A launch is your kick-off.  It is the method in which you are getting the word out, creating hype, and reaching people.  You should have a launch strategy for every piece of your business meaning your brand, a keynote, books, podcast, shows, and more.  Ideally you would launch something 1-2 times a year to always stay top of mind and building buzz around you and your business.  Without a strategy, you are shooting from the hip and hoping for the best outcome possible which we would never suggest to anyone!


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Here are 4 ways to launch:


1. Do a tour

This can be locally, nationally, internationally, live and in-person or even virtually.  You can invest a lot or as little as you want into this but showing up in a variety of places and times allow more people to connect with you.  These are popular when launching a book but there are growing trends of podcast tours as well.  You can host them at schools, universities, libraries, local coffee shops, meet-ups, entrepreneur centers, and/or co-working spaces.  Do not get discouraged by a small turnout. Every single big name we know today started with only a handful of people showing up to see them.  That is a fact.



2. Host a virtual summit

Reach out to others in your space that are also hustling and invite them to be a part of this.  You can run ads or not, but this will give you fresh faces, access to similar audiences, and something to talk about every single day!  This will also give you lots of content to work with and reuse for months.


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3. Create a challenge 

These are really common in the fitness space, but anyone can do them.  One of the best at this method is Lori Harder.  This allows people to opt in to participate whether it’s for a week or a month and at the end you launch just to those who already showed interest.  It’s also a great way to test content, get feedback, and build your business.


4. Build a street team

Ask your biggest fans, friends, family members, and team members to help market for you.  Give them a very specific checklist of what you would like them to do and keep it simple.  We suggest asking them to go live, post a photo, and send an e-mail blast.  Get creative, respect their time, and make sure to provide value in return!



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