Ep 215: Video Content Systems with Marley Jaxx | Recap Episode

RV (00:02):
Youtube and video domination. This is a topic that I am growing more and more interested in. Hey, it is Rory Vaden. Welcome to the influential personal brand podcast recap edition of the Marley Jaxx interview. I am doing this recap solo. I got no, AJ with me side-by-side today, but I’m going to break this one down for you. And I’m telling you, like, this is something, when I think about Rory Vaden, a Brand Builders Group, and in two years, it’s like, we better be dominating YouTube. Like we better be figuring this out. And so we’re learning a lot. And this, this interview with Marley was just fantastic because I just, I think this is so important. I think this is such a big part of, of the future and such a big part of like content marketing for professionals as is YouTube because you know, the, the big thing here and I’ll get into my, my, my top three takeaways from Marley.
RV (01:13):
But at a high level, the thing that I hope you’re getting, not just from this interview with Marley, but from some of the, several of the interviews that we’ve done with some video folks, and you know, some of our, some of our various friends, people like Sean Cannell and others that we’ve had on the show is just that, you know, video is the future of marketing period. I mean, it’s also the presence and in some ways it’s the past, but content marketing is, is video. And this even, even Instagrams found, or it was several months ago at this point, but Instagram sharp started as a, as a photo sharing app, right? That’s how it started. And, and, and Instagram, not their founder, but Instagram CEO announced that the, it is now a video tool, and that it is focusing on video.
RV (02:12):
That why, because the engagement is higher for everybody with video. And that’s what these apps want you to do is create content that keeps people on their platform. That’s what they’re interested in because of advertisers, which is how they, they make their money. And so the longer you keep people on their platform, the more ads they can show up their advertisers and the more money that they make. And so that’s why they want to keep people on these platforms. Well, that’s, you know, something like Instagram, Facebook, any of the social media platforms, but YouTube is really different because YouTube isn’t social media in, in a lot of the ways that you think about it because YouTube gets better over time. It’s like search engine optimization and you know, on Facebook and Instagram,
Speaker 2 (03:00):
The, the, the posts that get the most traction are the ones that were posted most recently. And so you have to constantly be pushing stuff out there. If you want people to see it, people don’t see, there’s not a lot of traffic to your old posts, but YouTube is the opposite search engine is the opposite. Like an article that you wrote on, on a blog 10 years ago is worth more in value than an article that you wrote last week. It’s got that one of the it’s got like more Google juice, so to speak, right? It’s got more history and everything with Google, which YouTube of course owns Google. So it’s, it’s all about kind of the legacy value of a piece of content. And, and it grows, it can grow over time, more like a fine wine. And so creating and producing video content and optimizing it in an intelligent way is a really big deal.
Speaker 2 (03:55):
And of course, you know, go back and listen to this, this interview, this episode that we did with Marley. But I just want you to really get that, or at least make sure you, you catch the gravitas of which I’m viewing that. And, and, and part of it is this, cause I think I’ve just missed the boat really badly on, on this. And so it stings a little bit every time I hear someone talk about YouTube and, and we’re still not there yet, right? Like we still don’t have our ducks in a row to like do this or working on other things. And our clients are going really fast. So our, you know, we’re focused on servicing them, but as we’re, as we turn towards scaling and ramping up our team, it’s like, this is a, this is a game that we up, we got win and, and video just lends itself well to professionals and experts because it’s all about trust.
Speaker 2 (04:40):
And I need you, if you want people to trust you and they trust you more, when they see you, they do. And they just, you trust the people that you see every day. That’s why we trust celebrities. We see them on TV. We trust them. So video is a big deal. But anyways, here’s my three by three takeaways from Marley, which I thought were acute not cute. Acute. They were acute. They were sharp. They were poignant. They are they’re, they’re not things that you always hear in the first one is more emotional. And it really hit me when she said, look, you’re going to be judged either way. Like the reason why we don’t turn on the camera is because we’re afraid of being judged, right? We’re afraid of some kid that made fun of us in elementary school, like seeing this video and be like, hi, you’re stupid, right?
Speaker 2 (05:32):
Or, or the online haters or we’re, you know, we just, aren’t confident with how we appear on camera or whatever, whatever. You know, and, and her point is like, in your life in general, there is always a risk of doing it, but there’s a risk of not doing it. Also there there’s, there’s a, there is a cost of doing it. Like there’s a potential loss there. If you do something and you make a mistake, but there’s a bigger guaranteed loss and not doing it, not trying for it, not going for it, feeling this, calling this prompting in your heart, that, that you’re supposed to share your message or that you’re supposed to teach, or you’re supposed to encourage, you’re supposed to educate, inspire entertain, and you feel this prompting on your heart. And yet you’re losing to this, this self doubt, this, this fear, this fictitious imagination, like imaginative dream of all the bad things that could happen.
Speaker 2 (06:34):
And you’re not counterbalancing that with all the good things that might happen and ignoring the fact that if you don’t take this risk, then all you’re going to have is more of what you have right now. And that’s guaranteed. And so you’re going to be judged whether you do it or not, there is risk whether you do it or not there, if you do it, there’s gonna be, there’s gonna be losses, but there’s also gonna be wins. But if you don’t do it, then there’s only losses. There’s just, there’s just no attempts. And, and grasping this idea and go, and look, we got one life. Like we got one shot at this. We got one chance to show up and bring our best to the world. We got, we got one opportunity there. There’s one season that you’re going to be of like healthy mind and healthy body.
Speaker 2 (07:24):
We’re living in this incredible era where never before, has there been such an opportunity to use a tool like video and social and digital and, and, you know, whatever the internet to just impact the world. Like this is a very unique time in history. So do it like go for it. What are you waiting for? Take your shot, take a chance, start doing it. And, and, and who cares about all the reasons you might feel silly or what people are going to say that you don’t care about and, and, and do it. And by the way, like maybe you’ve been waiting, like you’ve been listening to this podcast and you haven’t done a free call with our team. Go freaking, do it, go to free brand free brand call.com/podcast. Right. Go there right now. Let me double check to make sure that link works here.
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A free brand call.com/podcast. It does work. Okay, great. Go there and request a call with our team and we will help get you started. Right. So, and if you’re not ready for that step, or maybe you’re already a member and you just haven’t turned on the camera, turn on the camera. Like I loved when I asked her, what’s the right, what is the best camera to have? And her answer was so perfect. I said, what’s the best camera to use. And she said that, she said, whatever camera you have, that is such a great answer. So you got to do it now. Now there are two things are more technical and these are just super quick ones. So that I thought, gosh, these are really interesting. I’ve never, I’ve never really heard someone say this so sharply. So my second big is the concept of an engagement break and engagement break.
Speaker 2 (09:00):
And so you, you often see people do a call to action at the end of your video, which you should do, right? Like whatever, like share this post with someone who needs to see it, or leave me a comment below or whatever. But especially if you’re creating content natively for YouTube, and it’s more like a nine minute, 10 minutes, 12, 15 minute video, whatever, having engagement breaks along the way, like in between the points of your video. And so if you’ve got three points that gives you a chance to say you know, between point number one and point, number two, you go, Hey, if you are not, if you, if you’re not already subscribed, press that subscribe button, like there’s a lot more to come. I got two other points to share, but make sure you’re tuning in and subscribe to what we got going on.
Speaker 2 (09:42):
All right. Point number two is right. And just that little kind of, it’s a great little break in the action. It’s an opportunity for another, you know, conversion. And I think it’s, it’s, it’s really brilliant and elegant and simple. It’s super simple and it’ll make a big difference. And the other thing is, you know, a lot of times you don’t keep people all the way to the end of the video. So take advantage of this. And I really, really love that. And you can tell people to leave a comment like rate, subscribe, share or give them a link to go off and do something else and buy whatever, whatever. So use engagement breaks, how simple, how Al straightforward, how practical I love it. And then number three was to put your link right in the description of the video below. And for me, like that should be obvious probably for someone like me, but it wasn’t.
Speaker 2 (10:39):
And so maybe it’s not as super obvious to you is to go, you know, the concept of a funnel, which is something that we, we teach. It’s it’s in our more advanced trainings for our members and our community. We teach them funnels in the strategy and the psychology and the technology and all the things you have to do to like make a funnel work. And they’re, they’re amazing, but like version 1.0, can just be a video of you providing value with a link down below for someone to click and request a call or click and go to your sales page and buy. And that’s so simple like that, that is a funnel like a funnel as anything that is proactively nurturing somebody in a way that you’re giving value. First, you’re giving first giving first giving first you’re adding value to their life. And then you offer them an opportunity to take a next step.
Speaker 2 (11:27):
What could be a more simple, elegant way of doing that than just posting a video on YouTube, teaching them some stuff, and then saying, Hey, if you want more click the link down below in the description, you know, or, or and, and that’s it, that’s a simple call to action. And when you do that, then it’s like each video that you create is like a warrior out there. Who’s like recruiting for you. It’s like a marketing warrior. This soldier who is living out there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that anyone in the world can watch you click on when you’re not there. It’s this, it’s this scalable vehicle mechanism. It’s, it’s like if like hiring an employee for your company or something that is always there and you go, what happens if you create a thousand videos like that? Like somebody’s going to find you, somebody is going to buy from you.
Speaker 2 (12:23):
And if you’re just talking to them and you’re adding value, and then you offer them a simple call to action, click the click, the link in the description below, that’s it, that’s the whole call to action. Give value, click the link down in the description below that is a funnel, because a funnel is not about a certain amount of technology. It’s about psychology and the psychology is give before you ask help before you sell, right, like offer before you, before you inquire and, and a video does that. And that’s just something that it’s like, there’s just, there’s just no excuse you carrying around a phone in your pocket. You can record a video in literally, you know, two minutes you can turn on and record a video. And that’s what I’m starting to do. Like that is what’s crushing for us on social is no fancy graphics.
Speaker 2 (13:16):
No, you know, fancy borders. No, on-screen text no B roll, no music underneath. Just literally hold the phone up, hit record and talk and, and pro and say something inspiring. You know, it’s basically the three E’s it’s entertaining educational the w hold on, let me think here, you got, you got you’re entertaining. Oh. Or encouraging you’re entertaining, educational or encouraging in some mix of those. You have that power, like never before. The only thing that’s holding you back is fear is the only reason why you wouldn’t do it. You’re afraid, silly. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose to your fear. Don’t let some stupid made up story in your mind about what might happen, be the thing that holds you back, right? Like if you could fast forward your life in two paths and go, okay, what if I could see ahead in the future?
Speaker 2 (14:13):
Well, one path I took action. And the other one I did not. And you, and what if the one where you took action led to every single dream that you have coming true. If it’s like all of the, the deepest desires of your heart were all available and you could actually see and go. The only reason I never got to have that in my life is because I allowed myself to lose to a fictional made up story that I allowed to play in my head over and over. Imagine all the people that you could have helped that you didn’t help because you allowed yourself to fall victim to this fake fictional made up story. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth it. So don’t let it happen to you. You got to stay encouraged. You got to. And by the way, that’s why you got to stay plugged into what we’re doing.
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If you’re not following me on Instagram and AIJ and brand builders group, like you should be following us on LinkedIn and follow us on Instagram and make sure you’re tuning into the podcast. And goodness, if it’s, as soon as you can please become a member of the community, because we’re going to give you the encouragement, keep you going. We’re going to plug you in to other people who are on the same journey as you, because a lot of this battle is just, it is emotional, man. It, it is, it is about fear. It’s not just the tactical, it’s emotional, but if nothing else, please keep listening to podcasts. Please keep coming back. Yeah, leave us a comment. Let us know on iTunes, give us a review and tell us your feedback. What kind of guests do you want to hear more of? Like, who do you love? What are your favorite episodes? We read that stuff. We’ll pay attention to it. And just more than anything, just keep coming back, stay encouraged. Listen to that. Calling in your heart, go out, make something happen, serve somebody. We’ll catch you next time on the influential personal brand.