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Personal Brand Photography

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You want to build an influential personal brand and it is important to have video and photography that reflects the same high level quality of your reputation and expertise.

The problem is that you don't have time to vet and deal with dozens of vendors or the money and expertise to buy all of the expensive equipment to do it yourself.

And so most personal brands end up doomed to one of three fates:


You piecemeal together a bunch of low budget visual assets that end up leaving you feeling embarrassed about your brand presence. 

We know so many people who have tried to do it themselves, only to find that they lose massive amounts of time and energy trying to pick and understand and set up all of the intricate components of the technology, equipment, editing, etc. In the end, you wish you would’ve hired a pro.


You overspend money on pulling all of these assets together from different vendors, only to find out later – that even though it looks nice – it looks disjointed because so many different people were working on it. 

Plus, there is always that sobering moment of realizing that none of it directly puts money back into your pocket in the immediate short-term and so you’re out of a lot of money that you need to do other things to create lift with your brand.


Or worse.. you just get overwhelmed. You shut down and do nothing and eventually give up on listening to your true life calling about who you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to do, because you can’t get past these operational and technical hurdles.

These are just some of the initial struggles that personal brands face and have to deal with all the time when it comes to creating their visual assets. It causes them to feel more overwhelmed and spread thin and frustrated that they can't get simple, beautiful marketing assets created quickly and affordably.

Or they're left feeling taken advantage of by a bunch of overpriced vendors who don't really understand the overall collective visual strategy that is required to build a personal brand that breaks through the noise.

We know how painful and heartbreaking and frustrating this experience can be because we have been there ourselves plenty of times! Whether it is building our various company brands, our personal brands, or from having been professional strategists for hundreds of our individual coaching clients, we have seen that gathering, high quality visual assets becomes a roadblock that stops the growth of so many personal brands, dead in their tracks – time and time again. It’s so discouraging when all you want to do is help people and spend your time making an impact on the world. But you never get the opportunity because you can’t pull together the million details required behind the scenes to get your marketing assets built and you don’t have loads of cash to just blow on high end studios and video production and top notch photographers.

At Brand Builders Group we have been able to bootstrap and fund our companies out of our pockets and turn them into multimillion and even eight figure businesses. 

We know how to do things intelligently, efficiently and affordably. And our passion and heart is to serve mission driven messengers like you – to help you knock down the walls and break through the barriers and obstacles that block most people. 

And so for years, we have been working to find a solution for ourselves and our customers to solve this problem of creating quality visual assets. 

We’ve dreamed of something that is fast, affordable, professional and comprehensive. And finally, because of our scale and the volume of clients that we work with…

We have finally found a partner and a team, willing to collaborate with us to execute this vision and make it all possible! 

It is called Brand Amplifiers. It is a partnership we have created with a high-end venue and full photo and video production company that has an entire team of experts who have all of the equipment and know-how and space to pull it all together. 

The Brand Amplifiers experience will help you get beautiful, top notch, high end visual assets for you in a very short amount of time.. and for a price that you can actually afford. 

The full production studio we have partnered with incorporates our guidance about exactly what assets are most critical - and in what ways they should be produced.

This is so that our clients can go and knock out all of the key visual elements that they need to build a reputable personal brand in just a few days - and for an amount of money that is very reasonable.

The Brand Amplifiers experience focuses on providing the three most critical initial components that make up the (non-graphic) visual strategy for a personal brand.

1. Personal Brand

You do a photoshoot with expert photographers and lighting designers, who guide you through a number of different poses and staging setups recommended by Brand Builders Group. 

This helps ensure that you will get all of the different looks and gestures that you will need to produce diverse assets for a variety of needs for your personal brand.

Here are examples of the kind of shots that will be produced during your photo shoot:

2. Video

Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of the sets and camera angles that we use to produce high quality video courses.

Our partner’s full production studio allows you to come in and shoot first rate, high definition video quality using professional video editors, and multiple set designs so that you can get all the videos you need to build out your first revenue generating funnel all in one trip. 

The production team is professional, knowledgeable and prepared to work off the video funnel outline that you have created through your strategy work with Brand Builders Group. 


3. Keynote
Demo Video

Doing speaking and live presentations is your number one marketing asset, and the fastest path to generating cash flow in your business. 

As you get out and speak, you give people a chance to sample your expertise which radically increases the likelihood they will buy from you. And having a high-quality demo video is the gateway to booking more and better (whether live or virtual) speaking gigs. But most speakers never get a chance to showcase their top tier thought leadership in front of a large live audience, and on a high production stage that matches the caliber of their expertise until much later in their career.

But through this incredible Brand Amplifiers program, you will get 2 critical video assets you need to book more speaking engagements. First, you will get a fully edited version of your 15-20 minute keynote complete with color correction and audio enhancement. The video footage is of you in front of a real live audience on a beautiful stage to instantly get world-class film footage that will elevate your brand. And second, the experience includes a professional editing team cutting that full-length footage down into an actual demo video for you!

Here’s an example of what your off the shelf, ready-to-use demo video will look like to help you immediately start book more speaking engagements and presentation opportunities:

Here's an example of the type of assets that will be produced during your demo video shoot:

This video was edited specifically to showcase a finished product for someone who had minimal other assets to include beyond what was captured at the Brand Amplifiers experience. More experienced speakers can dramatically upgrade the finished product by providing supplemental assets. Varying rates will apply.

One thing that we have learned is that people will feel comfortable investing money with you in direct proportion to the quality and production level of your visual assets.

By incorporating the Brand Amplifiers experience into your implementation process, it will help you create the visual assets that you can not only be proud of, but that will help you:

And just give you the overall confidence of knowing that you are putting your best foot forward, so that you know your branding and marketing presents itself and matches the same level as your expertise.

The Brand Amplifiers experience is a highly efficient, multi-day intense experience where you will come work through a systematic checklist of different on-camera activities to collect all of the footage needed to produce top notch versions of some of your most critical and essential personal brand assets.

The time, energy, resources, and strategy are focused on three areas.

An Epic Photoshoot

A Professional Mini-Video Course

A Captivating Speaker Demo Video

Here is an overview of the Brand Amplifiers experience:




In this stage, Brand Amplifiers will initiate creative ideation for all content being filmed, formulate a filming schedule based around your package choice and set location selection. They will also collect all necessary branding assets (logo, colors, fonts, etc.) at this stage. You will get to select which graphics you would like to use as it applies to your specific package selection (Title, lower third, social callouts, logo animation).




In this stage, Brand Amplifiers will execute the filmmaking process facilitating camera work, lighting, creative direction, and audio at the highest quality.


PHASE three


In this stage, Brand Amplifiers will incorporate industry-standard post-production with regards to color grading, story assembly, audio engineering, soundtrack design, and graphic animation.


PHASE four

Delivery +
Final Revisions

In this stage, you’ll get to review the exported visual assets and compile a comprehensive list of revisions for a single round of edits. All content will be exported in the optimal format after final content is approved to maximize ROI on any digital platform.

About the Keynote Demo Experience

One of the most unique elements of this experience is helping you produce a top tier Speaker Demo Video.

This happens by recording you, not only on a high production stage, but in front of a large real life audience.

 Being in front of a live audience vastly improves the perceived credibility of your expertise, because it is one of the hardest production elements to manufacture and recreate. The Brand Amplifiers experience gives you this incredibly rare opportunity because the studio that we partner with is owned by one of our Brand Builders Groups clients and certified personal brand strategists (Stephen Scoggins) who also owns several other companies.

It is the employees of those companies, plus the other speakers who are coming to shoot their demo videos, as well as invitations sent out to the local general public and business community that make up a genuine, real-life, sizeable audience (typically hundreds of people) for you to deliver your presentation. 

This solves one of the oldest, most common, and most difficult challenges for speakers and personal brands to ever get past. Historically it has been a classic case of “the chicken or the egg” because you need a great demo video in order to get booked to speak, but you have to get booked to speak in front of enough live audiences to ever gather the footage you need to produce a high quality demo video. 

Through this exceptional and extraordinary Brand Amplifiers experience, we have solved that problem for you! 

And not only do you get 20 minutes of this incredibly high production and high quality footage in front of a live audience, but the price actually includes professionally editing that footage into a fully complete, ready to publish, first class, professional Speaker Demo Video! 

Best of all, this entire experience of your photoshoot, your video mini course, and your speaker demo video all happen under the strategic direction and expert guidance and counsel of your trusted friends at Brand Builders Group. 

It has taken us years to find a partner who has the production capabilities, the expert staff, the first rate facilities, and the ability to create a live studio audience – who would also allow us to speak into the creative direction of the production. 

But the problem was finally solved when the owner of a company who had all of those things became a client, and then a certified strategist for our team here at Brand Builders Group. 

Not only did we find a team with the right skills; we found a team who has an aligned purpose. 

Going through this process, combined with executing all of the other strategy that you are receiving from Brand Builders Group, exponentially increases the likelihood that you will get booked for several high paying or revenue generating engagements in the future of your personal brand.

For most of our clients, just one or two professional speaking engagements over the course of the rest of their entire career could single handedly pay for this one-time investment, but the likelihood is that if you use these tools appropriately (and in conjunction with executing the other elements of the strategy we provide) you will very likely book dozens if not hundreds, or even 1000s of additional speaking engagements over the course of your career.

But it's not just speaking; elevating your visual strategy raises your profile and your perceived credibility - and thus your prices for everything you do.

It also dramatically increases the probability that people will invest in other higher priced services that you offer including things like coaching, consulting, professional services, courses memberships, certifications and training. 

In our experience, elevating your visual strategy has even played a significant role in helping ourselves and our clients land larger book deals and earn greater royalty advances. 

But our goal with Brand Amplifiers, is not to make as much money as possible from offering you this experience. Our goal is not even to just charge you what the experience is worth. Our goal with Brand Amplifiers, is to simply help you succeed faster as a personal brand. We know how critical and crucial it is to have these assets and to solve this problem and we want to help you. 

Because at Brand Builders Group, we succeed when you succeed. We need you to win overall, so that you can tell everyone you know about the value of the strategy and network we provide to our clients.

The partnership that we have arranged with Brand Amplifiers, therefore, is to put together an experience that delivers to you an incredibly efficient way to get you all of these essential high quality assets for the lowest possible amount of money that we can charge you – without compromising the quality of the team, who is available to provide it for you. 

Not only that, but we have worked collaboratively with Brand Amplifiers to help arrange flexible pricing options for you that meet every budget and suit all of our various types of clients.

3 Signature Packages

We also know that there is a good chance you have other side projects or other video needs that you have in addition to the packages offered here. Note that once you invest into one of these packages you will have the opportunity later to customize and add-on other services (like staying another half day and knocking out your entire full video course as an example). 

Click the button below to schedule a call to create a customized package that fits your exact needs!




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director of events, brand builders group
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Jeremy Weber
director of partner relations, brand builders group

One of the most expensive mistakes that Personal Brands make is trying to do this all themselves. Whenever that happens they almost always end up spending countless hours tinkering with equipment and editing software trying to produce it themselves.

After it’s all over (if they even manage to get it finished) they are disappointed with the quality and level of the output. They’re not proud of their brand as a reflection of their true expertise and so they reluctantly and hesitantly put it out into the marketplace – knowing deep down they haven’t put their best foot forward. Of course, customers notice that amateur design and they feel your own reluctance and it has a significant impact on whether or not they decide to do business with you. As a result, it ends up costing the personal brand tens of thousands of dollars or more in the long-term by way of lost revenue from lower fees and lower conversions.

Most personal brands that go down that path, regret doing it and realize later that it probably cost them way more in terms of the opportunity cost of their time and lost business than it would have been to just hire professionals in the first place to deliver a product they could be proud of.

And there are – of course – other ways to get your visual strategy done right.

There are lots of vendors out in the market that do great work.

But what we see over and over again is that you will typically only be able to achieve 2 of the following 3 things that you need:




For example, you could get a great product and fast completion by booking out your own local studios, bringing in top tier video producers and getting the best video editors to pull it all together for you, but guess what?

You’ll pay a bunch of money for it! 

Or you can go to an online vendor and get it for a low price, done quickly, but chances are that the finished representation of you will be sub-par. 

The other thing that you might be able to do – if you’re super resourceful – is convince amazing talent to help you produce the project for you without making you go bankrupt, but then you’re operating on their time table and it’s hard to hold people accountable to “favors.” And so it ends up taking forever. 

(Did we mention that we’ve done all this before and seen it and lived through it ourselves time and time again?!)

But with the Brand Builders Group Brand Amplifiers Experience, you don’t have to mess with all that and you don’t have to compromise! 

You can get a world-class product. 

Delivered to you with rapid speed.

At a price you can afford! 

How is that possible? It’s possible because our community and network combined together creates the volume of work to enable a high-powered production team to justify it. And frankly it is because it is one of our Certified Personal Brand Strategists (and clients) who owns the Brand Amplifiers company that we partner with! 

It’s also because the production team knows that when a Brand Builders Group client comes through the door, the client is prepared and knows what they’re doing. They have concise messaging and clear focus and detailed outlines about what they’re trying to accomplish, who they are trying to serve, and exactly how to structure all of their content. It makes the process so much more efficient for everyone.

ready to get started?

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At Brand Builders Group our focus is to help mission-driven messengers make the world a better place.

We like making money but money is not our main focus.

Our desire and our passion is to help you succeed. While we believe that our strategy is among the best available in the world for personal brands, we also are aware of our own limitations to be able to execute at scale all of the needs that our clients have.

One of the most frustrating, discouraging, and heart-breaking things for us (and we know for you too as our clients) is meeting someone who has a story and a message who could change the world – and yet they don’t have the marketing abilities to know how. 

It’s disappointing to us that some of the world’s most influential thought leaders have earned credibility as more of the result of their production capabilities than their actual expertise. We want to change that. We want to level the playing field. 

We want to empower mission-driven messengers to compete in high-stakes media with world-class content (which we help you create) but also with world-class production value – which is why we need Brand Amplifiers. 

This project will not make Brand Builders Group much money. And it has taken a lot of our team’s time and resources. But the reason we’re doing it is because we believe that it will really help you. We believe that you will need the assets that come from Brand Amplifiers and that they are beyond what our team and resources are currently capable of providing you with. 

We believe that these elements will help you better showcase all of the magnificence that lives inside of you. We believe that these assets will help you multiply the other things we are teaching you and helping you with. In short, we believe that this is a necessary part of helping you succeed faster – and that is why it’s an easy decision for us to do it. 

We want to see you win. We need to see you win. We believe that our best chance to win as a company is to help you win as our client.

And we do not risk our reputation lightly. So it is with great pride, and hope, and trust, and faith, and belief that we want to encourage you to invest in this experience with Brand Amplifiers. 

If you can do it, it will only allow us to accelerate everything else you are doing with Brand Builders Group.

If you can’t make the investment right now with Brand Amplifiers, that’s ok too.

We will continue to hustle, and scrape, and scrap, and claw and do everything else we can right alongside you to help you grow your reach, your reputation, your influence and your impact in the meantime.

Either way, we’re here for you and we will always believe in you.

The Brand Amplifiers Experience is only made possible because of a deliberate commitment and partnership between ...

about brand builders group

Brand Builders Group is a personal brand strategy firm that helps speakers, authors, influencers, and entrepreneurs clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and grow their revenue.  

Our methodologies, frameworks, and teachings are based on our personal track record of releasing New York Times bestselling books, giving viral TED talks, building 8-figure businesses, amassing millions of online followers, hosting top-ranked podcasts, and creating Hall of Fame Keynote Speakers. Our insights have been featured by Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Inc, SUCCESS, CNN, and Entrepreneur Magazine.  

We are uniquely positioned to support personal brands with both world-class strategy and execution ready monetization plans. 

about brand amplifiers

Brand Amplifiers is an organization of highly talented individuals relentlessly dedicated to helping aspiring and scaling personal brands Create High-Quality Assets they need to bring their brand to life. 

With a one-stop experience for producing all assets a brand could need within just a couple of days, such as Full Keynotes, Speaker Reels, Photography, Sales Letters, Evergreen Webinar, Course, Live Event Space Rental and more… Saving the Personal Brand months stagnation, thousands of production dollars and years of frustration. 

Let Brand Amplifiers help you elevate your brand and make a greater impact in the marketplace.

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