Phase 1:

Finding your Brand DNA

Learn From Thought Leaders. Connect With Your Peers.
Build Your Personal Brand.

Nashville, TN - Apr 16 2020 to Apr 17 2020

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No Restrictions. This event is available to everyone. ?

This is an open book

The foundational two days- Building your Brand DNA is where everyone, and we mean everyone, begins their personal brand building journey. Why? Because we consider it the heaviest lifting phase. It is tough, but it is necessary and the clarity you gain on the other end of these two days is second to none.

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  • Discover your Uniqueness
  • Develop Revenue Producing Strategies
  • Identify your Core Target Audience

It is Hard to Turn a Message into a Mission

You have a message the world needs to hear. You have a passion and purpose and you want to turn that into reputation and revenue- the first, foundational, and perhaps most difficult step is determining your uniqueness.

It requires immense work, ultimate determination, vulnerability, and solid support. “Personal” means certain aspects of your life that only you can tap into, the excuse to not work on you is real- especially when you feel like you are going at it alone.

It starts to feel impossible to the point that it feel easier to fast forward through the foundational work leaving you wondering why your brand is not gaining traction.

Determining the problem you solve, your unique offering to the world, and your core target audience are just a few critical pieces we help you discover during our Phase One: Finding your Brand DNA live event.

You have to start somewhere, and THIS is it.

The Brand Builders Group was founded by two individuals who have experienced establishing personal brands, firsthand. The have built a team that practices what they preach and experiences what they teach.

The fact that you don’t have to go it alone is how we lead and is best recognized at our Phase 1 Live Event: Finding your Brand DNA.

The Six Critical Questions we ask during Phase 1 that set you on the Trajectory of Uniqueness.

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What problem do you solve?
  3. What do you have expertise in?
  4. What have you earned the right to talk about?
  5. What business do you want to be in?
  6. What would people be willing to buy from you?

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Hear From People Who Found or Rediscovered What Makes them Unique!

  • Nick Onken

  • Luvvie Ajayi

  • Jessica Carroll

How we lay a solid foundation at a Phase 1 Live Event

  • Determining your uniqueness -what sets you apart?
  • Solidifying your primary business model today and for future
  • Your perfect avatar and core target audience
  • Building an expert bio and future bio
  • Developing the titles for your brand and offerings
  • The Reputation Formula
  • How to create compelling content without it becoming all consuming
  • Starting to think through funnels how to engage and nurture customers
  • Assessing your current brand and identifying strategic change based on your work over two days.

Live Event Ticket $3,000

Live Event Ticket $5,000
Pre Event Call $500
Workbook $100
Instant Access to a year of Premier Membership $1,400
Real Value $7,000

Save My Spot

Are you Investing in the Right Strategy?

  • $30,000 Money Spent with an Agency
  • $25,000 Money Spent on a Life Coach
  • $50,000 Amount Spent on Social Campaigns with no Conversion

It doesn’t matter if one of these is you or all 4. The simple story told above is all too often seen with clients who have attended our events. They have spent countless hours, massive amounts of money on strategy, ads, fonts, websites, platforms, and coaching only to end up empty handed and backwards branded.

You can continue down the path of spending money with too many vendors and invest in too many opinions to keep track of, attending conferences here and there that get you inspired but ultimately leave you empty handed.  OR, you can invest in 2-days where we strike the balance of the what the world needs from you and how you are uniquely designed to be. THAT is worth it. That is long term. That is personal branding that works.

Why Attending a Live Event is not a Question.

  • “It costs too much.”
  • “Is my idea/purpose worth branding?”
  • “I just went to a conference, I don't want to replicate what I've already done.”
  • “Is this event going to help me actually meet my goals?”
  • “Can I fit this into my schedule?”

My guess is that these questions have already come across your mind. I get it. Listen to client and former TV producer Michelle Newman overcome those obstacles of self- doubt and attend a Phase1 event the day before it started.

You Might Think you Have Experienced Everything...

There are many events. conferences, and workshops in the branding space. But, there are none as all encompassing, comprehensive, or just pure magic as what you experience in 2 -days with The Brand Builders Group. There is a reason that people like influencers and NYT bestselling authors Lewis Howes and Luvvie Ajayi, 8-figure earners in direct sales companies with hundreds of thousands in their down lines, and keen businessmen like Kevin Harrington engage with us.

There are people who have seen and experienced almost everything offered. They choose BBG, because the foundation of finding your brand DNA- what sets you a part from the crowd, sets you up for the journey, to achieve the goals, and provide value to the world. Value that resonates. Value that sticks, Values that makes people come back for more. This is personal branding and this is for you.

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