Olivia Hendricks

Personal Brand strategist

Olivia Hendricks, a proud Chicago native and University of Central Florida graduate is a value-based digital marketing professional with expertise in content strategy, creation, and execution. 

As an expert Personal Brand Strategist at Brand Builders Group – a top Inc. 5000 global personal brand strategy firm, Olivia leads her 6,7, and 8-figure clients to build meaningful stories that lead to meaningful connections.  

Commencing her career in the corporate arena, Olivia specialized in social media marketing in Scottsdale, AZ. Her professional journey included spearheading in-house marketing initiatives for renowned brands such as Cold Stone Creamery, Planet Smoothie, Pinkberry, Great Steak, Taco Time, and more. Subsequently, she transitioned to a pivotal role within a startup venture capital firm in Tampa, FL, facilitating connections between local investors and tech startups—reminiscent of the acclaimed show Shark Tank. 

During her time as a freelance digital marketing contractor Olivia extended a comprehensive array of marketing services to cater to the evolving needs of individuals and businesses alike. Her experience spans diverse industries, encompassing restaurants, technology, beauty, medical, and entrepreneurial ventures. This diverse background has equipped her with a versatile skill set to effectively support her clients. 

When not engrossed in serving her clients, Olivia is driven to indulge in her lust for life. With an unwavering commitment to seizing exciting opportunities, she embraces a dynamic lifestyle characterized by a love for extensive travel, both domestically and internationally. Balancing her culinary enthusiasm, she enjoys staying physically active, frequently found in the gym or engaged in daily runs. Olivia is even known to voluntarily conquer a 26.2-mile run—an embodiment of her determination and pursuit of challenges.

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