This episode serves as a recap and debrief of our most recent interview with Luvvie Ajayi. One of the biggest takeaways from our time with Luvvie was her boldness and the fact that she is not scared of being herself. She shouldnt be taken as mean or nasty though because the actual source of her gestures as a writer and social commentator is an unflinching devotion to being real. Her genuineness, persistence, and resolve to follow her internal voice are some of the things that her success can be attributed to. During this episode we deconstruct her process, talking about the value of consistency, how fear and confidence relate to authenticity, the use of an avatar strategy for refining your message, and a whole lot more.     


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Key Points From This Episode:


  • A way of breaking through the noise: dont be afraid to stay authentic. 


  • How people already have a unique message but just need the confidence to listen to it. 


  • Using fear of judgment as a benchmark for measuring the authenticity of your truth. 


  • The value of consistency: Luvvies career was 15 years in the making. 


  • Understanding Luvvies boldness as rooted in her valuing of truth rather than being right. 


  • The necessity for having an opinion as a TV personality in order to create drama. 


  • Clarifying your message by imagining your audience as one person. 


  • Using the avatar strategy to streamline SEO work once you have a large audience. 


and so much more!


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Tweetable Moments


Luvvie is a great real-life story of somebody that was 15 years to an overnight success.” —  @roryvaden [0:05:09] 

“Luvvie is a great #reallife story of somebody that was 15 years to an overnight success.” — @roryvaden @iLuvvit #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast #persisitant #consistency #personalbrand Click To Tweet


Im not writing to people, I am writing to a person.’” — @aj_vaden  [0:09:08] 

“I’m not #writing to ‘people’, I am writing to a ‘person.’” — @aj_vaden @iLuvvit #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast #persisitant #personalbrand #consistency Click To Tweet


Be bold. Be passionate. Be unapologetic.” — @roryvaden [0:13:04] 

“Be #bold. Be #passionate. Be #unapologetic.” — @roryvaden @iLuvvit #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast #persisitant #personalbrand #consistency Click To Tweet


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About Luvvie Ajayi


Luvvie Ajayi is an award-winning author, speaker and digital strategist who thrives at the intersection of comedy, technology and activism. Her debut book, I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do-Better Manual, was released to critical acclaim and became an instant New York Times best-seller. It’s a collection of essays that critiques our fame-obsessed, social media-centric lives while encouraging us to do better. Luvvie has been blogging for 15 years and also recently launched Rants and Randomness, a podcast where she covers her most pressing rants, raves and faves from this crazy thing called life. She also released a Ted Talk a couple of years ago that now has millions of views. 


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