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Ep 135: How to Serve a 7-Figure Niche with Lisa Woodruff | Recap Episode

As famed businessman Charlie “Tremendous” Jones was a fan of saying, “Five years from now, you’ll be the same as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.”

In this episode, we share our top highlights from Lisa Woodruff, whose approach to personal development has grown her company into a seven-figure business.

Our first takeaway from Lisa is profoundly simple — that your mind is your greatest lifelong asset. We discuss the importance of investing in your mind and the ways that Lisa has developed herself.

Linked to this, we then dive into Lisa’s journey with Brand Builders Group and how it gave her tactical and actional steps to scale her business.

For our final takeaway, we focus on Lisa’s patience when building her brand. As she explains, growth takes hard work and time. You need both to achieve incredible results.

Tune in for more insights into our inspiring conversation with Lisa Woodruff.

Listen to the episode below

Key takeaways from this episode

  • How applying key branding principles helped Lisa grow her company.
  • Why personal development is so critical to your business.
  • Seeing your mind as your greatest life-long asset.
  • How Lisa’s journey learning how to build her brand was like “college for her business.”
  • Building your experience by doing more, not by doing the same thing many times.
  • Reminding yourself that building a brand takes time. 

Tweetable Moments

“The only thing that you’ll have for the rest of your life is your mind. Personal development is how you invest in your most important asset.” — @roryvaden [0:05:08]

“Some people say that they have five years of experience but what they really mean is that they have one year of experience repeated five times.” — @aj_vaden [0:12:54]

About Lisa Woodruff

Lisa Woodruff is the founder and CEO of Organize 365. She has a background as a teacher, professional organizer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She specializes in helping women learn how they can become organized in their own lives and homes.

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Take The Stairs

Welcome back to the influential personal brand recap. It’s your man, Rory Vaden. I am rolling solo today. AJ Vaden is out and I am breaking down the Lisa Woodruff interview that we did, which was awesome. I mean, hopefully you hear in my voice or heard in my voice how proud I am of her. Like she is one of our star students. She is somebody that it’s just amazing that we got our hands on in terms of working with her system and her teams or with her systems and her team several years ago. And we’ve known her and she’s been like a student of our philosophies. And over the last, I mean, it’s, it’s been a, it’s been a long journey for her, but The last, I guess, six, five or six years that we, we have known her and doing the various work that of ours that she has been introduced to. She has gone from a six figure business to now becoming a seven figure business, which is just awesome. A real life case study of a, of a massively successful person in a, in a very specific niche, right? With home organization and everything she’s doing to organize three 65. And it’s just it’s, it’s so exciting for us, right? Like when our clients succeed, we can’t take credit for it. Like they, they have to do all the work, everything we teach you on this show, like you have to be the one to do the work. And ultimately your success is, is about you and it’s up to you, but it does show that there’s a lot of people doing the same types of things as the things that we talk about and teach on the show and obviously to our members. And so it’s just great to see that in in, in Lisa and she’s a rolling stone man. She’s a rocket, a rocket ship. I think she’s just getting started. So she came through our eight figure entrepreneur event recently which is our event that we it’s a phase four events. So if you, if you haven’t figured this out from listening to brain builders group, you know, we have one curriculum, but that curriculum is divided up into four different phases and each phase has three topics. So overall our, our flagship curriculum is, is 12 topics. You know, our, our full curriculum is is, is 12, 12 topics. And so anyways in phase four one of the topics is called eight figure entrepreneur, where we teach someone how to turn a personal brand into a fully operationalized business and how to scale and, and not just scale your reach, but scale all of your systems and your people and your processes, and build a company that has real value. And anyway, she’s got some really big goals, which you got to hear a little bit about on the interview, but in terms of me being the student for you know, in and learning from her that so fun here’s my three biggest takeaways from the interview. And, and the first one is so profound and it’s so simple, but what she said, and I, and I wrote this down, she said, the only thing that you will ever have with you, the rest of your life is your own mind. Like that is the one thing that, you know, like, even if you didn’t have clothes, right, like even if you didn’t have food or a house or, you know, friends or anything like the one, the one thing that you will have everywhere you go for the rest of your life is your mind. It will last longer than like the basic necessities. And so personal development is the investment into the one thing that follows you everywhere into the one thing that is a part of every decision into the one thing that is a part of every single day, your mind is with you all the time. In every moment, every situation, every relationship, every single decision, like it’s this asset, it’s the one thing that you can invest into. And yet, how many of us do not? How many of us think, Oh, that’s silly or, or, or the last time that we invested money into ourselves was when we were in college or we invest a little bit into it. It’s, it’s really scary because I heard Brian, Tracy say one time, I don’t know how statistically valid this is, but I heard him say this years ago, where he said, you know, the, the average person will spend more on car maintenance every year than they will investing into their own self-development and education, which is, which is crazy, right? Like you should spend more on your self-development than you do on your mortgage. Like your brain is the thing that follows you everywhere. And after college, most of us stop investing into it, probably because you’re still paying back. College loans are so long as a, you need to invest in some things that actually teach you how to make some money. And so that was just so edifying for me of just the and, and she is a living example of it, right? Like, you know, I said earlier, like, we can’t take credit for what she’s done. I mean, I hope she gives us some credit and she pays, you know, she’s super polite and respectful and, and yeah, that works so grateful for the things that she says about us, but she has invested in lots of programs. She’s been through lots of courses. Like, she’s a great example, as am I, as am, as is AIJ like as, is the richest people that I know, like literally the richest people that I know. And there are, there are two billionaires that have suddenly come into my life here recently in our life recently to two different billionaire clients that we have, who I’ve been spending a lot of time with. And both of them are, dudents massive students of personal development. Both of them have gone through, you know, courses and, and, and read books and, and spent, you know, years learning and studying their trait in their craft. And it’s like, this is the thing that separates people. It’s, it’s not the needy people, the broke people, the, the ignorant people who are at all the conferences, it’s the smartest, sharpest hard work, hardest working, most entrepreneurial, most creative people that are all the events. And and Lisa, just a great example of that. And I just, I want you to think about that, right? Like how much are you investing into your personal development? And Hey, we would love if you did it with us. Of course, we would write, like, we, we happen to think that we are the best among the best in the world at what we do. I’m really convicted that we are, but whether it’s on your personal brand or whether it’s with us or someone else, or if it’s some area, other area of your life, right. Like, you know Dave Ramsey was a, who was a huge part of our journey personally. We’ve been through things like landmark forum that changed our life, obviously, you know, spiritually AIJ. And I study the Bible every single day. But in terms of, you know, going to marriage conferences and, and going to retreats and summits and video courses in an events, the most successful wealthiest people in the world do these things. So are you doing it are, I mean, are you doing it? Are you investing the money? Are you investing the time? And are you, are you after it? Like, are you investing into your own brain because it’s the one thing that follows you everywhere? And man, there was just something about the way that Lisa said that that just hit me hard, that hasn’t just, hasn’t just like hit me that hard before. So yeah, invest in your brain and Hey, keep listening to the podcast, right? We, we have so much free stuff that we put out at brain builders group Rory Vaden, at, at our obviously we’ve got the podcast, we’ve got a bunch of free resources on our website. I think we’ve got like five or six free different trainings now at brand builders, that are totally free, that are amazing. Like we should be charging for this stuff. And we don’t because we just, we want to build trust and provide value and help you make enough money so that, you know, you feel like you have some money to reinvest and, and you know, be willing to do that, be willing to do that and spend more on your brain than you do on your car. And, and you know, maybe not more than your house, right? You gotta have a place to live, but you know, anyways, make that investment. The second thing. And the second, the thing that Lisa said, and this hit me, I thought this was super interesting. I had never thought about this is she said, think of brand builders group as your college degree for your business. And I thought that was really fascinating. And it, part of it is, is ironic because we have four phases. And we have our phases have three topics. So we typically tell people, it takes about three to four months to, to, to, to go through a topic. So if you went through our three topics, I mean, we teach them as in two day events, we have two day experiences. So it only takes two days to learn each topic, but then it takes about four months to deploy each topic. And if you did that three times, that would be a year, which would be a phase. So our four phases represent, I mean, it’s crazy like what she said, it lines up so directly with this idea of like a four year journey with brand builders group. Now I, I think it’s, you know, if, if you’re looking to build an, a personal brand or an online business or, or a marketing machine or a marketing engine for your business, I think it’s, it’s extremely tactical. What we do is extremely tactical far more tactical than you would, you would learn in college, which is more about, you know, kind of like abstract thought and problem solving and conceptual learning. Brand builders group is very direct, like do this in this order, in this way, follow this process, follow this checklist. And if you, if you follow the roadmap, we’ll take something that would have taken you 20 years and we’ll help you get there in five. But anyways, I thought that was interesting about education and, and that is a good way, I think, to look at, at brand builders group. And, and again, just kind of on tying back to what we were just talking about, what are you doing for education? Like, where are you learning? Like, who are you learning from? What are you learning? What are you doing? Like Charlie, tremendous Jones, who I got to meet several times. He was an, a legend in the national speakers association. He died a few years ago, but what was amazing, amazing, just one of the most incredible humans I’ve literally ever been in the presence of, but he used to say five years from now, five years from now, you’ll be the same as you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet. And you know, that is, that is true. And I would extend it from books. You read to the courses, you take the seminars you attend, you know, the, basically the education you receive and apply, which is true, right? Like some people say, Oh, I have five years of experience. And they really don’t have five years of experience. They have one year of experience repeated five times. They’ve been doing the same thing over and over again, which is, you know, the definition of insanity. If you’re expecting different results is, is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. So what are you learning? Like where are you learning? Who are you learning from? And, and are you learning about the things you need to grow your business? Obviously I’m, I’m, I’m preaching to the choir here, since you’re listening to this show. The only way you’d be hearing this as if, if you are listening and following along. So I know I’m probably preaching to the choir, but just to Edify the time you’re investing here in another places to, to, to grow your brain and think of it, you know, you could think of brand builders group for those of you that are our clients, that our members you can think of our, our brand builder journey, our four-phase process as your college education. And then the third thing, the, the, the, the big highlight for me was, you know, she, she said this in the interview, it’s, it is just these, these four words that you, you can’t be reminded of enough. I can’t be reminded of this enough. And, and these four words are so important for your personal brand. In fact, they might be the foremost important, I would say definitely four of the most important words that you can remind yourself of on a daily basis. It just takes time. It just takes time. It just takes a little bit of time. It just takes some time to build, right? Like when you know, I know some, some of our clients are in phase two, which is when we get into like the nitty gritty of building funnels and this thing, you know, the content diamond and managing your social media and all that. And it’s like, you know, we’re learning all these checklists and processes. And then it’s like, Oh my gosh, like, you know, how do I do this? And it’s like, well, if you only have to do it once, and it just takes a little time, but once you do it once you’ll have it forever. And then in general, right? Like when Lisa was saying, you know, I’m, I’m basically doing the same stuff I was doing 10 years ago. The difference is I’ve been doing it for 10 years. A lot of people I’ve come across. A lot of people, a lot of people know me, a lot of people, I’ve got a lot more clients, a lot more testimonials, a lot more fans, a lot more reach, a lot more systems just from the course of time. So, you know, if you can add education and time, you know, and obviously taking action, those are the, those are the critical ingredients to your success. So just do it right, and just keep doing it. Like, just keep going and remind yourself when you don’t have as many followers as you want, when you didn’t, you didn’t convert as many customers as you want it in your last launch. When, when you’re not seeing the conversion percentages in your funnels, when you’re not seeing the engagement rates that you want on your social, when you’re not getting as many keynote leads, when you get turned down for the book deal, right? When you, when you launch something and it breaks when you’re, when, when you put up a website and nobody comes when you, when you do a video and nobody watches And all of those moments, and you will have those moments. Every one of us does me, a J our team, our biggest clients, Lisa Woodruff, and you like, you will have those moments. It’s not about if you will have them, you will have those moments. And in those moments, you have to remind yourself of those four words. It just takes time. So keep going, keep coming back here, stay inspired, keep getting education and stay focused on the person out there who you’re trying to serve, because sooner or later you will find them. It just takes time. That’s all we got for today. We’ll catch you next time on the influential personal brand podcast.

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