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An online course that will show you how to be a better leader, create better leaders, and get the absolute best out of the people you are leading.

Learn the daily behaviors that inspire your team to achieve higher performance.

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Do you want to become a better leader?

The problem is that most leaders have a misunderstanding of what true leadership looks like and a lack of knowing exactly what they need to do to get the most and best out of their team.

Your team is a reflection of your leadership

As a result, most leaders feel burnt out, exhausted, and overwhelmed because their team: 

It’s simple, if you do these 7 behaviors as a leader your team will achieve

We know how frustrating it can be for a well-intentioned leader to feel like they’re bending over backwards doing everything they know to do, and working as hard as they possibly can, only to be left feeling like they are falling further and further behind. 

We know because we’ve been there. Throughout the course of our career, our senior leadership team has launched 5 different multi-7 figure businesses and an 8 figure business. 

We’ve built organizations of hundreds of people and have consulted with some of the largest leadership teams in the world. We know that it’s both overwhelming for the leaders and discouraging to the team members when a team doesn’t perform to its highest potential. 

And, after decades of experience, and years of academic studies in the form of master’s degrees and proprietary research conducted for our published books and world-renowned presentations, we have realized that there are 7 essential behaviors that every leader must engage in to draw out the best in the people around them. 

But if you do not know what the behaviors are, or if you fail to do them, then you are guaranteed to have cracks in your culture that will inevitably erode your team’s ability to reach their peak performance. 

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business​

We have taken 20 years of trial and error experience, thousands of hours of researching, learning and interviewing today’s top thought leaders, hundreds of thousands of dollars in academia, courses, coaching, consultants, agents, and masterminds and condensed everything we have both learned and implemented into a series of educational, informational, and inspirational content to help you reach your wildest and most imaginable dreams.

We know that as much as we work on our businesses, we must also work on ourselves. This is why we created our Personal Development series. Access a whole new set of curricula focused on mindset, goals, leadership, communication, and your overall personal growth.

We want to help you, as a leader, grow and develop. You will gain insights that will follow you for the rest of your career and into every area of your life.  

personal development
Upskill & Grow

We have taken our decades research and firsthand knowledge and combined it with the practical experience of having worked with some of the largest and most respected leadership teams in the world and boiled it all down into this perspective altering leadership course. 

This one-of-a-kind course will take all the highest level of abstract and complex leadership theory and present it to you with some of the most practical and actionable insights you have ever received. You will leave this course a much better leader with a much clearer picture of exactly what you need to do to get the best out of your team. 

Too often, companies and other leadership training programs struggle to be too specific and pragmatic in terms of exactly what the leader needs to do personally to become better in their role. And it’s all too common to hear about crazy leadership philosophies from people who have never actually personally led anything. In this online course, you can be absolutely confident that what you’re hearing is the best possible combination of academic research, pressure-tested by the realities and challenges of the everyday modern workplace. 

Influential Leader Will Help You:


Understand precisely what you can do to take your leadership to the next level.


Cultivate a culture that inspires your team to achieve at their highest potential.


 Develop a stronger sense of purpose in your role as a leader.

“Having been in leadership development for most of my career, I’ve been a part of many different trainings, but this one (Influential Leader) can be summed up in one word: EPIC!”

Jesse Stamm
Director of Field Development for Pampered Chef

What You Will Learn


The 7 leadership behaviors that inspire higher team performance 


What the #1 most destructive character trait  that almost every leader has


Why most teams are setup to fail from the start and what to do about it 


Tactical processes and systems that you need to deploy into your culture to make it high performing


The root cause of nearly all interpersonal team member conflict and how it can be resolved almost immediately

Learn how to grow personally and professionally at the same time

We are best known as a personal brand strategy firm but we are just as much a business strategy firm with a strong focus on personal and professional development. When we help you grow as a leader, we help everyone around you.

Leadership development is often over-complicated and impractical in its application. But after researching and compiling the best leadership principles for over two decades, we have discovered the reality that there is primarily 1 massive problem every leader needs to overcome before they can truly activate a group of people. And, once they get past that hurdle, there are 7 core behaviors that establish the foundation of great leadership. 

In this enlightening, empowering, and entertaining online course, you will learn the clear and necessary steps that you can take to make yourself and those around you better leaders. 

You get the benefit of information, but you also get access to insightful interventions to help you learn how to put this information into immediate application for your personal brand. 

Take a chance on yourself and
start your coursework today.

Your Online Course

Your online course is accessed through our online learning portal so you can access it anytime from anywhere. Plus, this acts as one consolidated place to keep all your course materials as you grow your personal brand.
Video Recording
$1,500 REAL VALUE 

Get almost 16 hrs of content broken up into short sections that focus on education in a teaching format followed up by application segments where you get to see real life implementation of our process, strategy and exercises for your personal brand. 

50 Page Workbook

Get your own downloadable and fillable workbook so you can follow along with images, diagrams and all the same fill in the blank exercises you would experience in our live event format. This alone is a game changer. 

Audio Recording
$1,000 REAL VALUE 

In addition to the video recordings you also get access to the audio recordings for each short section so you can listen and relisten on a walk, in the car or while cooking dinner. No need to sit in front of your computer, take us with you and build your brand on the go. 

Altogether now:

Real Value: $2,800

your investment $599

Poor leadership is the #1 reason why organizations, companies, and teams fail.

The cost of ineffective leadership is massive. It not only has great costs to the team but also to the leader. When one person doesn’t do a good job, it has a linear negative impact but when a leader doesn’t do a good job it has an exponentially negative impact.

It can thwart your personal career growth, result in the loss team members, destroy productivity, ruin reputations, create dangerous attitudes, and deliver weak results for the entire organization. The impacts of poor leadership are a threat to any company, regardless of size. 

Oddly enough, most leaders just assume they’re good at leadership because they’ve been successful at everything else, they’ve ever done. Which is probably how you found yourself in leadership to begin with. The problem is that several, if not most, of the traits that make someone successful as an individual performer become a limiting liability of an and collaborative leader. 


It’s very much a matter of “what got you here as a performer, won’t get you there as a leader.” 

Too many people try to figure out leadership all on their own, or they think they know it all just because they have “years of experience.” In reality though, most have 1-2 years of real experience just repeated over and over again. What worked “then” won’t necessarily work now. If you are not changing and growing as a leader, your team is also not growing which means you could be the one holding them back. 

Let's face it. There is a lot of noise out there competing for your attention.

Plus, there is a lot of conflicting advice shared by well-known figures. And, it’s really easy to buy a course and then let it sit on the “virtual shelf”’ collecting dust.

In addition, you could also easily spend...

$ 0 K
on different coaching programs, masterminds, courses, and events (been there)


in mistakes and opportunity cost
$ 0 K
getting an MBA (done that)

And, of course you could also decide not to invest in your (or your team’s) leadership development at all.  That would be the single most damaging and expensive decision of all. 

It’s not that you can’t learn these techniques and strategies somewhere else. Surely, you can. It’s just that the amount of time and experience it takes to properly distill, absorb, and put into practice all the various leadership philosophies is expensive, risky, and simply overwhelming. 

That’s the beauty of our online course format. Our course format gives you the education you need, the information you are looking for as well as space for application to get things done while you go through the course. 

On your own time. At your own pace. Building a personal brand that works.

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To help make this a total no-brainer decision we want you to feel confident that you will get all the information, guidance and tools you need to be successful. So, let’s sweeten the deal and make it easy for you to say yes.

In addition to everything you already receive when you buy our online course you will now get a 20% off code to use when registering for one of our live events. Yes! There is no expiration date and we have more than 15 contet curriculums for you to choose from. 

So, let’s recap it again ...

Real Value: $3,400

your investment $599


I don’t need another course.  Do I really have time to do this?  It’s too much money.   Is this course going to help me? 

We get it. Investing in yourself can be hard. Setting aside funds and creating space to work “on your business” versus “in your business” isn’t easy. There will always be other things that need your attention and there will always be other things to spend money on. But if you are willing to invest in yourself and make the time to learn, growy and improve we know this course can help. 

This online course was created for the leader who wants to do better and be better. That’s why, after more than two decades of study, and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested, we decided to build our own curriculum designed for the modern influential leader. 

For you and/or your team, this will simplify the process of what it takes to become a better leader. You will walk away with a clear understanding of what you need to do each and every day to maximize the performance of the people you’re leading. You’re learning time-tested, well-researched, and field-proven insights and tactics that you can apply immediately. We feel confident this will be one of the best ways you can invest into yourself and grow your leadership abilities. 

Watch this short message from our Co-Founder and CEO, AJ Vaden, to dive a little deeper into what you can expect from our online course format

The next level of results requires the next level of thinking and when it comes to elevating your leadership ability.

Become the greatest possible leader you can be and make a massive impact in the world 

Accomplishing anything great requires great leadership.

Leadership is a skill that will affect every single part of your life and set the trajectory of results you experience for the rest of your career. There is nothing more useful and valuable to making a positive difference in the world and in your own life than getting high-level leadership training. 

We put this training together because we noticed there are unique challenges that top performers have to overcome if they are to become great leaders.

But many leaders never accomplish what they set out to because they are unaware and lack clarity on their role and the daily behaviors, they need to engage in to get their teams to consistently perform at higher levels. 

Make the decision now that you want to be a better leader. And, if you’ve made that decision, make the decision to invest in yourself and immediately take your leadership to the next level. 

About Brand Builders Group

Brand Builders Group is a personal brand strategy firm that helps speakers, authors, influencers, and entrepreneurs clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and grow their revenue.  

Our methodologies, frameworks, and teachings are based on our personal track record of releasing New York Times bestselling books, giving viral TED talks, building 8-figure businesses, amassing millions of online followers, hosting top-ranked podcasts, and creating Hall of Fame Keynote Speakers.   

Our insights have been featured by Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Inc, SUCCESS, CNN, and Entrepreneur Magazine.  We are uniquely positioned to support personal brands with both world-class strategy and execution ready monetization plans. 


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Our mini book of quotes has been read by tens of thousands of influential leaders, used in thousands of keynote presentations, and short, sweet, and impactful messages to the busy leader on the go.

Don’t have time to read the full book, this is a great start with a powerful lesson on every page.


Earnings Disclaimer. RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Any statement made on the website or in the program regarding income or earnings are provided as examples only, and do not guarantee you future earnings or income. Please note that the stated results are not typical and there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. As with any endeavor, results may vary, and depend on a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to, your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation. The use of any products or services offered through Vaden Enterprises, LLC should be based on your own due diligence. You agree that we at Vaden Enterprises, LLC (including sponsors, promoters, advertisers or affiliates), are not responsible for the success or failures you experience in your personal or business life.   

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