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Managing the Beast that is Social Media and Making it Work for You with Jon Acuff: Episode Recap

On this special recap edition of the Influential Personal Brand Podcast, we give you our biggest highlights from the recent interview with Jon Acuff. Jon is a New York Times bestselling author who has helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, and he is…


Instagram Is Doing You A Favor

The big news right now is that Instagram will soon start hiding likes on photos and videos in your feed. You will still be able to see how many likes your posts get, but you won’t see that information on others’ posts. And, in turn, they won’t see it…


Influential Personal Brand Free Online Summit

Ever wished you could be personally mentored by New York Times bestselling authors, Hall of Fame Speakers, TV Personalities, Social Media Celebrities and Podcast Icons to help you build your own personal brand?   Of course! We all do! But the problem is that everyone asks them for “coffee…


4 Keys To Making Your Personal Brand Come Alive

I don’t know about you guys, but there is no shortage of tips and tricks and technology solutions out there today and frankly, it can be overwhelming, right? Today I want to take you through four key components that are really foundational to understand as you’re looking to build…


Why Should I Care About Building a Personal Brand When My Business Is Already Doing Well?

Hey there. I am Elyse Archer, your founding team member and personal brand strategist with Brand Builders group and today I wanted to share with you a great question that came up this past Friday.   If everything is already going really well in my business, why does it…


Tool Tip: Clip App

Free Brand Training from the Brand Builders Group

Hi Everyone. So I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite tools lately that I’ve been using. And for the iPhone users, this is already built into your phone, which is super awesome!   This app is called Clips. So if you just go…


It’s Not “Who You Know” It’s Who You Are

Ever notice how some people are super well connected? What’s their secret? They must be attending every networking event on the planet!   Having great business relationships is about more than ‘who you know’, it’s about who you are, how you show up and what you do. When you’re…


Read This If You Are Speaking For Free

Many of our clients have a compelling story, a message that will impact others, a passion for being on stage, and a goal of being a speaker. And most of them start off speaking for free. They believe they are ‘paying their dues,’ ‘getting exposure,’ ‘testing content,’ ‘building relationships,’…


The Secret to Growing Your Reach

Hey brand builders, this is Elle here and I just wanted to take a few minutes to give you a really quick tip on a question that I hear a lot.   The number one question that I’ve been hearing recently is:   What is the secret sauce to…


Why You Shouldn’t Be Blogging Yet, and When to Start

A really important aspect of building a personal brand is to have a place that is your “digital home.”   This is the place for your reputation or for people to interact with you and your personal brand. And for us, we usually recommend the blog.   This is…