Hey brand builders. It’s Elle here, founding team member, as well as personal brand strategist at Brand Builders Group. Today’s video training is about website strategy. There are three areas on your website that oftentimes isn’t really talked about or gets overlooked. I just wanted to make sure we took some time today to go over them and understand the importance of each of them.


A lot of times when we look at our website and creating it, we’re thinking of aesthetics, style and design. Photography and logos, etc. Yes those are important. You want people to look at your website and want to stay on your website rather than hopping right off because they’re overwhelmed by it or underwhelmed by it. However, today we’re not talking about design and aesthetics. It’s about strategy.


We’re going to use our co-founder, Rory Vaden’s personal website for this training.




Website Design


The first area of your website that I want to focus on is actually the footer. A lot of people tend to overlook the footer. They might not understand the importance of it. They might think it’s wasted space. However, the way that this is designed is very clear as to what your options are when it comes to what Rory offers and what he does.


What you want to look at with your footers is making sure is it giving them one last chance before they get off the page to click on a certain area. To learn about you, your service, and what you do. The other thing is it’s an opportunity to add your social links of where you would like people to connect with you.

Some people have additional contact forms, hours, addresses, etc. However, the way that this is really laid out, it is very clear, simple, and it’s directing people to exactly where we want them to go.


Take a minute, look at your website. Check out your footer. Does it have all the social links? Are they up to date is everything clickable and link right to where we want to go? If not, you want to make those adjustments.


Website Design Strategy


The second part of a website strategy that oftentimes gets overlooked is going to be on your blog. So we’ll just go ahead and click on Rory’s blog. Brand Builders Group has an entire training on how to make your blog profitable and how to use it to convert people. And part of that strategy is going to be the second portion here, which is going to be your sidebar.


We are really big fans of right-hand sidebars. On your sidebars, what you want is calls to action. You can see here there is a video funnel call to action, and we have another 3 direct calls to action. We don’t have a webinar funnel up yet. However, what you can see here, it’s really visually pleasing, but also very easy for people to click on and you’re directing them again in order to get them into your funnel, into your email list and to build that relationship and provide value. You’re giving them options here. So make sure your blog is the only page on your website, where you want to have a sidebar and choose wisely. What you want to feature on that sidebar. You can see here again, building the relationship via social channels and which ones you want people to go to.


Creating Contacts


Now the third component is going to be your contact page.  Are you only giving folks one opportunity to connect with you? Are you asking questions? Is there someplace where you are gathering information? Are you giving them options?


If they’re looking for speaking requests or media/interview inquiries and requests, there’s a button. There’s another button for general inquiries. If you want to invite Rory to speak or get someone to invite you to speak or check your availability (whatever your primary business model is, whatever you were driving) that’s what you want to have first and then create a form that is applicable to that business model.


For example, if you have a mastermind group and you want people to apply to it, have a form that asks the right questions that would give you the information you need to see whether or not they’re fit for your mastermind group. If you want someone to enroll in a program, it would be the same thing.


You can see the date of upcoming events, location of the events, past speakers. How did you hear about us? All of these are very specific well-designed questions in order to give you the information needed to know, is this person someone that I need to reach out to you right away, put them in a funnel, connect them with someone else.  It’s giving you the information you’re going to want upfront.


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Put time into what your contact forms content. And you don’t just need to have one if you have a variety of options or a  variety of services.


So maybe this person isn’t looking to have you come speak or wanting to check availability. However, they want to learn more about personal branding. So again, we have another contact form. It’s a little bit more basic. You don’t want to have two or three very detailed forms. You want to have the main one and then some other options as well so people can reach out to you in another way. Again,you can see how many times people can request a free personal brand strategy call on this website. It’s here, it’s on the sidebar. It’s on the personal branding thing. You can see the courses, but there’s a lot of different options here.


To recap, look at your footer and make sure you have a sidebar. There’s a lot of websites on the blog pages that are missing that element. Check to make sure you have yours and if not, reach out to us and let us know if you have questions or want some guidance as to how to create it or what needs to be on it, and then evaluate your contact page and your contact forms.


I hope that helps real simple. And go ahead and leave some comments below, ask questions below.  We look forward to hearing from you.


To learn more about creating a personal brand, schedule a free call with me.



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