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Captivating Content

Convert Fans into Customers with Unique and Original Content

Learn strategies to craft engaging content, solidify thought leadership, and deliver compelling stories. Use our online course to accelerate the process of building, growing, and monetizing your personal brand by establishing your set of content.  

Learn the Secret Formula to Content Creation

Do you struggle with creating content?

We know you have an incredible message to share but meet individuals everyday who are frustrated because they don’t know how to put in writing everything they want to say

They can’t seem to conceptualize their thoughts or ideas into valuable take-a-ways for their audience.  So they’re disappointed that they run keep running into blocks as they can’t seem to find the right words to express clearly what they’re trying to communicate

Or, perhaps you are discouraged because of how long creating content is taking you and just can't find the time to get it all done.

Our online course, Captivating Content,  was created for people, like you, who want to build a personal brand but:

You struggle with coming up with new topic ideas around your message.
You feel like your content lacks clear direction or focus.
You are unclear about how to create original content that is unique to you.

Many of our clients struggle with where to start when it comes to creating original content while others are plagued with so many thoughts and ideas that trying to make them all work together seems daunting.  

Unfortunately, this is what causes most people to do nothing at all. You have this incredible message to share but because of a lack of organization or structure, you just stop trying altogether. 

Don't do that. We can help.
Capitalize on your stories and experiences by turning them  into frameworks your audience can  benefit from.

We have discovered the optimal way to structure content in a way that holds your audience's attention and converts your fans into customers.

This online course can be utilized for anyone who is writing a book outline, crafting a course, or building webinar, video series, and more. But best of all, this is for the personal brand who needs to outline their stories, points, and ideas and put them into a cohesive and legible pattern that will turn thoughts into thought leadership

Our unique content format allows you to seamlessly plug and play every component of your content and leave with a fully built outline for your body of work. 

Helping you at every phase, at your own pace

We are a personal brand strategy firm AND a business strategy firm which means our curriculum encompasses everything you need to build your personal brand and grow your business. They are intertwined, after all.

And to help you get there, we have taken 20 years of trial-and-error experience, thousands of hours of researching, learning and interviewing today’s top thought leaders, hundreds of thousands of dollars in courses, coaching, consultants, agents, and masterminds as well as working with some of the top personal brands in the world and condensed everything we have both learned and done into 4 simple phases.


1. Branding

Develop the mission, purpose, and business plan for your personal brand, build your body of content, and learn how to master the art of the spoken word.

2. Marketing

Create your digital infrastructure, learn how to write copy that converts, gain the knowledge, insights, tools, and templates for you to launch your website, social media content strategy, podcast, blog, funnels, courses and keynote speaking career. 

3. Selling

Master online lead generation and offline sales conversations while simultaneously learning how to manage paid traffic, launch a bestselling book and become a service first sales machine. 

4. Scaling

Learn how to build a sales team, scale your business and become an influential leader that people want to follow.

Our Online Course, Captivating Content, Will Help You:


Create a logical thought structure in your content to create additional value and systematic take-a-ways for your audience.  


Spend time outlining personal stories and original thought frameworks that you can turn into chapters and modules for any piece of content.   


Develop ideas that spread like wildfire by determining isolated behavior drivers that you can influence by giving your audience a clear action plan.  


“You taught me how to take what I already know easily and put it together (as a video course) to make an extra $30k on the side when it mattered most – during COVID and in a year where my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. I can’t thank you enough.”

Heike Delmore
Internationally Renowned Photographer

“This course really opens up your eyes about how to think through structuring your content and developing it in a way that makes it memorable and meaningful to the people you’re trying to serve. I have always randomly put my content together and figured it out as I went along.  Having a format and design for the content has been huge. The first half alone has been worth 10 times the value that I paid for it. I would absolutely recommend it.” 

Cherian Koshy
Nonprofit Consultant, Speaker, Philanthropist

“I have endless amounts of content but none of it really felt cohesive. This course gives me a structure and points me in the right direction, so that I could get everything in a cohesive and meaningful format.”

Lilli Correll
Vice President of Payer Solutions Development for Genoa Healthcare, Counselor, LPC

What You Will Learn

Uncover our  6-part  process to creating  truly original content and turn it into bestseller material


Create a central message that can be used as the through line for every component of your personal brand  


Zone in on perfecting your perfect avatar and clarifying who you are creating content for   


Learn our modular content method and create a logical content structure to simplify the writing process   


Identify your own personal list of compelling stories and learn how to use them throughout your content to create emotional connection  with your audience  


Develop original thought leadership frameworks by organizing your content into formulaic structures  


Master simple yet effective techniques in creating unique content and becoming a powerful communicator   

Learn how to build a personal brand and grow your business at the same time

We are unique in that we are a personal branding firm, but we are even more unique in that are a business strategy firm as well.

Captivating Content is one of our most popular courses in our branding series, because it lays the foundation and sets the trajectory for creating compelling content across all mediums and in all formats. Discover your unique truth and turn your original thoughts into thought leadership. That is the heart of our online course, Captivating Content.  You get the benefit of information, but you also get access to insightful interventions to help you learn how to put this information into immediate application for your personal brand. 

If you have ever wondered if you can learn how to craft or leverage content that engages your audience, drives conversions, and positions you as an expert in your industry, look no further. You have found it here.  

Take a chance on yourself and start your coursework today.

Your Online Course

Your online course is accessed through our online learning portal so you can access it anytime from anywhere. Plus, this acts as one consolidated place to keep all your course materials as you grow your personal brand.
Video Recording

Get almost 16 hrs of content broken up into short sections that focus on education in a teaching format followed up by application segments where you get to see real life implementation of our process, strategy, and exercises for your personal brand. 

50 Page Workbook

Get your own downloadable and fillable workbook so you can follow along with images, diagrams, and all the same fill in the blank exercises you would experience in our live event format. This alone is a game changer. 

Audio Recording

In addition to the video recordings you also get access to the audio recordings for each short section so you can listen and re-listen on a walk, in the car, or while cooking dinner. No need to sit in front of your computer, take us with you and build your brand on the go. 

Altogether now:


your investment $599

Diluted focus yields diluted results.

There comes a point where you just need to focus on your goals, consolidate your content and ideas, and confidently move forward within your personal brand. You do not need someone else to write your story for you, create your content behind the scenes, or charge you to develop thought leadership in your name. You can do this. You just need a process and a simple formula that you can use over and over again.  

Let's face it. There is a lot of noise out there competing for your attention.

Plus, there is a lot of conflicting advice shared by well-known figures. And it’s really easy to buy a course and then let it sit on the “virtual shelf” collecting dust.

In addition, you could also easily spend...

$ 0 K
with someone else creating content that is not yours and does not sound like you
$ 0 K
on courses, coaches and conferences that all say the same thing
$ 0 K
on ghost writers and content editors to give you direction and feedback

We also know you could spend thousands of dollars, or tens of thousands, and still feel like something is missing. As if things are disjointed, out of order, or simply not reflective of you, your message, or the personal brand you’re building.  

That’s the beauty of our online course format. Our course format gives you the education you need, the information you are looking for as well as the space for the application to get things done while you go through the course. 

On your own time. At your own pace. Building a personal brand that works.

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Buy Now and Save

To help make this a total no-brainer decision we want you to feel confident that you will get all the information, guidance, and tools you need to be successful. So, let’s sweeten the deal and make it easy for you to say yes.

In addition to everything you already receive when you buy our online course you will now get a 20% off code to use when registering for one of our live events. Yes! There is no expiration date and we have more than 15 content curriculums for you to choose from. 

So, let’s recap it again ...


your investment $599


I don’t need another course.  Do I really have time to do this?  It’s too much money.   Is this course going to help me? 

We get it. Investing in yourself can be hard. Setting aside funds and creating space to work “on your business” versus “in your business” isn’t easy. There will always be other things that need your attention and there will always be other things to spend money on. But if you are willing to invest in yourself and make the time to learn, grow, and improve we know this course can help.  This online course was created for the mission driven messenger who wants to build a personal brand and make a bigger impact while making a better income.

Not sure if that is you? Not sure if this can help? Not sure you can really make money with a personal brand?  

Watch this short message from our Co-Founder and CEO, AJ Vaden, to dive a little deeper into what you can expect from our online course format

It’s  Time to  Captivate Your Audience and Elevate Your Brand

You want to be a thought leader. You want others to benefit from what you have studied, experienced, and earned the right to talk about. And, you should. You have the power to inspire, educate, and inform millions of people around the world. What you don’t realize is that people need to hear the message you have to share. And, they need to hear it from you, in your own unique way.   

There is content living inside of you that can change the trajectory of someone’s business, relationships, health, happiness, or general state of being. But in order to do that you have to create.   

Only you know how to best engage with, empathize with, and employ your audience towards action because no one knows who you were built to serve better than you.

You are often most well positioned to serve the person you once were. That means your personal stories can and will make a difference for your audience.   

We don’t want you to hold off writing a book or creating content simply because you feel like you can’t. You can and you will. Let’s get started.  

About Brand Builders Group

Brand Builders Group is a personal brand strategy firm that helps speakers, authors, influencers, and entrepreneurs clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and grow their revenue.  

Our methodologies, frameworks, and teachings are based on our personal track record of releasing New York Times bestselling books, giving viral TED talks, building 8-figure businesses, amassing millions of online followers, hosting top-ranked podcasts, and creating Hall of Fame Keynote Speakers.   

Our insights have been featured by Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Inc, SUCCESS, CNN, and Entrepreneur Magazine.  We are uniquely positioned to support personal brands with both world-class strategy and execution ready monetization plans. 


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Earnings Disclaimer. RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Any statement made on the website or in the program regarding income or earnings are provided as examples only, and do not guarantee you future earnings or income. Please note that the stated results are not typical and there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. As with any endeavor, results may vary, and depend on a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to, your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation. The use of any products or services offered through Vaden Enterprises, LLC should be based on your own due diligence. You agree that we at Vaden Enterprises, LLC (including sponsors, promoters, advertisers or affiliates), are not responsible for the success or failures you experience in your personal or business life.   

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