At Brand Builders Group we’re dedicated to making the world a better place by teaching people the power of building and monetizing their personal brand.



At Brand Builders Group, we are on a mission to help every person identify their voice, tell their story, and share their message. As a part of accomplishing that mission, we’re dedicated to teaching people the power of building a rock solid reputation.



A brand is what people think of when they think of you.

A reputation is an assessment of your trustworthiness.

If people don’t know about you, they cannot do business with you.

Building a business isn’t as important as building a reputation.

Don’t focus on creating customers, focus on creating fans.

A lack of revenue is not your greatest problem. A lack of reputation is.

Be a magnet not a megaphone.

You can never be the best in the world if you’re copying someone else.

The single most valuable asset you will ever have is your personal reputation.

Don’t just make money, make a difference.

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Our Mission is not to brand companies and our goal is not to create the logo or strategy for your company’s brand.

We brand people.

We are one of the first and few true Personal Brand Strategy Firms.

We can and do work with entrepreneurs and executives of companies. However, our focus is on taking an individual personality of the company and presenting them and popularizing that person in their specific industry or space which in turn helps promote and grow the influence of such company.

We don’t teach you how to make cold outbound prospecting attempts; we teach you how to create a brand so strong that people call you.

We don’t teach you how to recruit, hire, and train a salesforce; we teach you how to make sure your customers do the selling for you.


Build A Rock Solid Reputation

At our core, we focus on teaching people the fundamentals of becoming the kind of person that people want to do business with. We want to help you increase your influence and grow your income because we know the more reach the good guys have, the better the world is going to be.



Our proprietary 4 phase process will help you discover your uniqueness and give you clarity on the actionable steps you need to take your personal brand to the next level.

Brand Identification
Brand Creation
Brand Optimization
Brand Maximization

Following this simple process will help you become more well known, make more money and make a difference. But most importantly of all it will make you uncopyable. It will help you conquer in crowded markets, dominate your space, and impact millions of people.

Here’s how it happens.



Brand identification is where it all begins.

This phase is about finding your uniqueness and clarifying what you have to offer to the world that no one else can.

Half of the battle of personal branding is separating yourself from all of the noise and we believe the best way to do that is to sharpen and focus on celebrating more of who you were designed to be.

These exercises, discussions and documents help you more clearly determine what is your personal brand.



This phase is about planning, building and executing the future of your platform development. Here, we define what audiences you have direct access to and the size and influence of your platform determines the volume of how much you can sell. We don’t live in a world where the best ideas win. We live in a world where the most visible ideas win. Your platform is how you make your ideas visible and building a platform is the result of consistent execution. We help you create the framework for launching your personal brand and we help you define the strategies by which your ideas will reach the world.



This phase is about expressing your ideas, building your audience and converting your reputation into revenue. The work here is to determine the strategy for delivering consistent content to an audience to build trust and to methodically define and deploy mechanisms to turn fans into customers. We walk you through the detailed specifics of what actions you need to take to make sure you are properly monetizing your message. This is the place where you not only make the most money but the most impact!



Ultimately, the most exciting place to get to is where you are able to turn your personal brand into an actual scalable business. This is where you start to transcend the masses to become among the elite whose personal brands are so large and so well monetized that they provide jobs for many others. Brand Maximization is a whole new world because it requires the full slate of entrepreneurial skills. You not only have to know how to build a team and a culture; you have to learn how to build a true movement.




Virtual group sessions delivered monthly to help you identify your personal brand. Offered in large and small group formats. Ideal for individuals who are ready to turn their brand into a business.

Starting at $99/mo


Immersive 1-on-1 sessions designed to fast-track your personal brand. Delivered virtually or in-person. Ideal for individuals who want to take their personal brand to the next level immediately.

Starting at $3,000


From content management to ongoing support to full brand oversight. This is ideal for individuals who know what they need to do but are looking for a partner to make it a reality.

Brand Builders Group Team


The Brand Builders Group was born as a small team of people who came together because they believed that reputation mattered more than revenue and they believed in doing the right thing even if it wasn’t the easy thing.

This roster is a list of people who continually uphold those values. We are extraordinarily honored to be working as a team and are proud to assist you on your journey.



Rory and AJ Vaden are the Co-Founders of Brand Builders Group. As personal brand strategists they help people become rich, famous, and influential. They are both well recognized public speakers. AJ is a tenured business executive and million dollar producer and Rory is a New York Times bestselling author. They met in their previous endeavor working together as founding partners where they helped grow an 8 figure business from scratch. Most of their spare moments are spent at home in Nashville, TN with their son Jasper James.

Rory Vaden
Elyse Archer | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Kristen Cullen | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Isla Lake | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Isla Lake, M.S.
Director of Operations - Nashville, TN - As a founding member and Director of Operations for the Brand Builders Group, Isla specializes in helping her team develop and streamline processes resulting in improved communication, time management and systems integration. Isla is creative, systematic, analytical, and resourceful in her approach to all facets of life and business, combining all the best traits of a professional pursuing ultimate efficiency and relentless reliability. Isla holds undergraduate degrees in Interpersonal Communication, Business Management and Human Relations, as well as a graduate degree in Sustainable Business Performance. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, Isla knows that in order for a company to be sustainable and successful, it has to put people first, and she strives to meet that goal each day.
Elle Petrillo | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Thomas Dodson | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Brittany Hansen | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Brittany Hansen
Nashville, TN - Brittany Hansen is a founding team member at Brand Builders Group. With years of experience in online marketing and lead generation, Brittany helps people create the systems needed to build and monetize their personal brands. Her passion is delivering profitable solutions for enhancing marketability to drive sales, attract and maintain customers.
Kristen Hartnagel | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Jeremy Weber | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Lisa Henry | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Elizabeth Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens
San Antonio, TX - Elizabeth Stephens is a StoryBrand certified marketing consultant, personal brand strategist and co-founder of the Gus Owen Stephens Foundation. Something you should know, she loves to win. Whether that be at the game of pickle ball or at the game of marketing, Elizabeth loves to win FOR people and the causes she fiercely believes in. That manifests itself in the hard work of strategic direction, building clear offerings, enticing messaging and immense ideation with herself, her clients and anyone looking to make a difference. After losing a child to a rare genetic condition she got serious about giving back because good needs to prevail in times of hardship. That passion led to the non-profit world where she helped found the Gus Owen Stephens Foundation a nonprofit that provides quality of life care for children with life limiting illness and their families.Today she lives in Texas with her husband, a social media GURU who once capitalized on a rift between Drake and Meek Mil that went viral. She has 3 small children who constantly keep her on her toes, and let’s be honest, make her the best version of herself (mostly on the inside, so excuse the bags under the eyes). She is a do-gooder with a servant’s heart, a competitive nature and a fierce commitment to building stellar brands for individuals who influence the world for good. Let’s get busy building, get busy serving, and get busy Leaving. Your. Mark.
Macy Robison
Nicole Gale | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Nicole Gale
Marketing - Firestone, CO
Jayne Weber | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services
Hilary Billings
Jennifer Kerr
Nadine Hanafi
Nadine Hanafi
Nashville, TN - Nadine Hanafi is a visual storyteller, presentation expert and founder of the award-winning presentation design firm We Are Visual where she helps people create stunning, story-driven presentations they can be proud of. Nadine was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by the United Nations and her work has been featured on TED, Inc, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Shark Tank and Fast Company. Through her work with Fortune 500 companies like Disney and Liberty Mutual and best-selling authors like Sarah Knight and Jesse Itzler, Nadine has shown that “professional” doesn’t have to rhyme with “boring”. Nadine has a passion and drive for helping other entrepreneurs boost their confidence and their sales by elevating their visual brand.
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Lewis Howes

New York Times bestselling author and Host of The School of Greatness Podcast with 2 million downloads per month

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on Shark Tank, Founder of As Seen on TV, and Inventor of the Infomercial

Danielle & Darren Natoni

7 Figure Earners, International Fitness Personalities and Online Influencers

Jim Cressman & Kristy Marleau

Cofounders of Invictus Entertainment, multiple music industry award winners having personally promoted and produced concerts for countless headlining artists.

Ashley Baxter

Emotional and mental health coach, trauma counselor, entrepreneur, and host of The Restoring Heart podcast with Ashley Baxter.

Kate Colbert

President and Founder of Silver Tree Market Research, an institute that specializes in helping clients use strategic storytelling to acquire and retain more customers.