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Ep 05: Becoming a Number One New York Times Bestselling Author with Gretchen Rubin | Recap Episode

This episode is all about giving you the best of our recent interview with the awesome Gretchen Rubin who has multiple New York Times bestselling titles! If you’ve ever wondered how authors manage to hit that enviable list, this episode will give you the most important thoughts from our talk, including the main considerations such as the timing of your launch, building your email list and why preselling is a must. While there may be a small degree of luck involved, getting on that list only happens when you are intentional and willing to do things like speaking events and other marketing ventures that many authors shy away from. And before you think of your fellow authors as competitors, consider this for a minute: people who are in your field can be invaluable sources of referrals and building a relationship with these allies will undoubtedly help you get to your goals much faster. For more, tune in for this punchy recap!



  • How authors can hit the New York Times bestselling list.
  • The importance of timing when it comes to launching your book.
  • Creating a launch plan, preselling and why you need to do it! 
  • The part of the equation that is less scientific.
  • Being intentional and knowing that it takes a lot more than writing a good book.
  • Why hitting that list is not everything.
  • How Gretchen is a pro at capturing leads and the use of quizzes in this regard.
  • Leveraging the media to get your book out there.
  • Showing off your conversational skills by making a video where you talk about your book.
  • Viewing others in your field as allies and referral partners rather than competitors.


“You don’t accidentally become a bestseller. It is a plan, it is a strategy, it is execution and lots of time.” — @roryvaden [0:07:40]

“You don’t have to hit the New York Times bestseller list to have a meaningful career and to have a book that does everything you need it to do.” — @roryvaden [0:08:05]


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