Phase 3:

High Traffic Strategies

Learn From Thought Leaders. Connect With Your Peers. Expand Your Personal Brand.

Nashville, TN - Feb 27 2020 to Feb 28 2020

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Restricted Event. This is a Closed Event ?

This event for people who have Phase 1 and Phase 2 complete.

You have focused on building a reputation and your through line and now it is time to work on reach! You have organically expanded your brand message- leveraging your existing network and maybe even asking for referrals.  You feel solid in your funnels and your offering. You are ready to invest in increasing traffic to people outside of your network and beyond what organic reach allows!

This event has already taken place.
  • Drive New Leads to your Business, Everyday
  • Multiple Streams and Sources of Incoming Prospects
  • Reliable, Predictable, and Scalable Ad Plans

There are so many people and platforms vying for our attention.

Most personal brands rely heavily on organic reach in a world where organic reach is going extinct.

You are left at the mercy of algorithms.

Traffic is no longer predictable.

The scalability of your message is in extreme danger.

You will find yourself bouncing from platform to platform, having to learn the newest algorithm of the day. No one has the time, the energy, and the money to keep up with tactics that constantly change or accurately vet opinions that are a dime a dozen.

The path to glory is paid.

As a group that works with several of the most successful personal brands in the world, we understand this frustration all too well- to not have predictable sources of new viewers and fans of content.

Most people think organic is the path to glory, but the truth is that paid traffic strategies are the fastest and most guaranteed path to success.

We have a 6- Part Process that Helps you Utilize Reliable Sources for Paid Traffic in any Personal Brand Business


We have used this process and these strategies to launch NYT bestselling books, create boosted awareness for viral Ted Talks®, and have even launched multi, 7-figure businesses with just a couple of consistent paid traffic sources.

In this 2 day event we will share with you exactly what you need to know about which paid traffic sources consistently generate real dollars for your business.

You will hear from the best experts in the industry, understanding exactly how to calculate and prepare a full proof, paid traffic strategy.

Perhaps most important of all, we will prevent you from wasting thousands of dollars on useless ads, unproven strategies and inconsistent advice and opinions.

Understand Exactly How to Calculate and Prepare a Full Proof Paid Traffic Strategy

We will share the most common mistakes new marketers make whenever they start investing money in to paid traffic and how to remedy them.

Here are just a few: 

  • Spending too much too fast
  • Not asking right questions in vetting vendors
  • Not tracking success
  • Overspending for clicks and underspending for conversions
  • Going after wrong key words
  • Selecting wrong referral partners
  • Slimy marketing that compromise reputation

Live Event Ticket $3,000

Live Event Ticket $5,000
Pre Event Call $500
Workbook $100
Instant Access to a year of Premier Membership $1,400
Real Value $7,000

Invest in Consistent Results.

It is too easy to spend $10,000+ while only getting a small fraction of that investment back in revenue. Come learn from tried and true experts that do this every day, so that you don’t end up getting led astray by the large number of consultants who claim to deliver results but have never actually delivered anything consistently.

This one event will be a crash course on the key high level truths you need to understand to leverage the 6 most powerful paid traffic sources.

Aren't You Tired of Coming Up Short?

  • “It costs too much.”
  • “Everyone's opinions are different, who is right?”
  • “I have spent ridiculous amounts of money on ad spend that doesn't work.”
  • “Is this event going to help me actually meet my goals?”
  • “Can I fit this into my schedule?”

The questions that run through everyone’s mind.

You find yourself investing money in strategy hoping it works. No more taking chances.

You have set the stage, for perhaps the first time in your personal branding journey.  You are coming in with clear vision and expectation.  Come, learn, and  empower yourself when it comes to ad strategy with vendors.

We DO NOT Want you to be the Best Kept Secret.

You ave worked hard on a life changing offer for people. You have really good results within your network. NOW is the time to expand your reach. We have said it once and we will say it again, we DO NOT want you to be the best kept secret.

Everyone deserves to know about and benefit from your words, products, and other offerings.

Come to Phase 3: High Traffic Strategies. Learn from experts AND fuse your content and your paid strategy together in one place. The comprehensive outlook and massive momentum will be second to none.