personal brand strategist

Samuel Phanor is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and personal brand strategist. 

Over the last 15 years Sam has been deployed to Iraq serving in the United States Army, joined law enforcement and was awarded Police Officer of the year, started his own security company,  launched an apparel brand and founded his own digital marketing agency where he has been a brand manager for the last 5 years. 

As a serial entrepreneur settled in the discipline of a law enforcement and military background Sam takes a diligent and blended approach to both sales and marketing, in combination with great story telling. His focus on personal branding is one that both focuses on growing your awareness but also driving positive cash flow to your business. 

He has worked with individuals, business coaches, brand ambassadors, small businesses all the way to government departments to help create new, innovative techniques that show the human side of everyday business. 

On a mission to create a case study on the effects that personal branding has on a business he founded a non-profit apparel brand called One Lyfe to raise funds to build wells in Haiti. From conception to reality he went through every step of ideation to design, produce, market and sell hundreds of t-shirts and raise thousands of dollars in 6 short months. Sam now uses his diverse background of knowledge and first-hand experience understanding to help others use their personal brand to improve all aspects of life, especially their earnings. 

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