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What Rachel Hollis Taught Me…

I’ll admit it. I was not always a Rachel Hollis fan, but I was intrigued by her. I also respected what she has built and wanted to know more about her story, her beliefs, and her business. When I found out that she was speaking at an event that…


An Introduction to Podcasting Strategy: Part 2

This post is a continuation of ‘An Introduction to Podcasting: Part 1.’ As a recap, the first 3 strategical pieces of starting a Podcast are:   Premise – the purpose of your podcast Outline – your overall structure Dollars – your monetization plan.   Now we are introducing…


Les Brown and Dr. Ona Brown: Episode Recap

On today’s show, we dive in to recap the life-changing conversation we had with Les Brown and his daughter Dr. Ona Brown in our previous episode. There were three major themes to take away from our interview with them that we will elaborate on today:   Possibility Heart Comparison…


Change the World by Finding Your Voice with Les Brown and Dr. Ona Brown

Today on the show we welcome two legends who use their voices to change lives every day, Les Brown and his daughter Dr. Ona Brown. Les has been voted one of the top 5 motivational speakers on the planet by Toastmasters International. He also holds both CPAE Hall…


How To Promote What You Do Without Feeling Salesy

You’re super passionate about what you do, and if you really think about it you know that you change so many lives with your work.   However, when it comes time to talk about what you do, it can feel uncomfortable to promote yourself. Isn’t it funny how easily…


An Introduction to Podcasting Strategy: Part One

Podcasts are listened to by approximately 90 million Americans every month and over $250 million in revenue is generated by podcasts every single month. This is a market that has been growing consistently while providing a reachable platform for you to share your message AND the best part is…


How to Successfully Build Your Brand on the Social Media Marketing Podcast

Do you want to build a personal brand? Wondering how to create a viable business around your personal brand?   To explore what marketers need to know about building a personal brand, Michael Stelzner interviewed Rory Vaden on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.   Michael Stelzner is the…


How to Quickly Become Known as an Expert in Your Space

Hey there, I’m Elyse Archer, founding team member and personal brand strategist with Brand Builders Group. And today I’m going to teach you one of the biggest things that is holding back the growth and the momentum of your personal brand.   I have these calls all day long…


The Hard Truth

Are you frustrated with your progress when it comes to building your brand?   Do you feel disappointed with the lack of social assets you have to share with the world?   Are you on the verge of giving up?   If you said yes to any of these,…


The Reveal and Beyond – Professional Personal Branding Photography (Part Two)

A few weeks back, you may remember we took you behind the scenes of a photoshoot with Personal Brand Strategist Kristen Cullen. She talked about how to select a professional photographer, what to look for, and how to prepare for the shoot. Today we get to see the final…