Understanding SEO concepts like paid traffic acquisition and intent-based searches is easier than one might imagine, and if put to use properly, these digital marketing strategies can yield millions of dollars. Today’s guest is Rick Steele, and he joins us on the show to speak about how his use of SEO strategies has enabled him to build multiple billion-dollar businesses. Rick is not just an incredibly masterful businessman though, he is also a celebrated philanthropist and ambassador of effective altruism who is organizing a movement of high net-worth business leaders, to bring them together to solve immediate humanitarian and environmental concerns.


He is a bestselling author, has been featured on the Inc 500 list twice, was named Humanitarian of the Year by Harvard Business School, is listed amongst FastCompany’s most innovative companies, and has been featured in Washington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, ESPN, Huffington Post, and Fox News. Amazingly, Rick is also a 13-time IRONMAN who has recently just completed seven marathons in seven consecutive days on seven continents! In our conversation with Rick, he talks about his early adoption of online, direct to consumer sales, and takes us through the entire process of finding a product to tweaking the way you market and sell it on your website. He explains how to use tools like Google Ads to check if paid traffic acquisition will translate into profitable conversion rates, and what platforms to use to observe how customers are interacting with your products once they land on your site. He also gets into the difference between Google and Facebook advertising, his humanitarian personal branding, and the future of direct to consumer marketing post-COVID-19. Tune in for this very special episode with a tycoon of digital marketing.


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Key Points From This Episode:


  • The story of how Rick ran seven marathons in the seven days!


  • Rick’s mindset and mentality proved by being able to accomplish his marathon feat.


  • The idea behind SelectBlinds; differentiating oneself in a preexisting market.


  • How Rick pioneered the direct to consumer method.


  • Rick’s idea to insulate his business from the impending mortgage crash by selling a product instead.


  • How to check if there is a market for a potential business idea using Google Ads.


  • The difference between advertising on Google and Facebook Ads; definite versus potential buyers.


  • Intent-based searches: that people search Google for a product they are ready to buy.


  • Understanding click-through/conversion rates, and how to appear first on a Google search.


  • Rick’s two rules for knowing whether a product will work: market size and competitor size.


  • Why Rick’s bedding business didn’t work due to having overly big competitors.


  • Making sure that your website looks good once a customer lands there.


  • Understanding customer interactions extremely deeply using FullStory and CrazyEgg.


  • How much Rick has spent on Google advertising: 94 million dollars!


  • Getting the most out of the first five seconds of a YouTube ad.


  • Rick’s humanitarian personal brand building process.


  • The effects COVID-19 will have on direct to consumer business and personal relationships.


and so much more!


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Tweetable Moments

“The idea of going into blinds was what can we sell, differentiate ourselves a little bit from the market, but basically sell online in a marketplace that already has traffic.” — @ricksteeleiii [0:07:49]

The idea of going into #blinds was what can we #sell, #differentiate ourselves a little bit from the #market, but basically #sell #online in a #marketplace that already has traffic. — @ricksteeleiii #personalbrand… Click To Tweet



“Let’s say I was selling Guns and Roses t-shirts. I go to Google Ads and say, ‘How many people are typing in Guns and Roses t-shirts?’ They are going to give me a number and that number comes with a couple of figures. They are going to say, ‘300 000 people per month typed this term in and the average number one position is a dollar forty,’ which means you would need to spend a dollar forty to get someone to your site if you wanted to own the first spot on Google.” — @ricksteeleiii [0:18:35]

Let’s say I was selling @gunsnroses t-shirts. I go to #googleads and say, ‘How many people are typing in #gunsnroses t-shirts?’ They are going to give me a number and that number comes with a couple of figures. They are going to… Click To Tweet



“I can’t even imagine having these capabilities 15 years ago in looking at Google Analytics and watching customers come to a page, see how they interact, how long do they stay, what buttons are they clicking, where are they hung up…” @ricksteeleiii [0:28:16]

I can’t even imagine having these capabilities 15 years ago in looking at @google #analytics and watching #customers come to a page, see how they #interact, how long do they stay, what buttons are they #clicking, where are they… Click To Tweet



“FullStory lets you watch via a video recording session the customer’s journey so you can see – like if they are on their phone, they are scrolling, pinching and zooming, where they can be hung up on something, so you can really understand their interactions beyond a click.” @ricksteeleiii [0:28:48]


#fullstory lets you watch via a #video recording session of the #customer #journey so you can see – if they are on their #phone, they are scrolling, pinching and zooming, where they can be hung up on something, so you can really… Click To Tweet


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About Rick Steele

Rick Steele is an American entrepreneur, and founder and CMO of Selectblinds, LLC, an online e-tailer of independently branded window fashions. In 2016, Steele’s company Selectblinds.com, became the first retailer to stop selling corded custom window covering products, leading industry efforts to change manufacturer safety standards and prevent the deaths and injuries that result annually from children who become entangled in window covering cords. He is also a business speaker, philanthropist and author of business and children’s books.



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