Captivating Content

Learn from thought leaders. Connect with your peers. Expand your personal brand.

Nashville, TN - Mar 26 2020 to Mar 27 2020

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No Restrictions. This event is available to everyone. ?

Open Event

Capitalize on your stories and experiences by turning them into frameworks and books your audience can follow.

This event has already taken place.
  • Develop Frameworks that Position you as a Thought Leader
  • Outline a Book with Best Seller Potential
  • Learn how to Tell Compelling Stories

Creating Content Shouldn't Hold You Captive

You have developed a through line for your brand. You know the problem you solve, the solution you offer, and have a primary business model to pursue.

All that’s left?

Creating content. Not just any content. Content that is relevant. Content that solves problems. Content that converts.

Content that is captivating.

True thought leadership happens not by saying a little about a lot but by saying a lot about a little.

The thought of developing massive amounts of content is overwhelming, but compelling content? Might as well throw in the personal branding towel now.

You have SO many things on your plate, you can’t possibly become a content machine- the fact that your brand hinges on content that engages people leaves you feeling really put out.

After feeling so confident and assured in the direction you are headed, you start to slowly back out, ready to turn and run away altogether.


It's Time to Turn the Tables and Take Charge of the Content

There is a huge misconception that creating lots of compelling content is an exercise in futility.

Content is critical, but it is also doable. This is what we teach during our speciality event, Captivating Content.

We have discovered the optimal way to structure content in a way that holds attention and converts. Though best for writing a book, this event can also be attributed to a course, webinar, video series, etc. It allows the customer to follow seamlessly and buy in instantly.

Uncover the Secret to Creating Captivating Content that is Bestseller Material

In  2 days you will: 

  • Discover the key to becoming a writer who is most in tune with their audience.
  • Determine what you are most powerfully positioned to help people with.
  • Create logical structure when it comes to the content you produce and the stories you write.
  • Spend time outlining stories and frameworks that you can turn into chapters and modules.
  • Develop ideas that spread through determining Behavior Drivers

Hear from Captivating Content Attendees who Have Catapulted Brand

  • Monica Leed

  • Trevor Blattner

  • Heike Delmore

Live Event Ticket $3,000

Live Event Ticket $5,000
Pre Event Call $500
Workbook $100
Instant Access to a year of Premier Membership $1,400
Real Value $7,000

Stop Spending Needless Money on your Story

  • $30,000 Money Spent with an Agency
  • $15,000 Money Spent with a Content Creator
  • $10,000 Money Spent Writing a Book the Hard Way k the Hard

You can continue down the path of spending money with too many vendors and opinions to keep track of, attending conferences here and there that get you inspired but ultimately leave you empty handed, or you can invest in 2 days where we strike the balance of the what the world needs from you and how you are uniquely designed to be. THAT is worth it. That is long term. That is personal branding that works.

It is Easy to Have Excuses When you Feel Overwhelmed, but Only One Way to Solve It.

  • “There is no way I have the capacity to create tons of content.”
  • “I am not a writer”
  • “I have too many cooks in my personal branding kitchen”
  • “Is this event going to help me actually meet my goals?”
  • “Can I fit this into my schedule?”

The idea of creating content can quickly become chaotic. Whether it’s an agent, a friend, a spouse- everyone has an opinion.

We have heard it said, “Diluted energy yields diluted results.”

There comes a point where you just need to focus in on your goals and consolidate your content and ideas and confidently move forward within your personal brand.

It's Time Captivate your Audience and Elevate your Brand

You want to be a thought leader. You want others to benefit from what you have studied, experienced, and earned the right to talk about.

Your stories will resonate because you will know how to best engage with, empathize with, and employ your audience towards action.

We don’t want you to hold off writing a book or creating content simply because you feel like you can’t. You can and you will. Let’s get started.