Some people are natural-born entertainers, some are not.  Just because you are one or the other does not guarantee that you will be an effective podcast host.  The good news is that this is a skill that anyone can learn how to do if they are willing.  These 10 tips are surefire ways to improve your skills today!


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How to Improve your interview skills


1. Lift Your Guests Up


Put the spotlight on your guest!  They are taking their time to share with you and your audience and that should not go unnoticed.  As the host, you should never be the focal point.  It should always be your guest and your audience!



2. Have Humility

Just like no one has to be a guest on your show, no one has to listen to it either!  Have a humble heart and show gratitude to your guests and to your audience.


3. The Power of One

Instead of trying to connect with everyone listening, harness in on one person.  This is where creating an avatar for your podcast is crucial.  You want to be able to picture one person specifically that this podcast is designed to serve and speak to them!


4. Have a Persona

Personality is key as a host.  Whether that means you are direct, sharp, pointy, opinionated, funny, thoughtful, or all of the above, people want to be connected to you.  It’s your personality that is going to keep them coming back.


5. Be Intentional

As a host, you want to add as much value as possible to your listeners.  One simple way to do so is to translate the lessons from your guest into how someone can apply them in their own life.


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6. Provide an Experience

The way you can make sure that someone actually has an experience with your podcast is by moving them emotionally.  There are 7 fundamental human emotions and when you learn how to master the art of moving people through them, you will become a stellar host.


7. Have Control

Guests can go on tangents and strong personalities can actually take over the show.  It is your job to interrupt when necessary and steer the guest in the proper direction.  Remember, this is your podcast, and no one knows what your listeners want/need better than you!


8. Be Fearless

You do not have to agree with every single thing your guest says.  There is a fine line of challenging someone and making them wrong.  Do not cross it.  Be interested, be respectful, be curious, and be thoughtful when potentially disagreeing with your guest.  Here’s the thing, if you are having thoughts that are challenging, so are your listeners!  Serve them by asking your guest to enlighten you more.


9. Inspire Great Content

You are in control of whether or not the interview is a success based on your ability to ask great questions.  The best questions to ask are the things that you are genuinely curious in learning about from them.


10. Create Opportunities

Give your guests the ability to promote themselves and their work.  Make sure to give them time to share how people can connect with them or do business with them.  Build this in and also tell your audience WHY they should actually go to that person’s site, connect with them on social media, and work with them.  Pitch for your guest and they will be likely to return the favor when needed!

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