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Nashville, TN - May 07 2020 to May 08 2020

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This is an Open Event.

It is no surprise that 80% of the US population listen to podcasts. There is power in having your message at people’s fingertips on one of the biggest platforms to date- and still growing.

Now, to figure out how to leverage that power in ways that work, are long lasting, and are monetized.

There are certain strategies and techniques that keep your message in people’s ears and your name in their conversations. Spend two days in Nashville developing a podcast that stands out from the rest.

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  • Discover what Separates a World Class Host from an Average Host
  • Maximize the Monetization of your Podcast
  • Attract High Profile Guests and Exponentially Expand your Reach

It is Easy to Tune Out a Great Opportunity

There are over 850,000 podcasts (and climbing). It is easy to tell yourself the story that for every 1 podcast that gains international attention there are 1,000 that never garner more than 30 listeners- and those people are friends and family.

The thing that worries you most? That no one will listen to you. A seemingly easy and popular platform with no subscribers would be your fate.

Then, questions creep in just continue to cultivate a fear of rejection…

Will your content be good enough? Will you be able to find guests? Will anyone want to have you on their show?

You eventually convince yourself that a growing and robust platform that people have built their brands on is simply not for you.

Podcast Listeners Subscribe to an Average of 6 Shows. Yours Can be One of Them.

Guess what? You don’t have to hang your hat on fancy equipment and hyper professional intro and outro music.

It simply takes knowing your audience, great content, a willingness to entertain and a strategic monetization plan that you implement at the podcast’s inception. We will help you get there. 

Here's How we Turn Listeners Into Customers

  • How does the unique lens in which you see the world compel listeners?
  • Thinking of the logistics of a podcast is critical: format, frequency, duration, opening- these set the basic tone for your show.
  • How do you monetize a podcast? We will review potential ad revenue and talk best practices for funneling in ads and affiliates.
  • Content is critical. People will stop listening if you are not engaging them with content that is relevant.
  • Rate, Subscribe, and Share. How to attain #podcastgoals.
  • How are you promoting and sharing your podcast? Guests are critical to that strategy. How do you get the best guests for your show? We will tell you.
  • It is easy to waste money on the wrong technology. We will show you what to spend and what to save on.

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Listen to THIS.

  • Desiree Maya

  • Rafat Fields

Understand Exactly How to Tap into One of the Biggest Growing Platforms Without Becoming a Number.

  • We will share what top podcasters are doing differently to set themselves apart.
  • We will show you the biggest asset to growing subscribers
  • We will develop titles that help you stand out and capture listeners attention.
  • We will show you how to create podcasts using simple strategies that make you sound like an entire team is supporting you.

Live Event Ticket $3,000

Live Event Ticket $5,000
Pre Event Call $500
Workbook $100
Instant Access to a year of Premier Membership $1,400
Real Value $7,000

Save My Spot

The Numbers are Actually IN your Favor.

  • $90 Million people in the US listen to podcasts every month
  • $93 Percent listen to all or most of each episode
  • $81 Percent of podcast listeners pay attention to podcast ads

The numbers don’t lie. In fact- they just grow year after year. You can continue to hold back because you don’t believe you could monetize a podcast, that it would just become one more hobby.

You could get out the DIY manual that everyone else is using and create a podcast for fun that a handful of people listen to.


You could spend two days learning from top podcast producers who know how to engage, host, and monetize a podcast effectively, moving from podcast powerless to podcast profitable.

Section heading

  • “It costs too much.”
  • “Everyone is doing that- it's not special”
  • “Can you really make money from a podcast?”
  • “Will it just become one more outlet that wastes my time?”
  • “Can I fit this into my schedule?”

We are going to go big here and highlight our client, Lewis Howes. Lewis has one of the biggest podcasts IN.THE. WORLD.

One of his goals was to better monetize the platform he found himself most passionate about- his podcast.

Everyone has something to learn about monetizing their personal brand and podcasts are a great way to start.

Powerfully Pursue your Podcast Passion

You are a mission driven messenger! If your goal is to create awareness this is one of the best and most sure fire ways, BUT don’t  just limit this platform to awareness raising only.  It can and will make income if you powerfully pursue it. We are here to help you develop a strategy that makes your podcast one subscribers seek out and advertisers want to showcase.

It’s time to Combine a Powerful Message and a Powerful Platform!


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