Hey Brand Builder!

Here’s the deal – Brand Builders Group has never been one to promise overnight success because that’s not what our story has been. It’s not the story of our most admired and influential friends or clients.

By now you probably have figured out that there is a lot to learn and even more to do, which is why we want to continue helping you make progress as fast as possible!

With that we have put together some pretty awesome renewal bonuses for you.

Your Renewal Bonuses

Bonus #1

One Add-On Event Ticket

You can choose to gift this ticket to a  friend or use it towards attending one (1) more event of your choice this year .

retail value: $3,000

Bonus #2

Lifetime Access to the Brand Builders Group Course Curriculum

This includes lifetime access to all 12 event recordings and workbooks that are part of our proprietary "Brand Builder Journey" as well as our personal development events.

Plus Hundreds of Recorded Trainings, including:

  • In depth content reviews from our monthly virtual training series 
  • Live “Hot Seat” Client Coaching Sessions 
  • Supplemental Trainings on a variety of topics including anything from best technology to use for your podcast to how to repurpose your content 

retail value: $40,000

Bonus #3

Special Training: Minimize Your Tax Liability

with Co-Founder & CEO, AJ Vaden

This is hours and hours of research, investigation, ideation, documentation, question and answer that we invested money to know how to do! We consolidated all this knowledge down to 60 minutes on exactly what you need to know and do to minimize your tax liability for FREE.

retail value: $10k

Bonus #4

Specialized Training: How to Use Tracking UTMs

with Digital Director, Youness Chaouki

This 30-minute training will teach you how UTMs can show you exactly where your online traffic is coming from and understand how your visitors interact with your website.

retail value: $1,000

Bonus #5

Specialized Training: 3 Secrets of Viral TED Talks

with Co-Founder & CMO, Rory Vaden

Learn the secret formulas of the world’s most viral Ted Talks from how to create them to how to successfully promote your Ted Talk.

retail value: $1,000

Bonus #6

Insider Secrets: How to Land a TED Talk

with Sales Director, Elle Petrillo & Special Guests

This interview series with Brand Builders Group clients on how they landed their Ted Talk will show you there are multiple ways to go about landing a Ted Talk and it is easier than you think! We also share first-hand knowledge on best practices for preparation, what to expect, how to make sure your experience runs smoothly, and what they wish someone told them!

retail value: $500

Total Retail Value=


All included when you renew today!

As always, we are committed to doing whatever we can to continue to make this partnership valuable to you. We know that every year you stick with us, cuts off years and years off your learning curve so that’s why we are asking you to consider extending with us at least another 12 months. 

We hope that your confidence in our process so far aligns with our belief in you and all the good to come!

If you are ready to renew, go ahead and click below.

If you would like to connect with our team and talk through options, please email us at [email protected]

**Please Note: Preferred is only eligible if you are currently in Preferred. 

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