jasmine chooses her platform based on where her customer is, not where she wants to be.
  • Discerning between platforms where you want to consume versus create.
  • Don’t think of low conversions as a ‘no’, think of it as a ‘not yet’.
  • Why you need multiple points of entry to allow people to get to know you.
  • The powerful image of giving yourself to dream and succeed.
  • Allow your followers the opportunity to have an emotional response when getting to know you.

Tweetable Moments

“Why would you invest time being on a platform that your audience is not on? I think that’s really good. I think it’s really important to go where my customers are.” — @AJ_vaden [0:03:46]

“Don’t think of low conversions as a ‘no’. Think of it as a ‘not yet’. That mindset shifting is really good.” —  @roryvaden [0:05:24]

“Oftentimes we can get stuck in the content side of what we do. And it’s all about information and content and value. And at some point, it’s like, ‘but who is the person behind this information and this content?’” — @AJ_vaden [0:11:43]

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RV (00:02): Welcome back to the influential personal brand podcast recap edition today, me and Aj are breaking down the interview with the one and only Jasmine Star, which is pretty awesome to get a chance to have a conversation with her and just get some of her thoughts and behind the scenes kind of secrets on how she’s built a huge, awesome personal brand and social media following. So AJ, welcome to the show. AJV (00:32): Happy to be here. RV (00:34): Yeah. so we’ll share our top three highlights. I’ll go first. I think, you know, the first one that jumped out for me was where she said, I’d rather be liked for who I am than for a carbon copy of who I am or for a pretend version of who I am. And she said, this is, this is the line that she said, having lukewarm followers, isn’t powerful having lukewarm followers, isn’t powerful. I want to attract or repel. And that really stuck with me about just like the lukewarm part of it. And just having people that are really engaged in the way you have people really engaged just by being like yourself and letting people, letting people see you. And I, that kind of hit me of like, I wonder how much I’m doing that online and should I be doing a better job of that and doing more, you know, but anyways, that I thought that was super powerful. So that hit me hard. I knew that was my first takeaway. AJV (01:35): I love that. I love that people do fall in love with who you are, not the carbon copy. I love that. That’s really good, not my first one, but I love that. I think that’s really good. My first one was when she was talking about a platforms of choice and she said, I’m not choosing a platform on where I want to be. I’m choosing my platform based on where my customer is. And I think that’s really good because so often we hear so many people talk about, you need to be on every single platform and it’s going, I just hear more and more these days. Well, is that really true? And why would you invest time on being on a platform that your audience is not on? And I think that’s just really good. And I think it’s really important to go, where is my customer? AJV (02:23): And I think the second part of what she talked about that I thought was really connected to this and like really like close the circle on this was if you have to choose just one platform, then divide the platforms and how you choose them. In other words, separate where you want to consume information versus where you want to create information. So if your platform of choice is Instagram, because you love it and you love pictures and you just love keeping in touch well, that’s where you consume information, but if that’s not where you’re gaining traction and that’s where your audience does not live, then you don’t need to use that platform to create you have one to consume and one to create, which really allows you to have a preferred platform in which you consume information because you enjoy it, but a separate one where you create information because that is where your audience lives. And I just loved that. I thought it was very clear. We’ve heard a lot of conversations around that over the last few months. And I just love the way that she just split the two and to have a place where you consume, have a place where you can create, maybe they’re the same place, but if they’re not make sure you’re creating where your customers are. RV (03:30): Yeah. Amen. I love it. The second thing for me was, was it was towards the end where we started talking about monetizing kind of your following and going okay, how do we turn this into money? And she said, basically people get discouraged because they try to launch something or do something. And nobody buys and they have these really low conversions. And she said, don’t think of low conversions as a no think of, think of it as a, not yet. And that shifting is really good. I that’s the thing I’ve shared before on other episodes that I learned from you AJ that you you’ve always said, like, basically there’s no such thing as a, no, like everyone will buy eventually. And that, so hearing her say it was a good, it, you know, I guess edification and iteration of it, even on like social media and your funnels and stuff is just like, you can’t think of it as a fail or a no. RV (04:25): Or I don’t like you, or I don’t want you, or I’ll never buy this thing. It’s just the idea that you have a lot of trust to build and you have to add value for a long time. And if you out serve them in the meantime, eventually it catches back up with you. And I don’t think we can ever hear it enough. And the other thing I want people to hear, which is between the lines on that is I also hear her saying even I don’t convert massive percentages of my following, right? Like you don’t, you assume that people are like, oh, they make millions of dollars. They probably have 50% of the people that buy, but that’s not at least our experience. She didn’t say that directly. But you know, we see behind the back behind the scenes of a lot of these funnels and even the biggest names in the world convert 1, 2, 3, 5%. And so the way they keep going is, is this mindset. And so don’t be discouraged if that’s you, you just need more people and more time don’t give up. AJV (05:24): Yeah, I like that. And my second one was kind of connected to that. I’m very similar to, it’s not just a it’s not a, no, it’s not a, not yet, but not just that in terms of helping people get to know you, you have to have multiple points of entry. So multiple funnels. And I share this because I just know so many of our clients have one it’s like one lead magnet, it’s one video funnel, it’s one webinar funnel. And I’m just going, it’s like, really think about how do I have one of each right, for the people who just want the immediate gratification of here’s this immediate thing, I’m going to get a PDF. We have to be able to fulfill that desire and our audience and for the other people who want a really short video course, or for the people who want longer form content and a 2, 3, 4 hour webinar, it’s like we have to be able to create multiple funnels so that once they complete one, we can feed them another one. AJV (06:20): And once they complete that one, we can create another one. And it’s funny because this is literally what we were talking about on our internal marketing today is our marketing cycler of how many different funnels do we want to constantly make available to our audience, that people who haven’t bought yet? Because it isn’t a no, it’s a not yet. And people have to know you and trust you before. They’re really willing to give you their money. And it can’t just be one quick PDF. And you’re like, why didn’t I buy or one video funnel? And you’re like, well, that didn’t work. It’s like, no, this is a relationship. And that takes time. But it’s about that relationship building process. And multiple times the more you can have multiple times in front of them, the better you’re going to be. So similar to yours with just a little add on of like how many different points of entry do you have and then how do you combine all those? So people can constantly get fed all of your information over the course of time. RV (07:19): That’s funny, AJ and I literally came off of a call like a 2 hour call. And if you ever hear us use the term marketing cyclers. So that’s the term that we use, which is like we’ll cycle people from one free training to the next free training to the next free training, and basically just drop value, value, so much value that it’s like, eventually they have to go. These folks are awesome. I want to talk to them. So that’s so good. My, my third takeaway, it was funny cause it’s, it was actually more like emotional. You know, she used a word that is is sort of near and dear to my heart is this it’s in the subtitle of our second book permission. And when we wrote procrastinate on purpose, we talk about the emotional side of productivity. And we say, what people are missing is permission. RV (08:07): They have to give themselves permission to say no permission for imperfection permission for the incomplete. And Jasmine hit that word really hard in this interview with just permission to succeed. So it was a different, a different context, but I love where she said, one day, I’m going to write a book. And the last page in the book is going to be a permission slip that you have to fill out for yourself. And you’re going to write your own name in and say, I give myself permission to blank. And that really hit me hard because I was like, how many of us have a dream? But we don’t even give ourself permission to daydream about it. Or we have a tactic we know we should do, but we haven’t given ourselves permission to try it. Or there’s something we’re doing that we D we, we don’t really want to do. We feel like we should let it go, but we haven’t given ourselves permission to just let that thing go. And I just thought that was really good. Like, what do you have to give yourself permission to? And the permission slip. So I, I, that really was simple and clean and powerful and inspiring for me. AJV (09:18): I love that. I think that’s really good. And I thought for a second, that your third one was going to be my third one. Cause when you said emotional, I was like, oh wow, we’re gonna have the same one. But it wasn’t, it’s completely different. And so my third one was give people who follow you the opportunity to have an emotional response, to getting to know you. And I thought that was really good. It’s, you know, social media is giving someone the emotional response to knowing you. And I know that oftentimes we can get stuck in the content side of what we do, and it’s all about information and content and value. And at some point it’s like, but who is the person behind this information and this content. And it’s like, how do we create that emotional connection to the human being who is creating this? AJV (10:12): That’s allowing them to get to know you, to get to know your family, your likes, your interests, your dislikes, what you believe in. And although that’s connected to your content, it is different. It is less letting people know you for who you are, not just for what information you can provide. And I thought that was really good of, I think that the idea of these perfectly curated Instagram accounts or social media accounts, although in theory and even visually they’re real pretty, it’s like people don’t really want pretty, they want real and authentic, and they just want to know that it’s not curated, that it’s just who you are. And I really appreciated that. And also it’s like, don’t be afraid to, you know, have a series of content next to you making spaghetti with your kids or Halloween costumes, or just the, the realness of who you are as a person. Because that’s what really makes people fall in love with you. It isn’t just what you teach them, it’s who you are. So I love that. RV (11:11): That’s really, really good. And y’all, I mean, this is an episode. I mean, Jasmine is, I mean, she’s one of the best in the world that organic content, viral marketing, social media, like go listen to the full episode. If you haven’t already there, there are so many nuggets and we talk about Instagram reels and how they’re, over-indexing lists a lot of like really important practical tips. And also some, obviously some inspirational ones like we just shared, but check out the full length interview. Thank you for being here. Keep coming back. We got lots of amazing guests and you know, we’re, we’re getting people to tell the stories of exactly what you need to do to be successful. We’re glad you’re here. We’ll catch you next time on the influential personal brand.

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