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You want to build an impactful personal brand. You want to make a living doing it. The vision for our live events is to accelerate the process of building your personal brand while maintaining integrity and focus. We do this by focusing on 3 primary goals:

  • 1Expand your Reach
  • 2Build a Rock Solid Reputation
  • 3Monetize your Personal Brand

The Mistake that is costing you time and money

You try to go it alone.

And when you are a lone ranger, it is easier to make mistakes. You invest in apps, platforms, and paid advertising before your brand is truly ready- lacking accountability and critical feedback.

You spend massive amounts of time researching and developing strategy mostly by yourself or bouncing around from one method to the next and wonder why you are completely exhausted by the time you are “ready” to launch.

At our live events, you are totally immersed in frameworks specifically designed to prevent you from paying too much for resources, overspending your time mapping out a strategy that falls flat, and slowly (or quickly) becoming overwhelmed by trying to build something with little to no support.

Upcoming live events

Our 2-day live interactive events are full of creative exercises, group discussions and strategic resources to help build your personal brand. Each event is focused on a specific aspect of our brand building process.

Events happen sequentially (1-4)- based on research and experience of the most influential brands. We do offer specialty events that anyone can attend at any point in their journey.

Phase 1

Finding your Brand DNA

No Restrictions. This event is available to everyone. ?

This is an open book

The foundational two days- Building your Brand DNA is where everyone, and we mean everyone, begins their personal brand building journey. Why? Because we consider it the heaviest lifting phase. It is tough, but it is necessary and the clarity you gain on the other end of these two days is second to none.

  • Nashville, TN - Apr 16 2020 to Apr 17 2020


Phase 2

Building your Relationship Engine

Restricted Event. This is a Closed Event ?

This event is for people who have attended Phase 1.

You have honed in on your problem, uniqueness, message, and business models in Phase One and are now ready to invite your audience into your brand for the long term. Build a perpetually growing, digital ecosystem around your personal brand that serves your audience 24/7/365

  • Nashville, TN - May 14 2020 to May 15 2020


Phase 4

8-Figure Entrepreneur

Exciting Announcement Coming Soon


Specialty Event

Keynote Craft

Nashville, TN - Apr 23 2020 to Apr 24 2020

No Restrictions. This event is available to everyone. ?

This is an open event.

Create Keynotes that Solidify your Speaker Status


Specialty Event

Podcast Power

Nashville, TN - May 07 2020 to May 08 2020

No Restrictions. This event is available to everyone. ?

This is an Open Event.

It is no surprise that 80% of the US population listen to podcasts. There is power in having your message at people’s fingertips on one of the biggest platforms to date- and still growing.

Now, to figure out how to leverage that power in ways that work, are long lasting, and are monetized.

There are certain strategies and techniques that keep your message in people’s ears and your name in their conversations. Spend two days in Nashville developing a podcast that stands out from the rest.


Specialty Event

Full Keynote Calendar

Nashville, TN - Jun 11 2020 to Jun 12 2020

No Restrictions. Open Event ?

Open Event

You have your keynote crafted.  Now, it’s time to build business out of speaking.


What you can Expect at a Live Event
(and how that expectation will be exceeded)

  • TONS of incredible content that fully engages you; there's no desire to tune out because you are constantly being equipped with effective strategies that turn your passion and ideas into reputation and revenue.
  • Strike the perfect balance of inspiration and implementation- something that you simply don't find at a conference or convention. You will leave with a plan.
  • Network and receive impactful and constructive feedback as you work on your brand.
  • One of the only ways to directly work with and learn from NYT Bestselling Author Rory Vaden and multi million dollar earner AJ Vaden.


Live events are the best way to gain momentum for building your personal brand.

The live events put on by The Brand Builders Group will give you massive amounts of specialized information and value. Where we are different is in the way we take it one step further and provide you with immense implementation and organization strategy.

We all know that people don’t buy information. They buy organization- and that is exactly what you leave with- an organized passion that engages your audience.

All of the conferences you attend during the year can put a dent in your pocketbook.

You spend thousands of dollars- at a minimum- attending large events, watching motivational speakers in an energized arena. You leave inspired, excited, but your engagement quickly wanes.

You get home and wonder how you will plan, strategize, and implement.

We want you to feel great about your experience at our live event, but what we really want is for you to feel solid about the direction of your brand, certain that you have the tools and strategies you need to build your brand- immediately.

Hear the testimonial from client, former TV producer, Michelle Newman who bought her ticket 48 hours before the event and drove through the night to attend our Phase 1 Event. There is literally nothing stopping you from attending.

It is easy to develop excuses to **not** work on you.

  • “I've already invested so much!”
  • “My time is so limited.”
  • “I really need insert (boss, spouse, investor) to buy in.”

Are the three top excuses I hear the most often.

When you have a passion and a purpose it deserves to be cultivated well. We work to make sure you feel confident, give you strategy you can implement immediately, and collaborate to ensure your outputs are aligned with your brand. No more piecing parts together hoping that they make sense to your audience.

Have Questions?

How much does a live event cost?

Our live events are $3,000 per personal brand (individual). This includes:
– two amazing days, packed full of implementable strategy.
– a robust workbook
– access to a year at our Premiere Level
– lunch and snacks both days
– A evening gathering the first night

Can I bring anyone with me?

We know how important it is to have buy in and support. We encourage you to bring up to 3 people with you as “add ons.” These individuals could be members of your team, your spouse, business partner- as long as they are coming to pour into your brand.

Our prices are $500 per add on-like I said, we don’t want price to stop you from having the support you need.

How do I know which events are right for me?

Great question! We have customer journeys that are recommended based on the passions and business models you want to pursue. You can check them out here.

What do the 2 days look like?

We start each morning at 8:30am and go through end of business day 5:30pm.

These are workshop style, not just sitting and taking notes. It is very interactive- with tons of feedback and insight.

We host an optional gathering at 6:00pm on day 1, for networking and/or unwinding. The attendees are INCREDIBLE.

Rory and AJ Vaden and other thought leaders in the space teach both days. You will be assigned a personal brand strategist to your table (1:5 ratio) to help you as your workshop through the teachings.