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Wondering if our content licensing program is a fit for you?

Most likely you fall into 1 of 3 buckets.


You are already in the branding, marketing, or digital marketing space and you are looking for a systematic process, content methodology, and easy to follow frameworks to help you better help your client base when it comes to personal branding.  You could be a digital marketer, copywriter, graphic designer, website designer, photographer, etc 


You are a speaker, coach, consultant, or trainer who is looking to add the topic of personal branding to your existing set of content offerings. If you fall into this bucket that means you already have your own curriculum, and you are looking to supplement what you currently offer with the topic of personal branding. 


You currently teach, or want to teach, the topic of personal branding to your company, school, association, or online audience but you want to use a comprehensive set of information, data, and tools to enhance your credibility and better improve the learning experience.

Is that you? If so, keep reading!

What is this all about?

We believe that each person has a story and a message that can change lives. But it takes work to discover, identify, and clarify that message and turn it into something that you can do full time to build a life you love. We know that by sharing access to our content, frameworks, and methodology more people, like you, will feel informed and empowered to go out and use this to help others build, grow, and monetize their personal brand.

How does it work?

Our content licensing program gives you access to our proprietary content including video courses, custom trainings, workbooks, keynote presentations, webinar presentations, slide decks, live recordings, sample teaching modules, and access to our team and community for troubleshooting and support. You also get access to our 2-day live event so you can experience the content firsthand, as an attendee, to help you to build and grow your own personal brand!

Now, let’s talk details.

Here is what’s included in your annual licensing fee.


Content Certification

Get certified whenever you want! We have built an evergreen licensing certification program that allows you to go at your own pace which means you can go as fast as you want or as slow as you have to. Hallelujah.


Referral Partner

Your annual licensing fees comes with an automatic approval as a Brand Builders Group referral partner with lifetime referral fees on any lead you pass our way. #mailboxmoney


Keynote Presentation

Need a personal branding topic to speak on? Look no further, we got you covered. Your annual licensing fee includes access to your brand-new speech. Yes, please.


Webinar Presentation

Do you host webinars? Want a hot topic to offer your audience? Good news again, your annual licensing fee also provides you a fully built out webinar. You’re welcome.

Don't just read about it. Let us show you!

watch this video to learn more about this program

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Why you should license our content and get personal brand certified

The why is simple, you need quality content that works and gets real results for the people you serve. You want to be well educated on how to help your clients with this aspect of their business. And you need a set of content that can guide you and teach you how to help someone else begin this journey.

This is a perfect fit if you:

Get Content Certified in 3 Simple Steps:

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We only certify a limited number of people each year.

We got into this business because we believe that every person has a voice that matters. And, that voice needs to be heard. We help our clients share their voice. We want to help you do the same. Our content lays the groundwork for you, so you can help your clients live out their calling and, in the process, you can live out yours.

We want to be on that journey with our clients and we want to be on that journey with you.

We are passionate about helping people identify what problem they solve, who they solve it for, the unique way in which they solve that problem, and determining how to make money solving that problem.

aj & rory vaden, co-founders of brand builders group

To get more information and join the waitlist:

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Still on the fence? Watch this!

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