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Learn From Thought Leaders. Connect With Your Peers. Expand Your Personal Brand.

Nashville, TN - Apr 23 2020 to Apr 24 2020

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This is an open event.

Create Keynotes that Solidify your Speaker Status

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  • Outline a Compelling Keynote
  • Create a Message that Gets you Booked
  • Tailor What You Have to Say into 15 Min, 1 Hour, 1/2 Day, and Full Day Programs

The #1 Problem People Have When it Comes to Creating a Keynote

Do you know what the number one problem people have when it comes to creating a keynote? It’s not nerves. It’s not even boring content.

It is that they try to cram too much information in too short a time and when everything is important nothing is important.

You spend so much time regurgitating every important detail as you craft your keynote, that when you give your keynote from stage, the audience can’t keep up with you.

People love what they can follow and they can’t follow tens of thousands of words in 10 minutes. Their brains and attention just say “no”.

This leaves you with a disengaged audience. Your potential offer has met a dead end. Opportunity lost.

And you know the first thing you do? You ask yourself how you can “add better stories” for next time instead of how you can strategically add value and structure.

Great Speakers Say a Lot About a Little

The Brand Builders Group was co-founded by a hall of fame speaker who understands the value in honing in on a topic or problem to solve, instead of trying to tackle a variety of problems with limited time.

When you use fewer words, but more valuable content the audience takes notice.

Engagement begins.

A following is created.

Craft Keynotes that Generate Demand

In this 2-day event, we will share with you exactly what you need to know about creating keynotes that resonate with your core target audience in ways that make people request your speaking prowess again and again.

You will learn how to:

  • follow a modular structure
  • align personal stories with the problem you solve
  • fit the time needs of your audience without compromising the value of your words
  • position yourself as a thought leader.

Most importantly, we will prevent you from wasting your words, diluting your results, and marketing a keynote that isn’t aligned with your personal brand.

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Hear from Top Keynote Crafters

  • Wendy Jones

  • Brittany Hodak

  • Anton Gunn

Effectively Selling from Stage Turns your Keynote into a Business

What if you are a great writer, ideator, creator and you just need help turning your words into something more?

Part of our two day event helps you take your outlined keynote to the next level.  How will you take your powerful message and ensure you monetize it?  We take a deep dive during “Full Keynote Calendar” live event, but want you to begin thinking of your keynote like a business NOW.

We will cover: 

  • The opening and the close- the two most critical parts to get right.
  • Create magic through customization
  • Developing the titles for your brand and offerings
  • Set up the relationship engine and watch your post keynote revenue potential increase
  • Focus in on making your content both original and actionable

Live Event Ticket $3,000

Live Event Ticket $5,000
Pre Event Call $500
Workbook $100
Instant Access to a year of Premier Membership $1,400
Real Value $7,000

Save My Spot

Tired of Working Hard with Disappointing Results?

  • $15,000 Speech Coach
  • $20,000 Consultant
  • $10,000 Ad Spend Promotion with no Results

You can continue down the path of spending money with too many vendors and opinions to keep track of, attending conferences here and there that get you inspired but ultimately leave you empty handed, or you can invest in 2 days where we strike the balance of the what the world needs from you and how you are uniquely designed to be. THAT is worth it. That is long term. That is personal branding that works.

What's Stopping you from Taking the Stage?

  • “It costs too much.”
  • “Is my idea/purpose worth branding?”
  • “I have keynotes that I think work. ”
  • “I've been speaking for years”
  • “Can I fit this into my schedule?”

You can come up with reasons to not do anything, especially when it comes to spreading you message from stage.

Using our proven methodology, you can go from an idea to a full keynote in two days- and feel confident about taking on stages and audiences of any size.

Cultivate a Powerful, Valuable Message and People WILL want to Hear it

Your voice is a powerful tool. You deserve you be set up to use it in the most powerful of ways. Our goal is to develop mission driven messengers and Keynote Craft is a huge step in that direction. This is your time to be around like minded people who want to stand on stages of all sizes and speak truth, value and impact to the masses. We are standing behind you and alongside you to cultivate a voice that changes the world, one audience at a time.

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