Ep 127: How to Build a 9-Figure Personal Brand with Dr. Josh Axe | Recap Episode

Dr. Josh Axe perfectly embodies our strategic approach to building a personal brand. For Josh, this approach has been incredibly lucrative — he’s converted his personal brand into a 9-figure business.
Today we reflect on our previous episode with Josh, highlighting our top takeaways from the conversation. For our first takeaway, we discuss the importance of forming your brand around one core message that you’re passionate about.
While chatting about how Josh’s business evolved from a newsletter, we talk about why you should start creating your brand as soon as you can. After sharing the power of consistently adding value and having a desire to serve, we touch on why reaching only one audience member can still significantly impact your success.
Near the end of the episode, we dive into why you should build a strong website and why having a data dashboard allows you to better market your products. A master of following the formula, tune in to hear more takeaways from our fascinating and informative conversation with Dr. Josh Axe.