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The Influential Personal Brand Free Online Summit

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25 of the world’s most recognizable influencers share their tips in video interviews on how to build and monetize a personal brand from scratch

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The Influential Personal Brand Summit Faculty Includes:

Les Brown

World Renowned Motivational Speaker

Gretchen Rubin

NYT bestselling author of The Happiness Project

Sally Hogshead

NYT bestselling author, Fascinate and How the World Sees You

Lewis Howes

NYT bestselling author and Host of The School of Greatness Top 100 Podcast

Michael Hyatt

NYT bestselling author, Platform and Former CEO Thomas Nelson

Chalene Johnson

NYT bestselling author and World Renowned Fitness Expert

Dennis Rodman

5x NBA Champion, Hall of Famer, NYT bestselling author

Jon Acuff

NYT bestselling author, Do Over

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on Shark Tank and Founder of As Seen on TV

Jay Baer

NYT bestselling author, Youtility

Trent Shelton

Former NFL player, Viral Video Producer and IG Influencer

Jay Papasan

NYT bestselling author, The One Thing

Sam Qurashi

Renowned Psychiatrist and Instagram Influencer

Christy Wright

Bestselling author and Creator of Business Boutique

Nick Santonastasso

Global Keynote Speaker, IG Influencer and Fitness Model

Jordan Harbinger

Host of The Jordan Harbinger Show Top 100 Podcast

Andy Andrews

NYT bestselling author, The Travelers Gift

Brett Kissel

Male Artist of the Year Canadian Country Music Awards

Luvvie Ajayi

NYT bestselling author of “I’m Judging You” and Viral Ted Talk

Jon Gordon

NYT bestselling author, The Energy Bus

Ed Tate

World Champion Of Public Speaking

Ona Brown

Motivational Speaker and daughter of Les Brown

Alberto Sardinas

Celebrity Spanish Radio Personality

Donald Miller

NYT bestselling author and Founder of Storybrand

Julie Solomon

Host of The Influencer Podcast

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Free World Class training for your personal brand

Ever wished you could be personally mentored by New York Times bestselling authors, Hall of Fame Speakers, TV Personalities, Social Media Celebrities and Podcast Icons to help you build your own personal brand?

Of course! We all do! But the problem is that everyone asks them for “coffee meetings” or “quick phone calls” and (although many of them would like to help you) they simply don’t have time to help everyone. Until now! This is your chance to learn from some of the world’s biggest influencers for FREE!

The Influential Personal Brand Summit is hosted by Rory and AJ Vaden of Brand Builders Group and it gives you a chance to get insider access to learn how these business celebrities first got their start and all the steps they took to become household names!

This is a virtual summit which means that you will get emails with private links to video interviews between the Brand Builders Group team and the faculty listed above. One new interview will be released each day of the summit.

You Will Learn:

How to overcome self-doubt, nay-sayers, and an ocean of competition

The steps they took to launch bestselling books, million dollar programs, and jam packed speaking calendars

What they did to finance their personal brand in the very beginning when they didn’t have a lot of money

How they broke through all the noise in the digital environment

When they had their darkest moments and their biggest breakthroughs

What they did to build a huge following and expand their reach

Where they went to learn the strategies and techniques needed to grow their platform

Exactly how they made enough money to fuel their growth

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Interviews introducing these First Year Phenoms

Hear what these new up and coming personal brands have learned from working with Brand Builders Group over the past year.

Hilary Billings

Former Miss Nevada and Host of The Red Carpet Confidence Podcast

Keir Weimer

Internationally Recognized Real Estate Agent, From Prison to Empire

Anton Gunn

Former Sr Advisor to President Barack Obama, Creator of The Admired Leader

Amy Killingsworth

Top Doterra Earner, Creator of Rise to Reign

Candy Valentino

Experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and business strategist

AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell

Co-founders of Praxis Metrics, and Data Dashboard Engineers

You will learn ideas and insights to help you

Identify your unique voice

Develop a stronger positioning in the marketplace (or at your job)

Build a larger following

Cultivate thought leadership

Get more speaking engagements

Monetize your personal brand

Create your own unique content

Write and launch more successful books

Have more influence, make more impact

Be seen as a leader in your industry

Meet Your Summit Hosts

Rory and AJ Vaden are 8 Figure Entrepreneurs who were business partners for 12 years in a previous venture before they started Brand Builders Group.

They worked together to build Rory’s personal brand to where he became a New York Times bestselling author (Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose), one of the 50 most influential bloggers and podcasters in the world, and a world-renowned speaker with a TEDx talk of over 2.5 million views who was also just recently inducted into the professional speaking Hall of Fame.

AJ is a million-dollar consultant and international speaker. Over the last decade, she has built and managed multiple 7 figure businesses and is currently the CEO of Brand Builders Group where she uses her expertise and unique talents to both streamline back end operations as well as creatively engineer the company’s front-facing personal brands.

About Brand Builders Group

Brand Builders Group helps people of all different levels to build and monetize their personal brand. Brand Builders Group has provided personal brand strategy to experienced brands like Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Lewis Howes (School of Greatness Podcast), and Julie Solomon (The Influencer Podcast) but they offer a wide variety of services for all different experience levels, learning preferences and budgets.

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Bonus Interview De-Briefs from these Brand Builders Group Strategists

Elyse Archer

BBG Personal Brand Strategist

Elle Petrillo

BBG Personal Brand Strategist

Elizabeth Stephens

BBG Personal Brand Strategist

Kristen Hartnagel

BBG Personal Brand Strategist

Kristen Cullen

BBG Personal Brand Strategist

Jeremy Weber

BBG Personal Brand Strategist

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