Pro Membership


Unlimited Live Events

Choose From 16 Live Events Every Year

Come to just 1 or come to them all!!! It’s up to you.

We take pride in delivering top notch digital education, but LIVE teaching and coaching is where we shine brightest. Our event calendar includes a mix of virtual and in-person formats, with coverage of every possible personal branding and business topic imaginable. 

We host two interactive “get things done” workshop formats: Interactive Workshop and Accelerator event. Come for as much or as little as you need. 

Every year, we host 12 Interactive Workshops and 4 Accelerator Events. Here’s how they work:

Interactive Workshops

With a strategist to attendee ratio of 1:6 (it’s usually even better than that), these events are designed to accelerate your journey by 3 months. Imagine a collaborative working session with 25% learning and 75% integration (aka: you’ll walk away with ready-to-implement work product).  

We host at least one interactive workshop every month and one Accelerator event every quarter (virtually and in-person)

Accelerator Events

A client favorite, our Accelerator Event format is a fusion of a mastermind peer-to-peer setting combined with strategic business feedback and genuine relationship building paired with super intentional networking. Bring any question or challenge and get ready to receive aha-inducing insights, real life experience shares, expert feedback and genuine comradery. 

Business growth + community building.  

All Accelerator Events are hosted in our hometown, Music City – Nashville, TN! 

The event ticket price for non-members is $3,000 per event. As a Pro member, you receive full access to all events. If you attend all 16, that’s $48,000 in value. You'll also receive access to the recordings of every event we host, whether you register or not.


2x Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Rory Vaden

Join 2x monthly calls with Brand Builders Group Co-Founder, 8-Figure Entrepreneur, NYT Bestselling Author, and Hall of Fame Speaker Rory Vaden as he answers the most common and critical questions from our community.  

These live coaching calls will cover everything from Brand Builders Group proprietary curriculum to best practices in building your brand and your business.  

You will walk away with immediate and applicable insights to help you grow your income and your impact.  

All sessions include a live chat stream so you can chat directly with our expert strategists in real-time. Al trainings and QNAs are recorded and available for you in the BBG App.


Monthly 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions with Your Personal Brand Strategist

Your membership includes monthly 1-on-1 sessions with your own dedicated personal branding strategist. 

These monthly calls are structured to ensure consistent progress and positive accountability, but the schedule is up to you.  

The goal is to have a call every month for continuity and consistency’s sake. Grab 30 mins or the whole hour. It’s up to you. Want to skip a month? All good! Next month’s call is right around the corner. Just remember, if you don’t use your monthly call, it expires at the end of the month. 

*Additional Strategy Calls are available at $200 per call.

hear from our clients:

"I'm never going at this alone again."

- james reid


Unlimited Access to the Brand Builders Group App

What’s inside? Oh, just 24/7 access to 14 personal branding and business courses + hundreds of recorded trainings.

You know those programs that require months of mind-numbing work before you see tangible results? Welcome to the opposite of that!  

Sure, the BBG App delivers a masters-level personal branding and business education, but your time is precious, so the material has all been crafted for ease of use and continuous momentum, whether you’ve got 30 minutes or 3 hours. We make it easy and enjoyable.  

All 14 of our courses have been tested and validated by hundreds of entrepreneurs. Each video training is supplemented by a workbook and live coaching recordings to help give you real life application in the moment.  

Best part you’re 100% in control of your pace. We’ve designed this to work with your schedule. Whether you’re willing to invest one hour a week or four, we’ve structured this program to get you results!

The BBG App also contains bonus resources that will speed up your journey. Things like:

Implementation Partner Network

Ready for implementation? Tap into our network of vetted brand implementation partners. Top tier talent for everything from graphic design to video production, copywriting, SEO, social media marketing, and more. 

Member Directory

Thinking of a potential collab with another Brand Builders Group client? Easy. Grab their contact details from the Member Directory and reach out with your bright idea! 

BBG Help Desk

And if you ever need a resource not included in the BBG App, just ask! With the BBG Help Desk, you’ll get personalized email support within 24 hours. 

Introduce a Friend

Introduce a Friend . When your own results inspire you to introduce friends and colleagues, we’ll pay you 10% lifetime referral fees to show our gratitude, and to help you build a recurring revenue stream. Yes, please. 

hear from our clients:

"BBG has given me that confidence factor, and I know where I am going now."

- kerry barrett


Weekly Members Only Group Training Calls

Join our “Members Only” Weekly Group Training Calls with our team of Personal Brand Strategists.   

Each week we will cover a specific phase and any/all of the corresponding topics with that phase!  

Phase 1: Finding Your Brand DNA, Captivating Content World Class Presentation Craft  (1st Tuesday of the month )

Phase 2: Building Your Revenue Engine, Podcast Power, High Traffic Strategies  (2nd Tuesday of the month )

Phase 3: Full Keynote Calendar, Pressure Free Persuasion, Bestseller Launch Plan  (3rd Tuesday of the month )

Phase 4: Scale Your Sales, Influential Leader, 8 Figure Entrepreneur  (4th Tuesday of the month )

These trainings calls are live and take place with in-depth content training as well as an open Q&A format along with some time to network and get plugged into the Brand Builders Group community.   

You can send questions in advance or post them in the chat while on the call.   

Our curriculum includes 14 mastery level courses on each of the following topics:   

  • Personal Branding = Finding Your Brand DNA    
  • Content Creation = Captivating Content   
  • Presentation Skills = World Class Presentation Craft   
  • Digital Marketing = Building Your Revenue Engine   
  • Paid Advertising = High Traffic Strategies   
  • Podcasting = Podcast Power   
  • Sales Training = Pressure Free Persuasion   
  • Book Promotion = Bestseller Launch Plan   
  • Professional Speaking = Full Keynote Calendar   
  • Leadership Development = Influential Leader   
  • Sales Management = Scale Your Sales    
  • Entrepreneurship = 8 Figure Entrepreneur    


Monthly Membership Wide “Leads and Needs” Networking Call

Do you need more leads for your business?  

Have an industry expert you need an introduction to?  

Want to speak on more stages?  

Interested in booking more podcast interviews?  

Need more awesome guests for your podcast?  

If the answer is yes, hold on to your britches because it’s about to get exciting.

Join us for our membership wide monthly “Leads and Needs” virtual networking session!  

We will use every minute of this hour in an intentional and actionable way to help you grow your business and build your community. You will leave with opportunities, introductions, and most importantly referrals – and you can do it in your jammy pants.   

It’s so simple.   

Step 1: Bring a lead you can give.   

Step 2: Identify a need that you have.   

As a “Give to Give” culture, there is no better place to be of service than this amazing community. Make sure you block your calendar for this monthly dose of momentum!  


Get daily live training, ask questions/get answers, collaborate, motivate and connect!

The Most Engaged Community Group Ever

If you’re used to community groups that are crickets or mostly fluff, prepare to have your mind blown. Conversations are flowing every single day. Ask for feedback on your work and within hours, you’ll get smart insights and the kind of support that anyone with eyes can see is 100% genuine. Our community really shows up for each other. You’ll love it here! 

Expertise At Your Fingertips

The community group is also where our expert strategists show up daily with micro trainings and action prompts to keep you moving, plus weekly Q&As and hotseat coaching. Looking for our expert referrals? Got a question that you need answered in 24 hours? The FB group has it. 

Access Our Verified Implementation Partners

Once your strategy is solid, it’s time to implement but you only want the best (and reasonably priced!) vendors, right? That’s why we curate a network of reliable vendors you can trust. Looking for a video editor? Graphic designer? Copywriter? Tech talent to build your funnel? Our automated white glove introduction system is at your fingertips. 

hear from our clients:

"The Brand Builders Group community is easily the most committed and engaged group that I've ever been a part of."

- braden wheatcroft
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