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Maria Erazo

personal brand strategist

Maria Erazois an international speaker and personal branding expert for executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners.
She has helped leaders from global, multi-billion-dollar companies, such as Google, to up level their platform presence to monetize their personal brands.
As a sought-after writing and publishing consultant in the personal branding space, Maria has helped dozens of 7-figure leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs write, launch and market best-selling books.
Maria is a seven-time international best-selling author and brings that expertise and insight into her businesses.
An avid businesswoman, Maria has founded multiple successful, six-figure businesses across numerous industries: insurance and financial services, marketing, e-commerce, and healthand wellness, to name a few. She also hosts a Podcast where she shares topics about health, fitness, and life-both passions and areas of expertise.
Maria is a firm believer in transforming dreams into reality through inspiration, personal development,and purposeful connection.
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