Matt LeBris

Personal Brand strategist

Matt LeBris is a top 1% globally ranked podcast host, award-winning agency owner, National speaker, and highly sought after Personal Brand Strategist at Brand Builders Group – a top Inc. 5000 global personal brand strategy firm.

Born and raised in New York, Matt inevitably caught the hustler’s spirit that fills his hometown streets, which led him to find a fiery passion for becoming a highly rated top 1% podcast host of Decoding Success, which recently surpassed the illustrious 300-episode milestone. 

As a speaker and podcaster, Matt speaks regularly on personal branding, business, and entrepreneurship and has interviewed globally beloved personal brands including Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Patrick Bet-David, to name a few.

As an expert in helping highly influential brands launch bestselling books, Matt played a pinnacle role in developing a brand and content strategy for Daymond John of Shark Tank at The Shark Group. In this role, Matt helped launch New York Times Best Selling books, courses, content strategy and development, podcasts, and more. Ultimately, leading him to discover the importance of owning your personal brand.  

Matt’s passion for reaping the benefits of taking the reins of his own brand led him to begin helping others through his agency. Built around a quote from one of the world’s most famous doctors, “There’s no one in the world you’er than you,” which was shared by Dr. Seuss, of course. 

Matt has helped countless New York Times Best Selling Authors, speakers, podcasters, and beyond identify who they are at their core, find and develop their voice, and share it with the world.

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