Phase 2:

Building your Relationship Engine

Learn From Thought Leaders. Connect With Your Peers. Expand Your Personal Brand.

Nashville, TN - May 14 2020 to May 15 2020

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Restricted Event. This is a Closed Event ?

This event is for people who have attended Phase 1.

You have honed in on your problem, uniqueness, message, and business models in Phase One and are now ready to invite your audience into your brand for the long term. Build a perpetually growing, digital ecosystem around your personal brand that serves your audience 24/7/365

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  • Content Creation Plan that Doesn't Take Over your Time
  • Consistently Engaged Audience
  • Compelling Offers

Engagement is Overwhelming.

You have identified what makes you unique, the problem you solve, you may have even developed titles and offerings. You are feeling pretty accomplished, until you realize that, at the end of the day, it comes down to one  key element to become a successful personal brand.

An engaged audience.

Seems easy enough… right?

People are hit with so much information in a 24 hour period that it has become critical to stand out through your content an email nurture sequence, and other outlets. It is going to take more than just nailing the unique offering, the business model, etc. to build a brand that lasts.

A customer needs to see or hear something an average of 7 times for it to stick. That looks like a lot of time, energy, effort, and strategy.

What can you do to ensure that you are reaching within your network to garner results? What can you do to make people start talking about you and engaging with you that does’t require every ounce of your time and attention?

You DO have the Time to Nurture your Audience while Expanding your Business

As a group that works with several of the most successful personal brands in the world, we understand how hard it is to connect with and nurture people in a way that makes them engage for the long term.

Most people believe that a good product or service that works is all they need to become successful. That a good idea will stick. When in reality, the consistent nurture and constant engagement is key to raving fans who promote for you.

6 Steps to Ultimate Audience Engagement

In this 2 day event we will share with you exactly what you need to know about free traffic sources– let’s leverage the network you already have- creating funnels that are automated and compelling, and our proven copywriting process that your audience can’t help but respond to.

We highlight 6 critical steps and strategies to build large and loyal audiences for personal brands.

Perhaps, most important of all, we will prevent you spending massive amounts of time creating content that won’t serve you or your clients.

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What Makes Our Events So Incredible

  • Danny Bader

  • Aimee Joshua

  • Matt Davis

Ensure that you are Working Smarter, not Harder.

There are key ways to make sure that you are using your time and energy wisely when it comes to building meaningful relationships with thousands of people. That’s why we call it “building your relationship engine,” it needs to propel you, not consume you. 

  • Is your content digital?
  • Are you automating your process so that you can focus on expanding your brand?
  • Do you have at least one offer that is evergreen?
  • Are you setting the stage for scalability when it comes to your content and offers?
  • Have you leveraged your existing network to its full extent?

Live Event Ticket $3,000

Live Event Ticket $5,000
Pre Event Call $500
Workbook $100
Instant Access to a year of Premier Membership $1,400
Real Value $7,000

Save My Spot

A Lack of Collaboration Leads to Inconsistency.

What if you had your content and nurture strategy mapped out? With your golden through line leading the way? Communication would be easy. Money would be saved. Your time would be put to better use.


Don't Wait to Capitalize on your Foundation

  • “It costs too much.”
  • “Is my idea/purpose worth branding?”
  • “I just went to a conference, I don't want to replicate what I've already done.”
  • “Is this event going to help me actually meet my goals?”
  • “Can I fit this into my schedule?”

You have attended Phase 1. You know the value in this process. You have seen it play out within your brand. You have the stamina, the next step is revving up the engine and creating a seamless integration of Brand Positioning and a relationship with your audience.

The Time to Build is Now

It is time. Your audience is waiting. Your message MUST get to them.  Setting yourself up for optimal engagement success- setting up funnels that actually give you results, honing in on your messaging, setting yourself up for scale, leaves you breathing a sigh of relief.

Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of two days that would set you up for that kind of success? The answer is you do. Come to Nashville. Let’s get the engine going.

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