Live Events


It’s New When it Comes Through You

Ever heard “There’s nothing new under the sun”? That can feel pretty defeating, especially if you’re compelled to get out there and change the world! We work with clients who are answering the call they feel to serve people. They have an idea or product or service they just…


Register Now: Phase 1 Finding Your Brand DNA

How well do people know you?   Is your message clear?   Who exactly is your audience?   Want to optimize your reputation into revenue?   We are hosting our 3rd 2-day interactive live event here in Nashville on April 11th and 12th where you can learn exactly what our…


Finding Your Brand DNA: January 30th – 31st

There’s still time to sign up for our two-day live event, Finding Your Brand DNA, coming up January 30th and 31st. After just 2 days you will: Identify what problem you solve for your market Create your distinct message to the world Find the uniqueness that only you can market Learn…


Brand Builders Group First Live Event Is A Huge Success!

What happens when you pull together 10 accomplished, creative entrepreneurs and executives for two days to help them build their personal brands?   Absolute magic.   That’s exactly what happened at the first-ever “Finding Your Brand DNA” live event held by the Brand Builders Group on November 29 – 30,…