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Ep 167: How to Create a Viral TEDx Talk with Jennifer Cohen | Recap Episode

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In today’s special recap episode of The Influential Personal Brand Podcast, your host, Rory Vaden shares his biggest takeaways and thoughts from his recent interview with Jennifer Cohen.

Hear how Jennifer achieved viral success with her TED Talk and why she advocates for trusting the process and being patient.

Rory unpacks lessons from the interview and explains why it’s important to market your product based on the result rather than the content.

Tune in for a quick recap and plenty of thought-provoking insights!

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Why building a personal brand takes time.
  • How Jennifer succeeded by trusting the process and executing the Brand Builders Group strategy.
  • How she received two million views on her TED Talk and how her life has changed since.
  • Why having the humility to learn is an attribute of successful people.
  • Find out why it’s important to have one clear message.
  • The value of spending time on things today to make more time tomorrow.
  • What Rory learned from his biggest marketing mistake.
  • Why you need to market the result, not the solution.
  • How to go about naming your framework versus naming your content title.

Tweetable Moments

“Seeing our clients win makes me so freaking happy.” — @roryvaden [0:00:36]

“The people who succeed are the ones who are humble enough to learn something and humble enough to follow the process.” — @roryvaden [0:02:17]

“You don’t want to market the solution. You want to market the payoff of the solution” — @roryvaden [0:10:38]

“Clear is greater than clever” — @roryvaden [0:12:11]

About Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen is a best-selling author, brand strategist, international speaker and educator with a specific focus on building healthy habits to drive positive behavioral change. 

She was recently named “100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness” by Greatist and is currently ranked #16 “Most Impactful Fitness Entrepreneurs” by Web MD. 

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Without a doubt. This episode that we’re breaking down here. As a recap with of the interview I did with Jennifer Cohen is one of my top favorite interviews and episodes of all time. Why? Well probably because this is one of our clients celebrating such a huge, huge win, and it fires me up and makes me so excited and so proud and so honored to be associated with what she has done. This is why we started brand builders group. Welcome to the special recap edition of the influential personal brand podcast. It’s your man, Rory Vaden talking about that interview with Jen. And I mean, this is why we started this company, like like seeing our clients win, makes me so freaking happy. And we just are in terms of that right now, we are on a roll. I mean, we, we have two clients on the New York times bestseller list right now. We had another client hit number four on the wall street journal bestseller list. We’ve had like three clients hit number one in their category on Amazon with their, those are specific to book launches. We have two clients that have gotten over a hundred thousand TikToK followers in less than a month. We have another long-time client who closed a $300,000 consulting deal. You, which he says is a lot based on his personal brand. I mean, we’ve got clients doing 30, $50,000 a month consistently. These are the clients we’ve been working with for a couple of years. And it’s like, it’s so amazing to see this happening for them. You know, because it takes time. I mean, we tell people it takes time. And now that we’ve been around as a company for couple of years, we’re starting to see all the, all of these managers, these early manifestations of work that these people have been doing for a couple years, like a year or two now it’s starting to hit and it started to get so exciting. And, and this interview with Jen, you know, really represents that. And if you miss the interview, okay, what am I talking about? This is one of our clients who followed our PR hired us for very specific reason, followed our process, which is my first takeaway. Okay. So just, you know, to get to my three biggest highlights and takeaways, this is the first one, follow the process. Because she hired us specifically, she got an opportunity to do a Ted talk. She had watched us do work with one of her friends. She, she sat in on a private brand strategy session with one of her friends, Darren, shout out to Darren Prince, love you, buddy. And then, you know, hired us to help her with her Ted talk. And she followed the process, went out, did exactly what we, we laid out in terms of a strategy and she executed it brilliantly. And now she has a Ted talk a year later with 2 million views like viral Ted talk. And so when you, when you break this down on top of just being like over the moon, proud and excited for her and just feeling honored to have had some part in this, when I think about for you brand builder, like what’s the takeaway is to trust the process, like the stuff that we’re teaching you. And I know not everyone who listens to this podcast is a client of ours yet, but, but even the stuff that we teach on the podcast, the things that were drawn out of our guests, they’re, they’re proven like the people we bring on the show, the reason we bring them on is because they have proven results in a certain area. And that is why we bring them on. Right? And that’s why if you go, Hmm, how come some, every once in a while, Rory will bring on like a stranger. And sometimes it’s a client. And sometimes it’s like a friend of his from a long time ago. And, and sometimes it’s like a new it’s because we’re bringing them because each of our guests has a superpower that is proven. And if you follow the things they do and you invest in the long-term and you have faith, and you, you, you have the discipline to execute in the short term and the faith to persevere for a while. And, and this is what’s so exciting is like, it’s not even five or 10 years. We’re talking about a couple years, like a year or two down the road. In Jen’s case, it was a year. It was like one year from the date. She hired us to where she had 2 million views on her Ted talk. The whole window was less than a year was, was, well, it was about a year. I was actually just over a year and her life has changed. I mean, listening to the interview, she’s talking about her life has changed. She’s gotten these flood of inquiries in her email. This is growing and she’s getting business opportunities because she followed the process and she was faithful to that and humble, right? I mean, she, and this is the tricky thing about, you know, Jen and a lot of our clients is, you know, how we can’t really take, you know, a ton of credit because the clients, a lot of the clients come to every client that we work with comes to us with like this raw material. And in some cases it’s, it’s pretty well polished. You know, some of our clients are, are very well known and Jen is already a, you know, a rock star, like she’s already a bad mama JAMA, like, but that’s part of the power is going. She humbled herself to go, you know what, in this specific area, I think I could, you know, maybe use some help, you know, hired us, invested the time and then actually follow the process. And I think, you know, that level of is, is really important. It’s the people who succeed are the ones who are like humble enough to learn something and humble enough to follow the process and, and not think they’ve got it all figured out. And this is, you know, me included the reason I host this show, right. In addition to wanting to serve you is if you can’t hear is like, I’m learning like the, basically the Wolf, my plan as a host for the show is I’m trying to draw out all of the things that I want to know and that I want to learn so that we can learn together because there’s so many things that we don’t do that well or that we just know a little bit about or some things, I mean, we’ve got, we’ve got an episode coming up here about chat bots. You’ll, you’ll see when we get there, like, we have no clue what we’re doing. Like we, we just know enough to know we’re completely missing the boat on this. And, and that’s a characteristic and an attribute that I hope you embody. Not because we want you to hire us, although we’d love that or not, because we’re saying you need to go hire someone else. But because that’s the, that’s an attribute of successful people that they’re humble enough to learn a process and follow the process. And, and Jen is a great, this is a great example of that. And, and it, it, you know, she deserves all the credit because she did it, she, but, but, but she followed this. And I just love that. And I, I wish the same for you. And, and by the way, those of you who are clients of brand builders, Kay. If you’ve been through our world-class presentation, craft training, okay. Whether you did that as a private brand strategy session, or if you came through that event or if you’ve gone through it in your one-on-one calls with our strategists, or if you’re, if you’re if you’re one of our clients and you haven’t been through it yet, but you have access to the recordings. If you watch that world-class presentation, craft training, or if you’ve been through it, you can literally go watch Jen’s Ted talk, which we will put a link to her Ted talk. Well, we’ll, we’ll talk about the title in a second. You can go watch that training, like watch her Ted doc and literally reverse engineer and dissect, and you will see her applying to a T the modular content method and the message and the uniqueness and the problem and the framework and the S the S the, you know, the four parts of a story and the character development like, and the psychology of humor. Like, you’ll, you’ll see her literally following this. And that is one thing that is so exciting about her successes. It’s such a public display of you know, something that you can see. So clearly, like kind of like, you know, our fingerprints are our formula on it. And so I’d encourage you to do that. If you’ve been through world-class presentation, craft is, is to actually go watch her talk and dissect it. You know, you probably should just go watch it anyways, cause it’s an awesome talk, but you know, no matter how good we are, if someone does involve the process, it doesn’t matter. And no matter, you know, how good we are, if somebody, if, if we can’t, you know, we can’t do anything like our help is worthless. If someone isn’t willing to be awesome and do the work. So it’s, it’s a weird thing where it’s like, we can’t really take any of the credit because they’re the ones willing to do it. And, and Jen, is this a great example of that, but it sure is fun to see the wins. And, you know, like I said, not just with her Ted talk, we’ve got some other massive client winds going on right now that are very public, which is awesome. Follow the process. Okay. Second takeaway, which is something that if you’ve been through brand DNA, or if you hang around brand builders group at all, you know, we talk about all the time. One message, one message, one message. You have to have one message that cuts through with precise, like precision level clarity. You have to have one message, not if you have three points, the three points should be subservient to one message. One message. What do you want the audience to, to, to do differently as a result of hearing your Ted talk or your keynote, or going through your video course or your coaching program or your book, most people cannot, will not boil their work down to one instruction, one command, one, like the order, like deliver an order, deliver a command and make it one. If you have diluted focus, you get diluted results, but the more you boil it down and you hit people directly with it, this is my message. Then they can hear it. They hear it multiple times. They remember it, they process it and then they’re likely to do it. And then the best marketing of all is a transformed life. So they’re actually going to go out and tell other people about that thing. And that is what you want. So one message that cuts through with precise clarity. Again, when you go listen to Jen’s talk, you will hear she is giving one specific repeatable command. And it’s super clear with my Ted talk, same thing. You know, my entire Ted talk is one message. Spend time on things today that create more time tomorrow. That’s it one simple idea. And specifically with Ted, you know, remember with Ted talks that the Genesis of Ted is ideas worth spreading ideas worth spreading. That’s the Genesis of the platform. So you’re, you’re looking for an idea, one idea to express, and it’s much better to spend 18 minutes developing one idea then, then to deliver 18 ideas and spending one minute on each, which is what a lot of people do, or they’ll do three or five or seven. And it’s like, especially in a Ted talk one, you only have time for one, but, you know, we would say the same thing about a book and a keynote, of course. And she just executed that. So brilliant brilliantly. So you have to have precision level clarity. If you are not clear, if you are not clear in one sentence, what you want, your reader or your participant or your audience member to do after they’re done listening to you, how are they ever going to be clear themselves? Like if you aren’t clear on exactly what you want them to do, how are they going to be clear? And that boggles my mind, how authors and content creators can spend four hours talking about something and not be clear on the one thing they want people to go do. What’s the one thing you want them to do take the stairs, was do the things you don’t feel like doing. That’s the whole book, the whole premise, the whole goal, the whole movement is around encouraging, empowering, challenging, inspiring people to do things they don’t want to do procrastinate on purpose or how to multiply time is spend time on things today that create more time tomorrow. It’s a, it’s a smaller idea expanded in a bigger way, not a bunch of ideas expanded upon in little ways as my mentor, one of my main mentors, Eric Chester used to say, Rory, it’s always better to say a lot about a little than to say a little about a lot, say a lot about a little than a little about a lot. So that’s key. And then the third, third big takeaway, which I wanted to actually color in a little bit for you because you wouldn’t have seen this, but, and again, this is just another shout out to Jen for her humility and her coachability and her adaptability and flexibility, which is kind of ironic for a woman whose whole Ted talk is about being bold. Cause she’s all about it. And that is her life. And that is her story. And, and yet being bold doesn’t mean not being humble. And she just lived this perfectly is your title should be about the destination, not the vehicle, the title, the titles you use should be destinations, not vehicles. And, and this is what I wanted to color in for you because when we were working with Jen and we were talking about the title of her talk, there were several different renditions or concepts that came up that she was kind of presenting as like potential titles. And they were all around boldness, which is what her uniqueness is. For those of you that speak brand Miller speak from brand DNA, her uniqueness is his boldness. And it’s all about being bold. Well, the, the, what she did, the very natural thing, which is what so many people do, which is the mistake that, that I’ve made those of you that have heard me tell the story with procrastinating on purpose. Procrastinating on purpose is a vehicle. It’s not a destination. It’s, it’s not a good title. It’s a bad title. It’s not a bad concept. It’s just a bad title because it’s a, it’s a vehicle. The vehicle takes you to a place, but your titles should be destinations. Multiply. Your time is a destination. That’s a result. That is that is a great title, which is why the Ted talk called how to multiply your time. Went viral, even though my book called procrastinate on purpose, which is exactly the same content that book doesn’t sell very well. Because of a bad title, we know the content is great because the Ted talk proves it. People love it. It’s not just good. It’s amazing. It’s it’s worth going viral. How come the book doesn’t sell? Because the cover isn’t clear, the cover, the title is marketing a vehicle instead of marketing a destination, you and, and, and the natural instinct of content creators of which I am. The number one, like this is how we learned this. This was my greatest marketing mistake of my career is that I marketed the vehicle because I’m passionate about the vehicle. I’m passionate about the solution, but you don’t want to market the solution. You want to market the payoff of the solution, the result of the solution, you don’t market, the how to you teach the, how to you market. What shows up as the result of the, how to, you know, we say the destination, the results, the payoff, those are the things that you market as the title. And here’s several of her initial titles were like bold is the new healthy. That was one of the things that she wanted to call it. Well, healthy is a destination. So the word healthy could have fit as a potential title, but bold is not a destination like bold is a vehicle. Bold is her is her mechanism though, the way to change your life is to be more bold, bold. His, her, how to, that is the thing you have to do to change your life. But when you do marketing, you don’t market. The thing you have to do to change your life, you Mark it. What shows up as a result of having done the thing you have to do. In other words, what, when you are bold, what happens? That’s what the title is. When you are bold, what shows up, what occurs, what change happens. That is what is the title? And you know, so she had a lot of titles around bold. The other thing that she wanted to do was potentially call the speech the 10% target, the 10% target. Now, when you listen to the speech, you’ll hear that the 10% target is her framework. That was something we helped her come up with. We teach people how to create their own frameworks, right? Well, 10% target is a great name for a framework. It’s a terrible name for a title. Why? Because the 10% target isn’t clear. I don’t know what that is. And remember, and if you haven’t heard this before, or even if you’ve had write this down, right, like etched in stone from Rory Vaden, clear is greater than clever. Clear is greater than clever. Clear is greater than clever. Clear is greater than clever. The 10% target works for the name of a framework because you’re only talking about it to people who know what it is as you’re explaining it, but it doesn’t work as a title because it’s not clear. I don’t know what that is. I mean, when you hear the 10% target, your first thought is what is that? That’s how, you know, a title sucks is if people hear the title and they go, what is that? That’s not what you want people to say. When they hear your title, whether it’s a Ted talk, a video course, a subject line of an email sequence or a book title. You don’t want them to say, what is that? You want them to say, how do I get that? Right? You, you don’t want a title to be confusing. You don’t want it to be curiosity invoking you want it to be enticing. And so the 10% target isn’t clear. So what did she call her? Her Ted talk. Right? So, okay. If it’s not bold and, and it’s, it’s not healthy. And the reason we eventually went from healthy, even though her background was like a fitness person, that’s like part of her past, but that’s not who she wants to be in the future. Like, so the reason we, we went away from healthy wasn’t because the concept of healthy works as a potential title, healthy is a destination. It is something that shows it’s a result. You know, you eat like a healthy as a, as a, as like a, as a by-product of, you know, being disciplined. Discipline is a vehicle healthy is the destination. So healthy could have worked, but we’re trying to take repivoting her brand away from health, which is where she has been known historically. And we’re wanting to position her more as like a personal development kind of kind of a person, right? So that is why we went away from that. But the, the, so that’s, that’s why we didn’t choose healthy. And so what did she go with the secret to getting anything you want in life? That’s it, that’s the name of her talk, the secret to getting anything you want in life. Doesn’t say anything about it. Doesn’t say anything about the 10% target, but it’s because that is, if you follow her formula of being bold and using the technique she teaches called the 10% target, what happens according to Jennifer? Anything you want, like, that’s what she is saying is you can get anything you want by being more bold. And by using the 10% target, which has asked for what you want 10 times more or less, I forget her actual, the exact verbatim of her message, but it’s been over a year and I can still remember off the top of my head, a big part of what it is, the secret to getting anything you want in life is not a fancy title. It almost feels like boring. It almost feels like you would go well, that’s been done. That’s an original, that’s generic. Doesn’t matter. It’s clear, clear is greater than clever. I don’t want the 10% target and I don’t want boldness. I want to get anything I want. And I want the secret to getting anything I want. I mean, that is why it’s a great title. It’s just, again, like she was willing to surrender her predispositions about what she liked and what she kind of thought for the, for the, for the kind of proven structure behind going. This is why we do it without surrendering her identity without surrendering. You know, she’s not just blindly saying, Oh, I’m going to do everything you say to do. She weighed it though. Right? She, she weighed it proportionately and, and that really, really, really worked. So kudos to you, Jennifer Cohen. We’re so proud of you. We learned a ton from watching you and the talk is great. And you know, your story about Keanu Reeves is so memorable. And you know, you are now etched in Ted talk history as one of the the few, few viral talks. So thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and keep going, girl, we’re going to keep tabs on you. It will be exciting to see where it goes from here. That’s all we got for this edition of the influential personal brand podcast recap. We’ll catch you next time.

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