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Ep 203: How to Hire Great Contractors with Hanson Cheng | Recap Episode

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In today’s episode, we revisit our conversation with Hanson Cheng, a rapid skill acquisition expert, speaker, and multi-million dollar earner who helps CEOs optimize their time to ensure more freedom and flexibility.

Tuning in you’ll hear Rory and AJ discuss their top three takeaways from Rory’s interview with Hanson, from automation and delegation to relationships.

AJ expands on why automation and delegation are crucial to anyone who wants to scale their business cost-effectively and unpacks the revolutionary power of as an everyday copywriting tool.

Next, Rory discusses the concept of labor arbitrage and how it can make you a more successful entrepreneur.

We end off with an important reminder on the importance of relationships in media and marketing and why relationships are power by giving, not by asking.

Tune in today for an informative recap of our conversation with Hanson Cheng! 

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Rory and AJ share their top three takeaways from their conversation with Chen Hanson.
  • Why automation and delegation are critical for anyone looking to scale their business with fewer expenses.
  • Why is such a revolutionary tool for quick copy editing.
  • Why PR and marketing are rooted in having good relationships.
  • Chen’s tip for finding good talent on LinkedIn: looking at recommendations by people in your field that you admire.
  • The concept of labor arbitrage and how it shifts your mindset to be a more successful entrepreneur.
  • An important reminder that you build relationships by giving, not by asking.

Tweetable Moments

“If you can’t afford to hire lots and lots of expensive full-time employees, what are the other ways to grow and scale without doing that? So I think it’s a very innovative look at how to find great talent around the world at an affordable price and also automation.” — @aj_vaden  [0:02:33]

“The best way to get great media and great PR is to have a really great relationship marketing game. Right?” — @aj_vaden  [0:06:07]

“Labor arbitrage, it’s a cool term, right? It’s like how do you get contractors and AI and different techniques and strategies to get the help and support you need? And it’s arbitrage, you’re constantly trying to just do it cheaper and faster and just more efficiently.” — @roryvaden [0:09:37]

“Figure out who has relationships with people you want to have relationships with and ask yourself, ‘How can I be adding value to these people? To this network?’” — @roryvaden [0:11:08]

About Hanson Cheng

Hanson Cheng is a speaker, multiple seven-figure entrepreneur, and mentor to CEO’s looking to grow their company while removing themselves from the business so that they can have more time freedom, financial freedom, and space to work on their vision. 

Hanson helps CEO’s fire themselves so their company can have more profit, be more streamlined and automated, so the owner has more time to focus on the big vision. Hanson has 20 plus years of experience in building dozens of teams comprised of over 15 different nationalities around marketing, sales, and operations in multiple industries which have made him a leading expert on entrepreneurship and business growth. 

As a mentor, he helps CEOs with scaling their company from zero to multiple-seven figures. He does this by creating bulletproof systems that automate workflows, as well as creating a unified team culture. 

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