Having a personal brand and message is exciting but theres a big difference between that and being followed by an actual audience, let alone making money out of one! In fact, getting new clients is one of the main challenges to building your brand and it was an honor having Bill Cates on the show to share his wisdom in this regard. Bill is a Hall of Fame speaker and author of six books, the most recent of which is calledRadical RelevanceThis new book of his is all about sharpening your marketing message, cutting through the noise, and winning more ideal clients. Bill has spent decades in the marketing space, coming from a prospecting background, switching thereafter to referral coaching, and finally landing where he is today on the topic of the importance of relevance.


In todays episode, Bill shares his thinking on the environment in which a person markets themselves since the internet. While its easier than ever to get your message out there, the irony is that the environment has also become way noisier. Only by honing in with a laser-sharp focus on your exact service and the right-fit client will you reach the people that matter. We hear some very pertinent strategies for doing this in todays show, and Bill talks about how servicing a narrower niche well will not necessarily produce less revenue. Listeners will also hear Bill talk about knock-on effects that indirectly produce unexpectedly broad audiences, and lessons from neuroscience which can be applied to refining your relevance. Bills hard-won expertise doesnt usually come this cheap so tune in today to get the best advice out there and win clients which feel like a match made in heaven. 



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Key Points From This Episode:


  • How the internet enables people to market themselves easily but is also very crowded. 


  • The idea that being relevant is more important than ever for cutting through the noise. 


  • Dangers around making a message too broad; defining the right-fit client. 


  • FOMO-like psychology that makes people want to reach more than their right-fit clients. 


  • The importance of making right-fit clients be able to self-identify upon visiting your website. 


  • How Bill uses UI to cater to three different right-fit client types on his website. 


  • The idea that serving a narrower niche well doesnt necessarily make less money. 


  • Rethinking audience size in light of knock-on effects that happen while serving a niche client. 


  • Using trial and error/past work experience to identify ones right-fit client. 


  • A strategy for taking action in order to find clarity, not waiting for clarity before acting. 


  • Bills path from prospecting to referrals landing finally on the topic of relevance. 


  • Access, relationships, and knowledge: factors that determine an audience. 


  • Clever’ message aversion, safe opportunities, and other relevant lessons from neuroscience. 


  • The attraction of high paying opportunities to provide less relevant services. 


  • Four tips for people who aspire to be paid speakers: problem-solving, pitching, practice, etc. 


and so much more!


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Tweetable Moments

Our prospects are inundated by messages. The beauty of the internet has made it easy to get our messages out and the double-edged sword is that because everybody is getting their message out, nobody is getting their message out.”  — @Bill_Cates [0:03:09] 

Our #prospects are inundated by #messages. The beauty of the internet has made it easy to get our messages out and the double-edged sword is that because everybody is getting their message out, nobody is getting their message out. … Click To Tweet


We live in a world where the way to get through is to be really, really focused.” — @Bill_Cates [0:04:19] 

We live in a world where the way to get through is to be really, really #focused.” — @Bill_Cates #personalbrand #influentialpersonalbrand #podcast #message #personalbranding http://www.brandbuildersgroup.com/blog Click To Tweet


Dont think that the impact you have just stays with that one client. It really impacts a lot of people.” — @Bill_Cates [0:13:16] Don’t think that the #impact you have just stays with that one #client. It really impacts a lot of people. — @Bill_Cates #personalbrand #influentialpersonalbrand #podcast #mindset http://www.brandbuildersgroup.com/blog Click To Tweet


Sometimes we have to take action looking for clarity. We cant always wait for perfect clarity to take action because if we do, we never take action.” — @Bill_Cates [0:15:05] 

Sometimes we have to take #action looking for #clarity. We can’t always wait for #perfect clarity to take action because if we do, we never take action.— @Bill_Cates#personalbrand #influentialpersonalbrand #podcast #mindset… Click To Tweet


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About Bill Cates

No one on the planet knows more about how to acquire high-level clients or customers through word of mouth, referrals, and personal introductions than Bill Cates. Bill’s international expertise has been established through his three books, as well as hundreds of presentations throughout the world. His referral system has been featured in Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power, and The Wall Street Journal. And his own business success has been featured in Money Magazine. He earned his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation in 1999. Becoming one of the top 10% of speakers to earn this accreditation. In 2010 he was inducted into the Speaker’s Hall of Fame. This award of excellence has been bestowed on less than 150 speakers since 1977. Bill now sits on the Board of Directors for the National Speaking Association.


Links Mentioned:

Bill Cates on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/billcates/ 

Referral Coach — https://referralcoach.com/ 

The National Speakers Association — https://www.nsaspeaker.org/ 

Radical Relevance Website — https://referralcoach.mykajabi.com/radical-relevance 

Radical Relevancehttps://amzn.to/2x4HP6k

Tony Robbins — https://www.tonyrobbins.com/ 

Lewis Howes — https://lewishowes.com/ 

Oprah — http://www.oprah.com/index.html 

Brené Brown — https://brenebrown.com/ 

Simon Sinek https://simonsinek.com

Take The Stairs https://amzn.to/2ZAJNUS




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And until next time, remember that building a business isn’t nearly as valuable as building a reputation.


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Rory Vaden | The Brand Builders Group | Branding ServicesRory Vaden is the New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs. His insights have been featured in the Wall St. Journal, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, and several other major media outlets. As a world-renowned speaker, his TEDx talk has been viewed over 2 million times. He is the Co-Founder of Brand Builders Group and the host of the Influential Personal Brand podcast. Visit RoryVaden.com for more.



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