Elle Petrillo 

Director of Strategic Growth

Meet Elle Petrillo, an acclaimed sales and personal branding expert who has committed her career to mastering both digital and offline sales.  As a visionary founding member of Brand Builders Group, she assumes the role of a trusted advisor, harnessing her passion and expertise to catapult the personal brands of esteemed NY Times bestselling authors, influential podcasters, renowned speakers, political leaders, reality stars, and high-profile entrepreneurs.

With over 1,000 in-office sales presentations and a pivotal role in scaling two, 8-figure companies, Elle’s extensive experience and no-nonsense approach have earned her a reputation as a sought-after strategist and speaker. Her insights have been featured on Today in Nashville, Thrive Chicago, Authority Magazine, and Boss Babe, where she continues to make a significant impact in the industry.  Elle’s exceptional track record includes contributing to launches of best-selling books, assisting clients in reaching 1M followers, and multiplying their revenue by five times.  A true virtuoso in the domains of sales, personal branding, and business consulting, she stands as an indispensable asset for those yearning to attain sustainable growth and redefine their ultimate path to success. 

But it doesn’t end there.  She prides herself in producing work that is at a high level of excellence. Elle has an unwavering commitment to clients, combined with her artful ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of sales and personal branding, sets her apart as a trusted and influential figure in the industry.

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